CrockPot Cream of Asparagus Soup

Day 184.

I took the kids to a little zoo and amusement park last week with my friend Jennifer, and her baby, Max. Jennifer went on and on and on and then on some more about cream of asparagus soup. She had some as a starter in a restaurant and was really impressed, and asked if I could try to make it in the crockpot.

So I did. There are two versions---one with cream and one without. The without cream is just as creamy, but doesn't leave a velvety film on your tongue the way the other one does. And the color is more forest-green than asparagusish.

The Ingredients.

--1 1/2 pounds fresh asparagus (although I'd imagine frozen would work just fine)
--4 cups vegetable broth
--1/2 white onion, chopped

--2 tiny red potatoes (or one med. brown)
--1 t black pepper (please don't use this much. it was a mistake.)

--1/2 t seasoned salt

--1/2 cup half and half (optional; to add at the end of cooking time)

The Directions.

Wash and trim the woody ends off of the asparagus, and feed to the guinea pigs. Cut the rest of the asparagus into 2-inch-or-so chunks.

Add the asparagus to the crock, along with the chopped onion and potato (I didn't peel the potatoes, by the way). Pour in your broth and add the seasoned salt and pepper. I chose seasoned salt because it sounded fancy, and I was in a fancy mood. Kosher salt would work just fine.

Cover and cook on low for 7-9 hours, or on high for 3-5.

The soup is ready when the potatoes are tender.

CAREFULLY, seriously, BE CAREFUL: use a hand blender to soupify. If you don't have a hand blender, you can blend the soup in batches in your traditional blender.

Return to the crock and stir in the half and half, if using.

Salt and pepper to taste (I, um, didn't need to add more pepper...)

The Verdict.

This is a good soup; very asparagusy and creamy. Unless you add a whole teaspoon of black pepper. I got confused. I decided at the very last minute to double the spice after the curried potato experience, and the advice in Kalyn's Slow Cooking article. I think that it's good advice---but I took it a bit too far.

I'd start with 1/2 t of pepper, and then season accordingly to taste when finished.
I like asparagus, and I like soup. So by default, this was a winner. Adam suggested adding some tobasco; I'm going to try that for lunch.

Thank you so much for all of your kind words yesterday; they were a joy to read and really warmed my heart. It means a tremendous amount to know that there are so many people on this journey with me. If you still feel like you want to read more---there is an an interview with me up at Parent Dish. Bethany did a fantastic job, and was so much fun to work with.
xoxox steph

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at July 02, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. This is not related to this post, but we have declared you a crockpot goddess in our house -- as I mentioned in an earlier comment, we just got a crockpot and are completely and utterly converted (especially with baby number 2 coming in November). We made the salsa chicken last week to great delight, and then made your chipotle ribs yesterday for a Canada Day party -- my husband was in absolute heaven! Thank you so much!

  2. I just love you. Do you know that? LOVE YOU.

    Thanks again for agreeing to let us interview you. You're the best.

  3. Anonymous7/02/2008

    I'm so glad you liked our article, Stephanie, and I'm even more glad that I got a chance to "know" you and check out your site! We made your broccoli soup yesterday and... YUM.

    Thanks again!

  4. I just found your blog and wanted to let you know I LOVE IT. I'm also overly fond of my Crock-Pot and my friends think I'm over the top about it. But now I'll have a new recipe everyday! Thanks for doing this. Can't wait to try some of these. Any "must makes" to start with?

  5. Cath, I'm so glad that you are enjoying my recipes; thank you for reporting back. Congratulations on baby #2! You can make some awesome baby food in the crock, you know... ;-)

    Susan and Bethany, xoxoxo

    Julianne, thank you! Our family favorites include the Chinese Lemon Chicken, Korean Ribs, the sun-dried tomato and feta tri-tip, and crockpot lasagna.


  6. oh! and any of the desserts. That frito candy is to-die-for.

  7. Anonymous7/02/2008

    I notice you use Kosher salt in most of your recipes. Would regular table salt with the smaller granules work just as well? If I use regular salt, will I have to adjust the quantity at all?

  8. Hi Anon, I do use Kosher salt because I have a great big huge box of it, and that's what I reach for when I cook! Any salt you have on hand will work just fine. I don't think the flavor is different, really. I like the larger grains of the Kosher, and on FoodTv that's what they use, so I started buying it.


  9. i used to work at this coffee shop and i was in charge of making the chicken salad one day... the cap of the pepper fell of in the process, so i proceeded anyway and called it Peppered Chicken Salad. our customers LOVED IT. ha!

    so, you could just call this Peppered Asparagus Soup.

