Little Dipper CrockPot Peanut Butter Fondue

Day 312. 

  Good morning! 

Thank you so much for all of the nice notes about my back. 

I'm definitely feeling better this morning. 

I did end up going to the doctor, which was a good idea. I guess my file still said I taught preschool, so the doctor was a bit concerned about bending and lifting. 

When I told him that I now write from home, he said, "you'll be able to be pretty creative while taking this stuff!" and wrote me a prescription for muscle relaxers. 

All they do is make me fall asleep, so I don't think you're in for any amazing creativity. 

  But this is good fondue! 

Happy Fondue Friday, everyone. 

  The Ingredients.

--3/4 cup peanut butter 
--1/4 cup brown sugar 
--1/4 cup cream or half and half 
--1 tsp vanilla 
--4 large marshmallows 

  The Directions. 

  Scoop your peanut butter into the Little Dipper.

 If you don't have a Little Dipper, you can put an oven-safe dish inside your crockpot to create a smaller cooking vessel. 

  Add the peanut butter, brown sugar, and cream. 

 Push 4 large marshmallows into the mixture. 

Don't bother to stir now; the peanut butter will just stick to the spoon. 

  Cover and cook for about an hour. 

Stir well. 

Heat some more if it isn't all melty. 

  Serve with apple slices and celery sticks. 

  The Verdict. 

  I ate this in bed yesterday with a heating pad while watching Oprah. 

It was delightful.

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at November 07, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. MM sounds so good & easy to!

  2. Normally not a marshmallow person (to many years at summer camp with s'mores. ugh), but mixed with peanut butter and brown sugar--who in the world would notice.

    I'm excited to try this! : )

  3. Anonymous11/07/2008

    Hope you're feeling better! Just wanted to say that if your back still hurts without the pills, you might want to ask for a referral to a physical therapist. They can actually diagnose and fix the problem if you did real damage, most doctors don't know ten percent about back pain that PT's do. (my husband is a PT) =) Good luck!

  4. This sounds pretty good, I might have to bust it out this weekend.

    Do you think fluff would work instead of marshmallows?

  5. Wow, this does sound delicious!

  6. Am I assuming correctly that the 1/4 cream is 1/4 cup? This sound fabulous.

  7. Is the peanut butter the no-stir kind or the natural kind? With sugar or no?

    I'm a natural, stir kind person, but am always hesitant to make recipes with it because I don't want it to end up an oily mess.

    Sounds yummy, but my jeans are too tight at the moment, thanks to those stupid Hershey's peanut butter kisses, so this one will have to wait. I'm making your 16 bean soup today. I won't feel guilty about that.

  8. Ohhhhhhh girl. Me and a bowl of peanut butter fondue are soul mates. We have chemistry. Destiny. Kismet. Nirvana. Just without all that messy Kurt Cobain stuff. Cuz nobody wants to smell like teen spirit when dipping celery into peanut butter fondue.

  9. So glad to hear you are feeling better!

  10. Oh this sounds so good, I think I'll have to make this soon. By the way I tried your Mccain Crockpot RIbs, and let me say they were delicious, my son who's a picky eater even liked them.

    Thanks for all the great recipes:-)

  11. Anonymous11/07/2008

    I agree with Emily about asking to see a physical therapist. My mom actually broke her lower back and went to see a physical therapist and is doing really well now.

    Muscle relaxers make me sleep too :( Boo.

  12. That looks amazing! I will have to try that next week while my husband is out of town (he does not like the smell of peanut butter).

    I have a big is the Little Dipper? I have a small 1 qt crockpot. Would that work?

  13. Anonymous11/07/2008

    this is the perfect break-up fondue. even though i'm not planning any break-up (mainly because i have no boyfriend), i'll probably end up eating this anyways.

  14. Jaden, I think fluff would work really well. Maybe 1/4 cup?

    Tiffany, a LD holds about 2 cups. Your mini 1qt would work fine, just keep an eye on it because the stuff will melt and cook faster.


    I will definitely see a physical therapist if I'm not 100% in a few days. I promise. :-)

  15. Oh... my gosh.

    I HAVE to make this. I love using my Little Dipper, and hubby LOVES peanut butter. Heck, so do I! Maybe I can get him to eat this with me!

    Eh, even if he doesn't, I think I could eat it all.. if I haaaad to, that is... ;)

  16. That sounds like the perfect afternoon...that, and the addition of trashy magazines like "People" and "US Weekly..."

    Glad you are on the mend!

  17. Anonymous11/07/2008

    I might try this with Almond butter or other nut butters.

  18. Anonymous11/07/2008

    I love all your recipes too! You could try accupuncture also - it doesn't hurt. When I threw out my back I could barely walk, I wore what clothes I could reach from the bed to shuffle to my appt. By that evening I was able to walk and sit, where sitting was impossible prior to that.

  19. Anonymous11/07/2008

    Mmmmmmmmm......Peanut Butter! It doesn't get a whole lot better than this!

