Recommended Slow Cookers

I have a lot of slow cookers.
You do not need to own this many in order to make all of my recipes, and be a totally awesome slow cookerer.

If you are in the market for a new slow cooker -- I recommend the following:

6 quart size: The Hamilton Beach Set n Forget

4 quart size: Hamilton Beach Programmable 4-quart

2-quart size: Crock-Pot Manual 2-quart

If you only have space for one pot -- get a 6-quart

You can still make smaller-sized recipes by making the cooking pot smaller by adding in an oven-safe dish -- like a pyrex or corningware dish.

I use this in my 6-quart to make the cooking vessel smaller:

oval corningware with glass lid

Hey Steph --

what about the Ninja? You used to talk about that all the time!
I know. I love(d) my Ninja Cooking System. I was filmed for the infomercial and loved all of the features of that pot , but they no longer manufacture it.

what about the Instant Pot? I have one of those -- can I use that?
The Instant Pot works really well as a pressure cooker but not all that well as a slow cooker.

The coffee can shape where your food is in a cylinder vs an oval isn't the best for slow cooking and the moisture is really really trapped in -- in a "traditional" slow cooker -- steam escapes through the gap(s) in the lid or in a vent hole.

Yes, you can use this as a slow cooker. If you have space in your home to have a traditional slow cooker, I would highly recommend using the ones I suggested up above.

If you are set on using the Instant Pot -- stick to "wetter" slow cooker food and large hunks of meat. Think chilis, potroast, soup --- sort of your traditional slow cooker fare.
I hope this helps a bit!

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Enjoy and happy Slow Cooking!!
xxoxo Steph