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A Year of Slow Cooking

Saturday, April 11, 2015

CrockPot Korean Ribs Recipe

Originally published on April 10, 2008.
Photo updated in April 2015 by Deposit Photos HHLtDave5

Day 101.

These are quite possibly the very best ribs I have ever had. They were so good they made my eyes roll backwards, which is nearly impossible right now because I have a hive on it.


I have a hive on my EYEBALL. My left one. It's been rather windy here lately, so the pollen count has been absurdly high. I evidently got some pollen in my eye and since my body is oh-so-very-dramatic, my eye took it upon herself to grow a buddy.


But! Back to the ribs! They are the bomb. And I'm not just saying that because I've taken it upon myself to medicate with everything I can get my hands on.

those girl scout cookies I hid never had a chance...

The Ingredients.

3 pounds or so beef short ribs (or pork!)
1 cup soy sauce (La Choy and Tamari Wheat-Free are gluten free) -- go ahead an use low-sodium if you'd prefer.
1 cup brown sugar
5 whole jalapeno peppers 
1/2 cup water

The Directions.

I plopped frozen solid beef ribs into the crockpot. I didn't even think of browning them because I hate cooking before I cook.

I then put the soy sauce, water and brown sugar on top, and threw in the WHOLE (don't cut them!) jalapenos on top.

Since my ribs were frozen, I cooked them on high for an hour, then used a wooden spoon to smash them down further into the crock. Then I cooked on low for another 8 hours.

If you are out of the house all day, cook on low. When you get home, turn the ribs over so the other side gets fully saturated with the most-awesome-liquid-ever while you change clothes and set the table.

We served this with brown rice and green beans.

The Verdict.

The kids ate this! I am not even lying! I took pictures, but promised Adam I wouldn't put them on the Internet--but they totally ate the meat.

I was brave and tried a jalapeno. The first bite of just skin was really tasty, but I got the seeds in the next bite and I thought I was going to pass out.

The meat and the sauce were not spicy, they just had a wonderful smoky flavor.

I love these ribs. The flavor is perfect and it's a fantastic way to have Take Out Fake Out at home ---you can watch a movie in your jammies and eat yummy Korean ribs -- it doesn't get better than that!

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

CrockPot Bread Pudding Recipe

April 2, 2008 *

Day 93.

I had two pieces of rock hard bread leftover from when I made bread last week

Since I worked oh-so-hard on the bread (that was sarcasm. could you tell?) 

I hated to throw any of it away. We had a loaf of Trader Joe's brown rice bread in the fridge, so I decided to combine the bread and make a yummy bread pudding.

Oh! And I used a crockpot.


The Ingredients.
--bread. I wasn't smart enough to count the pieces. I think it was probably about 6 or so. But you want enough to soak up the liquid, but not too much that the bread isn't completely saturated and squishy. (I should have counted the pieces..)

--2 cups of soy milk (If you are going to use cow's milk, you might need a bit of extra sugar)
--2 eggs
--1 teaspoon vanilla
--1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
--1/4 cup dried fruit--I used cranberries
--1/4 cup brown sugar (I forgot to pull this out of the cabinet before I took the picture)
--1/4 cup raw sugar (optional)

The Directions.

I used my 1.5 quart mini crockpot for this dish. If you don't have a little crockpot, you can insert a heat-resistant dish into your regular crockpot. Or you can just plop it in your big one and keep an eye on it---it will cook much quicker this way.

--in a bowl, mix eggs, milk, brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon.
--tear up bread and push down into the liquid mixture
--fold in dried fruit

cover and cook on high for 2-3 hours, or on low for 3-5. The cooking time will greatly depend on what size crockpot you use and cooking vessel size. I didn't prop open the lid; it was completely closed.

The pudding will be done when the top is browned and you can push on the top pieces of bread without too much liquid squirting out. This took 3.5 hours in my mini crockpot.

I thought this "needed something"--so I decided to bruleeicize the top by sprinkling a 1/4 cup of raw sugar on the top and broiling for a few minutes.

The Verdict.

I served this to the kids as an after-school snack and they were really pleased. 

I used the Food for Life brand of gluten free bread because that's all they had at the time.
Trader Joe's now has Udi's gluten free bread which is much better.

and if you aren't gluten free, go for a nice crusty french bread. yum.

*  originally posted April 2, 2008. Photos updated 4/15 via DepositPhotos.
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