  20. Just stumbled across your blog - LOVE IT! I, too, have a (probably unhealthy) close relationship with my crock pot.

    I sure hope you continue to write after your 365 days. I made your fagioli recipe last night, and I was made to promise that I would include it into our regular rotation of meals. I'm excited to try some more of your recipes!

  21. If I was on a deserted island and got to have one food, it would be peanut butter. It's sweet, yet salty...healthy, but a treat.

    I will definitely make this.

    Sorry to hear about your back. But peanut butter fondue in bed with a heating pad and Oprah???

    Not a bad payoff. :)

    Sandy Cooper

  22. This sounds like the PERFECT recipe for me! YUM! Did you use organic peanut butter? Just wondering if the Skippy stuff would be too sweet. :) Perfect for the kids after school snack next week!

  23. OK, this post sent me straight to Target to buy me a Little Dipper.

  24. This recipe makes me wish I had a good excuse to stay in bed all day. But I don't envy your sore back. I hope you are 100% soon.

  25. You have inspired me...I only cooked a roast today but I going to get wild and try some of these yummy creations you have posted!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  26. I checked your blog this morning and had just enough time to whip together the peanut butter fondue.
    It heated while the boys and I did our chores.
    We brought it to a Play-day for our homeschool group. I served the fondue with apple slices (from our own apple tree), marshmallows, cinnamon and regular graham crackers.
    Several friends in attendance are gluten free so we just made sure that the fondue was spooned onto plates and not dipped into. Everyone loved it!

    Personally, however, I would use 1/2 c. cream and 6 marshmallows for your recipe, Steph.

    Oh, and I used a small crock (1.5 qt. I think) so I doubled the recipe and it cooked well. I think I could have even tripled the recipe and it would have fit.

    Thanks for all the great ideas!

  27. Your blog is all over the place! I visit so many blogs and they all have you on their blog list! Well, I've visited a few times but I'm subscribing. Can't wait to learn more than the 2 recipes I have for my crockpot-chili and roast, lol.

  28. In a week I'm actually co-hosting a 70s fondue party for the 7th grade girls at my church.

    I think I will snag this one for the party. Thank you!!

  29. We're allergic to peanuts and dairy, so I modified and made with Sunbutter (made with sunflower seeds) and soy milk. Also, we were out of apples, due to the tub of caramel dip I bought on impulse. We dipped bananas and celery sticks. Yum!

    While it was cooking, the kids busied themselves making marshmallow snowmen and slicing the bananas.

    I'm off to the store for more apples!

  30. Anonymous11/08/2008

    The kids woofed this down - even the fussy eaters who were visiting. Dairy and soy allergies at our house so substituted rice milk for the cream. Worked fine.

  31. Ohhhhhhh! this was so good. I served it with store bought gingersnaps, a hard cookie. Yummm. Jody

  32. Anonymous11/10/2008

    Steph, I saw in your picture that you used fat free half and half. It sounds like it worked OK, no weird breaking apart or anything? I tried to make a sauce recently with fat free half and half and it got all clumpy and gross. It didn't do that for you?

  33. Hi Beth,

    no it didn't. But it could have been that way because I didn't cook this very long, or let it get too awful hot.
    I'm sorry that has happened---I hate it when that happens.


  34. Great recipe, I made at work today and it was a hit - served with apple slices and chocolate animal crackers. Instead of cream or half & half, I used French Vanilla coffee creamer and skipped the vanilla extract. This recipe is a keeper!

  35. This looks awesome! I am curious though it is showing up under gluten free recipes? I am just asking because I forwarded this site to a friend eating gluten free and I didn't think this could be correct.

  36. hi Wendy, yup, this is naturally gluten free. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, and rye.


  37. Anonymous11/14/2008

    Ah Steph, another recipe i'm thrilled with! Only's 9:30 pm and I still have a buzz from the fondue, lol. I also used fat free half & half and had no problems with it. I also used Brown SugarTwin and it still came out great (but doesn't explain the fondue buzz). We used celery, apples and mini pretzels as dippers and my (super picky) son tried a bite of celery (just a bite, but i'll take what i can get).

    Thanks again,

  38. I forgot to come back here and say THANK YOU for this awesome recipe! I made it the day after you posted it, since I had all the ingredients on hand. I used chocolate marshmallows instead of regular, which turned out wonderfully. All three of my sisters came over that night, and we literally stood around my kitchen island dipping tart apple slices into this dip and talking. :)

  39. Me again- forgot to mention that I used skim milk rather than cream and it worked just fine. :)

  40. Anonymous12/27/2008

    We got a little dipper for Christmas too! I love all of your crockpot and little dipper ideas that I am making the pb fondue for snacks for the week.

  41. I'm not sure what the consistency was when you made it, but mine turned out pretty thick. What leftovers I had and put in the refrigerator...I can eat it as fudge too! LOL Maybe I added too much peanut butter...but that's okay, I LOVE this both ways. I also added a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips, though I don't think it really changed the taste all that much.

  42. This was awesome!
    I made it for the dessert portion of my fondue party. Also did chocolate but this got eaten up first.

    I didn't have any cream so used evaporated milk. Sooooo delicious!
    My dippers were bananas, apples, pretzels,