CrockPot Corn Bread Stuffing Recipe

November 13, 2008

Day 318.

Dude. I so love my crockpot. It has gotten me to think out of the box, and I now have a refrigerator full of 2! TWO! kinds of perfect crockpot stuffing.

I think I need to bronze the crockpot after this year.

I've never had cornbread stuffing before, so I turned to the master: Paula Deen.

The Ingredients.

8 x 8 pan of baked cornbread (I used a GF cornbread mix)
4 slices of toasted bread (I used inexpesive GF sliced bread)
2 cups celery, chopped
1 large yellow onion, diced
3 beaten eggs
1/4 cup butter, melted
1 tablespoon poultry seasoning
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
2 cups chicken broth (or vegetable!) --and another 1/4 cup if desired, later

The Directions.

I changed Paula's recipe quite a bit, but tried to keep the basics exactly the same.

I used a 6 quart crockpot. If you only have a 4 quart, toss the stuffing together in a huge mixing bowl, and then transfer to your 4 quart.

Bake the cornbread according to package directions (or by all means, make it by scratch!)

If you have a few days to let it go stale, do that. Other wise, cut into slices and bake at 300 degrees until toasty (along with

 your bread slices). It took about 30 minutes in my oven.

While the cornbread is toasting, chop up the onion and celery. Put the pieces into your crockpot. Add the seasoning.

Melt butter in the microwave, and mix together with 3 beaten eggs. Stir well into the veggies and seasonings in the crockpot.

Cut the cornbread and toasted bread into cubes, about 1/2 inch square.

Toss the cubes of bread and cornbread well with the ingredients in the crockpot.

Pour in 2 cups of broth. Stir gingerly to combine. 

The cornbread will break up more than the bread did in the other stuffing, but try to keep a few pieces whole for texture.

Cook on high for 2 hours. This can be on warm successfully for up to 2 hours.

If you'd like a more moist dressing, add another 1/4 cup of broth before serving.

Great stuffing recipe -- I like that it's made in the crockpot. Bake the corn bread a few days ahead of time so you don't have to do too much on the big day!

The Verdict.

Tasty. Delicious.
I think we have a new member at our dinner table this Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving slow cooker ebook by Stephanie O'Dea
Thanksgiving ebook, click for details.

Cornbread stuffing in the crockpot slow cooker from I like how you can use gluten free ingredients if you want to and you can do all the prep work a day or two before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy my guests.

Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at November 13, 2008

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  1. I love stuffing too. We always put cooked wild rice in ours (and water chestnuts for me). It helps to keep things moist. I highly reccomend it.

    Yummmmmmy I think I will make some stuffing today.

  2. We always have cornbread dressing at Thanksgiving. We too put water chestnuts in ours. But I am so excited that you did this in the crockpot I can't stand it!!!! I am having the inlaws at our house this year and I think I will be doing this in the crockpot!!! I am excited to see what you will come up with next...Pumpkin Pie?!?!?! :o)

  3. I looooove cornbread dressing and actually made it in the crock pot last Thanksgiving due to lack of oven space and it was yummy. Only thing I missed was the slightly crunchy top you get from oven baked dressing.

  4. YOU FREAKIN' ROCK!!! I was pointed to yer blog and now I'm addicted! I work late most days and will be making oodles of your recipes in the cp. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!

  5. ohhh this looks good, and anything inspired by Paula has to be good lol!

  6. I just wanted to delurk and tell you how much I LOVE your blog. I'm even starting to get sad that there are less than 2 months left!!!!

    Any chance you're doing a crock pot chex mix before the end of the year??

  7. Ha Ha Ha
    You've been tagged!

  8. I make cornbread stuffing every year for Thanksgiving dinner the conventional way in the oven. I just may try it in the crock pot this year. Thanks for the idea!

  9. Love your site!!! Just got the smart pot this week, yeah!! Anyway I live in Savannah same as Paula and your version of stuffing is the same we have used since great-grandma

  10. just found your blog, love it! Easy crockpot AND gluten free, thank you!

  11. Unbelievable! Not one but 2 fabulous crock-pot stuffing recipes - I can't wait to try them.

  12. need to contact Paula Deen. She'd be "tickled to death" to hear that you made this. Can't you just hear her giggling? TOO CUTE!

  13. Way down South we like to call it
    "Dressin". Man is it good! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! This one looks divine!

  14. I may try this this year, sounds great! Here in the in deep south georgia the ladies add rice and hard boiled eggs!

  15. I think this sounds really yummy. How many do you think it would serve?

    PS I LOVE your blog!!!

  16. Welcome to the Southern way of doing Thanksgiving! Now I'm craving Dressin'.

  17. Now, for thanksgiving dinner, if we only have one crock pot, should we cook this or the turkey in advance? Thanks and LOVE this site!

