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Completely free 24 page ebook on the ins and outs of starting a gluten free diet. Written by a mom whose little one was diagnosed with Celiac at age 22 months -- has maintained a gluten free home for the past 10 years. Easy, friendly guide book for all who are interested in eating this way!

Everything on this website and in my cookbooks has been made completely free of gluten.

My middle daughter (now age 11) was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age 22 months and since her diagnosis we have kept a gluten free household.

Most of my readers are not gluten free, so I keep my gluten free notes off to the side, or in parentheses.

When we were first told about Celiac, and needing to go Gluten Free, it was in 2006. Talking about gluten or adhering to a gluten free diet was no where near as prevalent as it is today.

When my little one was a bit shy of age two, she started vomiting. A lot. I was teaching preschool and I was lucky that my kids got to come to school with me each day. But then the baby starting vomiting --- it really had no rhyme or reason.

I thought it was daycare germs, so I brushed it off.

But it kept happening. She'd go a few days being just fine, but then would projectile vomit (sorry -- but that really is what it was). I did what every good mom does and kept her diet bland with saltine crackers, noodle soup, etc. Little did I know that I was continuously poisoning her!


After trying EVERYTHING the advice nurse recommended for a good 4 to 5 months, I took her in for some blood tests.

She tested positively for Celiac through the blood test and then we got it officially diagnosed through an endoscopy.

She has been GF ever since and the day we took gluten out of her diet she immediately got better and hasn't gotten sick since. Because her vomiting reaction is so pronounced and severe we know QUICKLY if she's been "glutenized."

I started this website in 2008, mostly because after abruptly quitting my teaching job I needed to figure out a way to work from home.

PS: I've gotten some questions about blogging full time and making money.  I have a separate email list that I maintain for that information. Here is that page.

I am a contributing editor to Simply Gluten Free Magazine  (great magazine, you should definitely subscribe to keep up with GF news and information) 

and have created the Gluten Free Search Engine

which is the very first all gluten-free recipe search engine. You can type in pancakes, muffins, apple pie, etc. and only all gluten free recipes from hand-selected sites will appear.

If you are in the market for new gluten free food items, or wonder about certain foods, I have put together an Amazon page that has our own family favorites. 

free ebook. One of the best resources I've ever read -- great for the newly diagnosed or to share with someone you love. Completely free --

I hope this information is helpful to you in some way.

thank you for your time and support --- xooxo steph


The very first and ONLY all gluten-free recipe search engine. You can type in pancakes, muffins, apple pie, etc. and only all gluten free recipes from hand-selected sites will appear.

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at November 10, 2016

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