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A Year of Slow Cooking

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Super Quick Thanksgiving RoundUp

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I wasn't planning on posting before the Holiday, and was going to wait until next week (because I made the most awesome bourbon baked beans in the history of the universe) but somehow the house is quiet, and the kids are enrossed in an Amazing Race marathon on the DVR. (we're rooting for the Beekman Boys after feeling like we "know" them since we watched their show on Netflix streaming).
So here you go!

We aren't hosting this year, but are instead bringing stuffing to my mom's house and a few different pies. We'll be making a traditional pumpkin, a crustless pumpkin (in the slow cooker) and the pecan pie from Simply Recipes (I make it gluten free by using GF crust and Pamela's baking mix as my all-purpose flour).

If you are looking for all of the slow cooker Holiday recipes, this post has the entire list.

If you'd like even more, a few of us put together a Thanksgiving Slow Cooker board on Pinterest. 

Don't throw away your turkey bones!

instead, make:





But you should use Turkey because that's what makes sense, here.

and here's a bonus stuffing recipe because I always forget about it, and it's a good one.

Have a very very very happy Thanksgiving. Lots of love to you and your family!

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The Bunny said...

I've made your crustless pumpkin pie and it is KILLER! I did discover something interesting while making this. I was out of one of the spices so I replaced it with some dry chai tea mix (a powdered version, not tea leaves) and it worked perfectly. Who knew chai tea has the same flavor? Well I didn't. But it probably explains why I like it so much.

Also, last year I was hosting Thanksgiving and since I only have one oven, I fired up three slow cookers. One for the stuffing, one for a corn pudding casserole and one for a spinach and artichoke casserole (these are our family's traditional sides). My Mother and Grandmother were dubious but it turned out AWESOME. And I had most of the day to visit with family. Win-win.

Slow cookers rule.

Stephanie ODea said...

yay! slow cookers DO rule. :-0 and oh my mama, that's a huge honking ad. hmmm.

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Happy Slow Cooking!