  18. I just wanted to say Thank You for all your hard work. You are incredibly hilarious and it brings a smile to my face every time I read your blog! I love that it is GF - because my 4yo is, and thus, we are too. I will try your recipe today! We've tried others in the past and have hit it out of the ball park everytime! Blessings to you,

  19. I can't wait to try this. I have the turkey in the crockpot now and it smells devine. Can't wait for dinner time.

  20. So which dressing do YOU prefer?? They both look awesome!! I love cornbread stuffing but the family doesn't as much. Too bad, they can cook for themselves! Thanks again!

  21. I am so so so excited to try this at Thanksgiving!! I have a question for you though -
    I have a 1 pound bag of Pepperidge Farm cornbread stuffing mix - do you think I'd be able to use that and doctor the spices a bit, or would it possibly not be enough?
    Thanks in advance!!

  22. I can't help it. I'm still laughing at the idea of free range chicken stock. I keep imagining little stockpots running around the ranch boiling their little heads off.
    But seriously, this sounds delicious!

  23. this sounds so yummy. i'm going to have to give it a try....

  24. A staple in my diet for 40 years. My family would just die if they even knew I was trying our mom's reciepe in the crock. :)

  25. I love good dressing too. Last year I used the Pepperidge Farm brand with the cranberries in it and it was delicious. I will try yours this year. Thanks

  26. I can't wait to make the stuffing this Thanksgiving. I have 4 Celiacs at my table!

    btw.. You don't know me but I love your blog, and I gave you an award on mine ;-)

  27. Just found your blog.. Thanks for all the great recipes...I can't wait to try some!

  28. Welcome to Southern Cooking! Cornbread dressing is the only one I have ever had.

    I think you should hook up with Paula Dean and work together to turn her recipes into crockpot ones. Seriously. What could be better than Paula Deen and a crockpot?

    BTW.. ever since you have posted your Apricot chcken, i have been making it weekly. This last week, I canned some apricots into jam and used that instead of store bought. OH MY GOODNESS. It took me ONE hour to make the jam and I will never buy store bought for this recipe ever again. SO much more apricot-y flavor. YUM!

    BTW... I think you should turn this blog into a book by I would bet you would make a ton of money off it. I would buy it!

  29. I have made crock pot corn bread dressing for the holidays for the last two years and it has been great. My family loves it. Cooking it in the crock pot makes it moist and it also frees up your oven so you have room to cook the other food.

  30. I second the pre-made cornbread question!

    Do you think the Pepperidge Farms stuffing would work with this? Or even those store-bought cornbread muffins, that you would then toast? I'm trying to simplify as much as is possible.

    Thanks in advance!

  31. This looks wonderful, but for me a huge part of stuffing is the crusty contrast w/the soft insides. Does this get crusty at all?

  32. Debbie,
    The edges of the stuffing (the stuff that hits the edge of the crock) did brown and get kind of crusty. I haven't had "regular" stuffing---just Stove Top ;-) and imagine that the oven version would get much crustier. If you'd like, you can always broil for a minute or two to crustify the top.


  33. Can I please tell you how THRILLED I am by this recipe????? I'm having family for T-day this year and have tried various things over the years with stuffing and gluten free bread. This year I decided to go with corn bread dressing and see what happens.

    So besides the fact that this is gluten free, that you cooked it in your crock pot just made my DAY! Turkey is already going in the roaster and this frees up the oven for my sweet potatoes and green beans! YAYA!!! Thank you!!!!!

  34. I dis this yesterday, and it was AMAZING! Thank you so much for doing all of the legwork. Gobble, gobble!

  35. I made this on Turkey day and it was the BEST dish of the day! Everyone just loved it. I have several other standby stuffing recipes but this will be my new favorite!


  36. Just want to let you know that we made this recipe and it turned out fantastic! It's our new 'must have' stuffing recipe for Turkey Day.

  37. I made this stuffing for my two Thanksgiving dinners (one last Sunday and one on Thanksgiving) -- everyone raved about it and it will definitely be my go to stuffing from now on. Thanks!

  38. Great recipe, thanks! I made it tonight with leftover cornbread from last night's chili. And I sauteed the onion and celery in the butter before adding them to the bread. I was concerned about the amount of liquid, it seemed like too much, but it worked out great - in fact, I might want to add a little more next time. My favorite part of the dish was at the bottom!

    And, sorry to miss meeting you at the BlogHer VDay party - I enjoyed your presentation on the DS, but did not get a chance to introduce myself. Hopefully I will get another chance at an event soon....

  39. This is a new one for me! Looks really yummy too..gearing up with recipes for the hot summer days
    hopefully ahead!

  40. I made this yesterday for our Thanksgiving dinner. It turned out great. I added a pound of browned sausage to it. One mistake I made and will correct before I make it again was using Jiffy cornbread mix, as it was a little sweet. Thanks for the recipe!

  41. We had a gluten free, dairy free, soy free Thanksgiving here and used your stuffing recipe! It was the BEST part of the whole meal for me. We really enjoyed it and are proud of our new allergen friendly techniques thanks to our daughters' allergies!!
    Thanks sooo much! We really appreciate it... if I can figure out how to link a picture? I will... but it's on my blog!!

  42. I tried this on Saturday July 9th, 2011 and it came out perfect. My family loved it!!!!


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