Don't try these at home!


I get asked pretty often, mostly by reporters, if I have ever had a "flop" recipe, or if there is just something that you can't cook in the crockpot slow cooker.

YES! These were TERRIBLE ideas and you should not make them!! :-)

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at April 01, 2022

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What they say about this article

  1. I know you live gluten free and I wondered if you had ever tried the tofu pasta, shirataki?

  2. Tofu pasta and shirataki are two different things. Shirataki is made from devil's tongue yam. Both products are gluten-free.

  3. I've been wondering where I could tell you how much I have liked the "from scratch" chicken and dumpling soup! This is why I have not written before this. I am also gluten free, so I was very happy to see a gluten free version. I also like your little tips on the side for how to make certain other recipes gluten free. Thank you.

  4. Anonymous4/01/2017

    How's THIS for a FLOP? For years I put me trust in me Slow Cooker. So me neighbor asks me to fix him me Slow Cooker Corned Beef & 'Taters. His wife don't like it STINKING UP the house, so I MAKE it. He supplies everything & I keep HALF. A win/win, mainly mines'.
    Get everything ready pop in Cooker, set on low, ready to go. I've made this at lest 50 - 60 times, 6 hours meat & 'Taters, toss in turnips, parsnips, carrots another hour. Throw in cabbage wedges cook 1/2 hour - Done. Family & friends RAVE!
    So I was running LATE, instead of the first 6 hours, I was gone 9 hours. Ahhhh. Get HOME, figure I screwed the pooch. But, ONLY thing messed up was me slow cooker. On low 9 hours - temp meat 162°, and STILL tougher than an old truck bumper. Switched to stove top, just like in me Mams' recipe file. She wrote "ALWAYS cook Corned Beef in me Cast Iron Cooker!" Hey Mams, I made Corned Beef in your Cast Iron Cooker!
    I guess after 20 some years, me NEW slow is DUE. Saved that, but wudshas been a disaster if'n weren't for me Mams' recipe.
    AND yes the cooker went Bye-Bye, but the OVEN PROOF Crock stays w/Daddy.