Autumn Sausage Casserole

Autumn Sausage Casserole is a great easy dinner recipe that can make a huge batch to feed a bunch of people for not a lot of money.
This is quite similar to my Fried Rice recipe, but with Fall Flavors. 

If you are looking for additional Fall Recipes, here is a collection that might be helpful to you! :-)

Autumn Sausage Casserole made in the crockpot slow cooker.
Day 285.

I found this recipe in the Taste of Home Halloween magazine. It traditionally is baked in the oven, but was easily translated to crockpot cooking. 

This was the first dinner in a long time that we all ate.

The planets must have been in proper alignment.

The Ingredients.
serves 4 to 6

These are the ingredients needed to make Autumn Sausage Casserole in the crockpot slow cooker.

Autumn Sausage Casserole Recipe -- easy, family friendly recipe

1 pound sausage (I used chicken with artichoke and garlic)
1 large, or 2 small apples, chopped (no need to peel)
1 yellow onion, peeled and chopped
1/2 cup chopped carrots
3 cups already cooked long-grain rice (I had white basmati leftovers)
1/2 cup raisins
1 tablespoon dried parsley flakes
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon allspice
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon black pepper (start with 1/8 if your kids don't tolerate a touch of spice)
1/3 cup chicken broth or water (I used water)

The Directions.

The amount of ingredients fit nicely in a 4 quart crockpot

If you only have a 6-quart slow cooker, that's fine, but check on it a few hours earlier.
This freezes and reheats well, so feel free to increase the quantities and make a Huge Ol Batch! :-)

I'd say this comfortably feeds a family of 4-5 with a bit of leftovers. If you have a large family or teenagers, add more rice and sausage. 

It's a pretty easy recipe to adapt to your needs.

If you are going to use uncooked pork sausage, I'd recommend browning on the stove top, and draining before adding to the crockpot.

Otherwise, dump all the ingredients into the crock, and stir well.

Cover and cook on low for 5-7 hours, or on high for 3-4. 

You're really only heating through, and allowing the vegetables to soften.

This will not stick together like a gloppy casserole; it has the consistency of fried rice. Use bowls to serve rather than plates.

This is essentially a Fried Rice recipe -- but with Fall Flavors and without any added butter or oil. It's also lower in sodium if regular fried rice makes you nervous because of the Soy Sauce.

And of course, I do make Fried Rice in the crockpot and here is my recipe for it. :-)

The Verdict.

One of our favorite dinners! It tastes just how you would imagine Fall to taste if that was possible! This is a crockpot slow cooker recipe to use up leftovers or repurpose them. Inexpensive dinner idea for a big family! Freezes and reheats well. :-) #crockpot #slow cooker #gluten free

We decided that eating this felt exactly like eating a bowl full of Fall. 

The spices are spot-on, and are comforting and hearty. Adam and I each had two servings, and then picked more while cleaning the dishes. 

I will make this again, often.

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at October 11, 2008

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What they say about this recipe

  1. Add a can of black beans next time. You won't be sorry. I make a similar dish in a skillet on the stovetop and the beans add more protein and allow me to use half a kielbasa to serve four adults plus two babies.

  2. Anonymous10/11/2008

    This sounds yummy! Is this a new Taste of Home magazine from this year? I love the Taste of Home holiday books and magazines. I just found your blog - this will be fun for me to follow as I love to use the crock pot and I'm always pinching pennies.

  3. Anonymous10/11/2008

    i'm so glad you all ate as a family!!! that NEVER happens in my house... not even on holidays. I guess casseroles bring everyone together.

  4. This sounds pretty yummy!

  5. Sounds yummy! Just found your blog. Love it! Thank You!

  6. Oh, this sounds yummy! Maybe it will satisfy my husband's love of sausage and my desire to try differently-spiced dishes?

    Thanks for another good to bookmark it.

  7. oh, that sounds delicious. I'm making that next week.

  8. Anonymous10/11/2008

    Did you slice the sausages before adding to crock? Thanks

  9. Now who wouldn't enjoy a mouthful of Fall? Recipe sounds terrific. Thanks for all your effort, and sharing with us.

  10. A recipe with the only type of sausage I'll eat. I like the idea of adding black beans too. Sounds delish!

  11. Anonymous10/11/2008

    I pretty much love anything with chicken sausage. This is such a great blog - especially because I just recently fell in love with my crockpot. I just started a new blog and I tagged you :) Thanks for all the great recipes!

  12. Anonymous10/11/2008

    oops. probably should have told you: :)

  13. Anonymous10/11/2008

    Steph: You have some wonderful ideas. I look forward to your website every day. And I am using my crockpots more all the time, thanks to you.