  10. Hey, I'm having problems with your feed. The last post I had in my reader was from February (although I have checked your blog directly since then), then I resubscribed and I still am not getting recent feeds :-(
    And congratulations on becoming a celebrity!

  11. Being pregnant with baby number 6, I have loved your recipes. Feeling the least nauseated in the morning, I can put one of these recipes on and have a meal for my family, with out standing over a stove that makes me even sicker.

    Thanks for all the recipes. I have also started adapting other recipes to the slow-cooker and am trying one right now.

    Can't wait to try the creme brulee one. That is my signature dessert, so making it in the crock-pot sounds wonderful.

  12. I have been reading your blog since I found it on tip lady's blog. I LOVE it, and I really want a new crock now, I have priced them, and dropped the hints, so phase one in place! ;)
    My son has a wheat allergy, so your blog is a double blessing to me! Thank you!
    I am thrilled about Rachel Ray. Can't wait to see you.
    I have to say, I love your writing, I was telling my extended family over the weekend about your blog, and mentioned that I would read anything you wrote about, bc it is so enjoyable. You make me laugh.
    I found and made a GREAT Pork Roast in my crock pot, and thought of you. My youngest son LOVES cranberry sauce, I mean, LOVES it. So when I saw this, I had to make it.
    Cranberry Pork Roast
    3 lb rolled pork loin roast
    1/2 t salt
    1/4 t pepper
    16 oz can whole berry cranberry sauce
    1/4 cup honey
    1 t grated orange peel
    1/8 t ground cloves
    1/8 t ground nutmeg
    cut roast in half, place in slow cooker. sprinkle with salt/pepper. combine remaining ingredients, pour over roast. cook on low 4-5 hours. let stand 10 minutes before slicing.
    I was reading back blogs, (yes, I have officially read EVERY entry to date) and somewhere you mentioned not having enough pork roast recipes. Hope you don't mind me sending it.
    Thanks again! Love the blog.

  13. I missed yesterday's post cause for some reason my blogroll doesn't update when you update. wierd. I just wanted to say congrats on the Rachel Ray show! I love that show, and will definitely be TIVO-ing your special! will you remind us the day or two before? I swear I would forget my head if it wasn't attached. Dear Lord, and I'm only 25! Aack!

  14. I have been reading your blog everyday for months now. I love your blog and have made so many of your recipes I feel as if I 'know' you. In a totally non-stalker-ish way ;)
    I sad I will not get to see you on tv.
    Just wanted to say thanks for the recipes and congrats on you 15 minutes of fame!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hi there!! I'm LOVING your blog! I'm addicted! Was recommended by my friend in Texas on Sunday, Sunday night I enjoyed reading lots of your backdated blogs, Tuesday I bought my own Crock!! ( Or Slow cooker as we say in England!) Tues/Wed/Thurs we have had Crock dishes!! YUM!!
    Love you and your blog!! I'm recommending to my fellow English pals!


  17. Anonymous7/09/2008

    Hello from Plano, Texas! Saw you today on Rachel Ray while on the bike at the gym! I am so impressed. I love my crock pots-one small old one from 1979, one small one for hot dips and my new large one that I can clean easily in the sink! I use them all the time! I can't wait to start using your site. You seem very talented and savvy, oh and sweet!
    ~~sincerely, Sally Weaver

  18. Anonymous7/09/2008

    Hello from Plano, Texas! Saw you today on Rachel Ray while on the bike at the gym! I am so impressed. I love my crock pots-one small old one from 1979, one small one for hot dips and my new large one that I can clean easily in the sink! I use them all the time! I can't wait to start using your site. You seem very talented and savvy, oh and sweet!
    ~~sincerely, Sally Weaver

  19. My husband and I love asparagus, and I have been looking for new recipes, and this is simply fantastic.

    Then again, your entire idea, your brainchild is simply great to begin with. My two crockpots have gotten more use in the last 3 weeks then they have gotten in the past 2 years! Thank you so much for helping to make my life easier by giving me super simple dishes to make at home!

  20. Hi dogsnrodents, thank you so much for writing in! I'm glad that you are getting a lot of use out of your crockpots!

  21. Loving your book! QUestion: can I substitute heavy whipping cream for the half and half to make the asparagus soup creamy?

  22. Alejandra, absolutely. mmm.

    xxo steph

  23. I just recently fell in love with cream of asparagus soup too! But the version I made called for crumbled blue cheese on top and that made for such a yummy tang to go with the creamy asparagus. just a suggestion! love your site!

  24. Anonymous9/21/2015

    Made the creamy asparagus soup yesterday and love it! Added non-fat plain Greek Yogurt instead of half-n-half and it was amazing! My neighbor came over and I had him try it and he ended up taking some home for dinner!