CrockPot Blue Cheese Potato Soup with Olive Tapenade

This recipe was a flop. You shouldn't make it. Unless you like to torture yourself, then you totally should and let me know how it goes!

This is not good soup. Do not make it. If you are reading this it's because you're trying to pin it, and that's weird, because this totally sucks pond scum.
Day 189.

I found a Swanson Broth recipe book at the grocery store a few months ago, and impulsively bought it. I like soup, and most soup recipes (I would say all, but they threw in some gazpacho) can be converted nicely to slow-cooking.

I thought the name of this soup sounded fancy and sheeshy, and folded the corner of the page down as soon as I read the title.

I finally had the chance to make it this weekend.

The Ingredients.
--12-15 red baby potatoes (chopped, but not skinned)
--4 cups vegetable broth (I would have bought Swanson's to be supportive, but my regular grocery store didn't have any--just beef and chicken. So I went to Trader Joe's.)

--1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

--1 chopped white onion

--4 cloves smashed and chopped garlic

for garnish: -

-1 tablespoon prepared olive tapenade (I needed to go to Trader Joe's for this, too)

--crumbled blue cheese

The Directions.

Wash and cube the red potatoes, and throw into the crockpot. Chop up the white onion and garlic, and add them, too. Cover vegetables with the broth, and stir in one tablespoon of balsamic vinegar.

Cover your crockpot with it's lid, and cook on low for 7-8 hours, or on high for about 5. This is finished when the potatoes and onion are tender.

Use a stick-blender to soupify. The soup will be a cross between a soup and chowder in consistency.
Top with crumbled blue cheese and olive tapenade.

The Verdict.

This is not good soup. There is hardly any flavor at all, and the color was gross. I didn't like the consistency, either. The only somewhat redeeming value was the blue cheese and the tapenade, but you could put that on a boiled giraffe's tongue and it would taste good. I should have known when I couldn't find the recipe posted on Swanson's website. grr. The picture looked so good, though...

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at July 07, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. Potato soup needs lots of spice, salt, and pepper to get any flavor out of it. And unless the vege broth is fabulous, you're better off with chicken broth. I speak here as someone who was formerly known as the "soup queen". I kid you not.

    I like mine with lots of cream, and then I serve it with sour cream and chives. Definitely a heart attack in a bowl.

  2. Sorry the soup wasn't good. Just found your site the other day and have made several of your recipes. I could live on creme brulee and that recipe is fantastic!

  3. When i saw the name of this soup, I immediately gagged. Blue Cheese isn't one of my favorites, but I have to admit I was cracking up when you said you'd rather eat it off a giraffe's tongue. Everyone always has some recipe flops.

  4. i have been out of blogging commission and i am just now discovering that you ARE GOING TO BE ON TV!!!!!! how exciting for you!! i am setting my DVR right now!!! can't wait!

  5. I just cannot believe how cool it is that you will be on TV. I mean that kind of stuff just doesn't happen!! How cool are you?????? Seriously.

  6. Now I suddenly have the oddest desire to taste giraffe tongue...

    I look forward to your flops almost as much as I do your favorites. But I'm twisted that way. =)

  7. Can you cook the giraffes tongue in the crockpot??

  8. I love your site!!! I have decided to use my crock pot for the summer as its too hot to cook with the oven on! Thanks for sharing your recipes and the verdict. I am trying your salsa chicken tomorrow. I hope it becomes a family favorite!

    Can't wait to see you on TV

  9. Anonymous7/07/2008

    2 more days! Can you even stand it? Imagine all the traffic your blog is going to get! I'm so excited for you! I'm making the Vietnamese chicken right smells soooo good!!!

  10. I love how honest you are! Plus, you aren't afraid to try new things. Thanks for being the brave one!

    Now, is there any way to bake chocolate chip cookies in crock? I'm tired of the oven being on during the summer. Can you say HOT!?

  11. Anonymous7/07/2008

    You are adorable! I just found your blog and am very, very thankful for your gluten free options. I love the way you write about things...makes me laugh! Keep em coming!
    -Karen in Dallas

  12. Anonymous7/07/2008

    I love your site and check it almost everyday. My sister is gluten free, so I pass along a lot of ideas to my mom. I am sure that you have posted this information before but I could not find it – I am looking to buy a new crock pot (mine seems to hot and everything burns). What do you recommend?

  13. You celebrity you!!! Makes you appreciate those Next Food Network Stars huh!! LOL! :) Congrats on your debut...we are FANS (of the crockpot queen! and Rachel too!!:)) We will be tuned in!! How COOL is THAT!

    The Philly Cheesesteak soup is already in...I've given out this site to SOO many people!!

    Break a Leg!!
    I'm going to try that cheesecake!! YUMM-O!

    We'll be tuned in tomorrow!!

  14. scarlet hip, you are right. this was quite bland.

    judy, I could live off of creme brulee, too!

    joannabanana, I didn't like blue cheese until I was thirty. give it time---your palate might change. and if it doesn't, that's okay too!

    thanks, Kay and Dana!

    lol, lizzie and crabby mom. I imagine it would be chewy...

    thanks lucy, the Vitenamese chicken was a big hit, here.

    thank you, Lori, Karen, and Micah and Kate! I think I'm in shock.

    anon, I have only used the brand-name Crock-Pots. They have many different sizes. The big one is on sale right now, and you get a Little Dipper! I would pick one out with the warmer option. The ones in my house are all "smart pots."


  15. My favorite is baked potato soup! It's not healthy at all, but it sure tastes fantastic. :) I love olive tapenade and blue cheese, but maybe not with potato soup.

  16. Anonymous7/09/2008

    Their potato soup could not have been white like that with the skins left on the potatoes...that's what gave your the funky color! The best I've made is just potatoes, onion, bacon, cream of chicken soup and milk and it's YUMMY. Someone else mentioned needing salt for a better taste and you do or it will be bland, but the bacon and cream soup in my recipe usually covers this. Sorry this was a flop, but congrats on being a TV star!

  17. pumpkin327/08/2011

    So I just want to say, I LOVE your website! Since finding it I've been using my crockpot at least 4 times a week, it's so easy! Anyway, I made chili in it a couple days ago, we went to go swimming and it was almost done so I left the setting on low and when we came back all the liquid was gone and the chili was ruined. My husband wants to buy a new crockpot because ours gets way too hot and my daughter burnt her arm when she was reaching for a paper towel and accidentally touched the outside so my question is....what's the best crockpot out there that isn't too expensive?

  18. I am so happy you posted a flop. I see everyone else's food blogs and they're like, "Look at all the amazing things that are always so amazing because I'm amazing" and really it isn't always amazing, it's just nice photography. So then you see it on Pinterest and make it and it's gross but because the OP didn't bother to note that (or was ashamed to?), dinner is ruined. Sometimes recipes just don't work out. Thank you for your honesty :)