  14. This sounds good. It's on my to try list.

  15. Anonymous10/11/2008

    This sounds absolutely fall-fabulous! I think I'm going to surprise dh (who is normally the cook in the family) with this dish one night. :) Thanks!

  16. Anonymous10/11/2008

    hey! love your fall stuff. I have made a lot of your recipes. I also made apple cider, maybe you could do a cool twist to apple cider? Just a suggestion if your running out of ideas!

  17. This sounds so very good. I am tempted to try it without the rice and serve over angel hair pasta! :)

  18. Do you have to precook the rice? Do you think you can just use uncooked basmatti instead?

  19. I just wanted to say thank you for saying that it was the first dinner in a long time that you all ate. I have been feeling so frustrated with my kids' unpredictable eating patterns lately, you helped me feel normal again! :)

  20. Anonymous10/11/2008

    This sounds delicious! I wonder... is it super appley, or is that just to add a hint of sweet? Thanks for this blog -- I'm always looking for great new crock recipes and having them taste-tested by your family helps...
    it's not just trusting the inventor, it's taste tested by real people ;-) Bookmarking you now...

  21. This does sound good....not 100% sure about the cinnamon though. Do you think it is essential?

  22. Anonymous10/11/2008

    Wow! This sounds awesome! I wonder if uncooked rice but added liquid would work too? Have to try it out!

  23. I will wait for the perfect fall/winter day when I can no longer feel my tukas after coming in from the cold to make this wonderful dish.
    Thank you.

  24. Anonymous10/11/2008

    Hi! I just got turned on to your blog by a friend of mine and I'm loving it! I don't use my crockpot much, but I think I'm cured of that now. Reading your posts (particularly your verdicts) reminds me of the book by Julie Powell: Julie and Julia. If you haven't read it yet, it's a fantastic book. Literally laugh out loud hilarious. And all about food.

    Can't wait to try some of your recipes! Thanks for doing this blog :)

  25. This is probably a stupid question... but was that three cups of rice-- which you cooked, or was it three cups of cooked rice?

    (Three cups dry, so... six cups cooked? or 1.5 cups dry, so ... three cups cooked.)

    I'm over thinking this, right?

  26. Anonymous10/11/2008

    I'm going to have to try this one! I love fall so I'm all over it :) I'm going shopping in the next couple of days and will just have to make a list. thanks!

    My Mom told me about your site a couple of weeks ago. So far I have made Thai coconut soup and Korean ribs. Those were both very yummy!


  27. Anonymous10/12/2008

    So this is gluten free right? I want to make this tonight but if it's not gluten free I cannot I want to make sure so no one gets sick off my cooking!

  28. Will be trying this out for dinner tonight! Sounds great. Thanks.

  29. What a great idea for a blog! And some gluten-free gems, too. Thanks so much; I'll be visiting often.

  30. This looks tasty! I'm going to try it!

  31. sorry! I was away from the computer yesterday; we went to a pumpkin patch.

    To answer a few questions:

    --I am sure that you can use raw rice, but I haven't done it, personally. I'd do 1.5 raw with 3 cups chicken broth or water (or a combination of the two)

    --3 cups cooked rice!

    --The ingredients that I have used are gluten free. The only thing that you need to be careful about is the sausage and read labels carefully. I used Aidells Sausage and they list allergens on their labels, and have quite a few GF options.

    --cinnamon can be optional, sure.


  32. I'm so excited to have found this blog! I'm gluten free as is my daughter and LOVE to use my crock pot. This recipe sounds delightful.

  33. Anonymous10/12/2008

    I bet this would be good with sweet potato or butternut squash added to it, too. mmm. Thanks for posting this!

  34. I made this last night and it was wonderful! I gave you a shoutout on my blog, Puttanseca's Kitchen, because I was NOT taking credit for your wonderful recipe :)

  35. You can't possibly understand my delight in knowing that I'm not the only person with children who nearly always refuse to eat what I make...or at least are reluctant to eat what I make! I'm excited to give this a try. This would be fabulous with our venison bratwurst.

  36. Oh YUM...I just forwarded it to a friend too....I just love this place!!:) are getting close girl! :)


  37. Was the sausage pre-cooked before you put it in the crockpot? Did you slice it before putting it in?

  38. hi there,
    yup--the chicken sausage I used was already cooked, and I did slice it up before adding to the pot.

  39. I used about 4.5 cups of cooked brown rice-- and I totally recommend brown rice to everyone! It is great for a dish with hearty flavors like this. I also added a couple chopped red bell peppers-- chosen mostly for color, but I liked the flavor as well.

    One of the kids wouldn't eat the raisins because they "looked funny", but everyone else really enjoyed this dish. If I were making it just for the adults, I think I might add mushrooms next time... (this time I made a separate dish with cubes of squash, mushrooms, garlic and more red pepper because I knew the kids wouldn't eat the casserole if I put the squash & mushrooms in).

  40. Anonymous10/14/2008

    I made this last night and it was sooo good!
    I was very surprised that my husband emjoyed it too.... he's usually just a plain mean n potato guy.. lol

    I made mine w/ cooked orzo instead of rice.


  41. I made this today and it is wonderful! I really didn't expect it to be as good as it is. A little warning, though: I used a 6.5 quart crock (all I have!) and set it to low. It cooked and started to char on the edges in 4.5 hours! So, watch it closely!

  42. Anonymous10/14/2008

    I made this for dinner tonight. I used craisins instead of raisins, which was really yummy! I did put in uncooked rice, but it turned out the consistency of oatmeal by the end. It's a strange combination of flavors, but for some reason, they work!

  43. I just made this recipe and it is the best thing I've ever made in the crockpot. Thanks!

  44. I made this and cooked it on low but it was still to high. I have a Rival crockpot. Is it possible I need a new one? This is not the first time I have "overcooked" one of your great recipes. Still it was delicious but I am the only one eating it. Help!

  45. I made this yesterday using turkey sausage that I browned and drained before cooking. I LOVED it!! My youngest son LOVED it! My husband and oldest son ate it, but asked me not to make it again.

    Oh well, at least I'm going to have yummy lunches for a few days! He! He! This dish smells good, looks good, tastes good...what's not to like?


  46. Wow Stephanie! I have tried several of your recipes and made a few several times...(I love the Brown sugar Chicken...)-but I think this is my new favorite dish! I was a bit hesitant because the list of ingredients was a little strange I felt, but I had them all on hand and since your family loved it, I decided to give it a try. OMG was it good! My husband and I ate it all!
    You have been a lifesaver for me and my family-husband, 4 yr old, and 3 mo old Marathon Nurser...I can actually get good meals made! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  47. Anonymous10/29/2008

    It is in the crock, now & smells good. I used chicken apple sausage, which hopefully won't make it too overpowering w/sweet, but my kids like it.
    I only had 2 C of brown rice cooked, so I used that.
    didn't put in raisins, don't have any & no one here really likes them. just a touch of pepper, b/c dh can't tolerate it.

    I'm off to soccer practice & hope it will be as well received in our home as it was in yours.

  48. Anonymous10/31/2008

    OMG I made this for dinner last night and it was good! Hubby loved it and kids liked it. I dont like raisins so I used craisins and it was wonderful. I will be making this again!

  49. Anonymous11/02/2008

    Hi...Johanna (the yogurt math lady) here...I cannot wait to try this again. I did it with uncooked rice, and it turned out too gluey. I think I did not sufficiently compensate for lack of moisture loss...4 cups of water, and 2.5 cups of thai rice, and I'm the only one eating it. :( LOVE to have your recipes start with raw ingredients. :) Thanks...keep it up!!!

  50. I just bought a crockpot and discovered your site. I made this recipe and it was delicious, except that I substituted dried cranberries for raisins and added one diced sweet pototo. Yum. It was like fall in a bowl.

  51. We loved this recipe! I was not able to find the Chicken artichoke sausages, but we found the chicken apple ones by the same maker. SOOOO tasty! Everyone even grammie liked it. I have twins who are 13 months old that are very picky and they loved it! Thank you!

  52. I made this yesterday and it was so good. I used chicken and apple sausage from Trader Joe's. I used uncooked brown rice and added a whole large box of chicken broth, since my rice was uncooked. I didn't have parsley flakes, so I added a pinch of french thyme.

    What a lovely dish! Wanted to give you feedback on it.

  53. I made this shortly after you posted it originally, and I have been craving it ever since!

    So I have it in the crock for dinner tonight. I can't wait!

  54. Loved this recipe! It will become a fall favorite!

  55. I had the same issue as a previous poster. In the 6.5 CP it started to blacked around the edges early. Next time I will add more broth or something. Even though it was darkened and not great to look at, the family loved the taste and looks forward to me trying again.

  56. Anonymous11/29/2008

    Just made this tonight, FABULOUS! Thank you so much for giving me the courage to use my crock more often. :)

  57. Just wanted you to know that I just posted about this fabulous recipe on my blog.

    Thanks so much!

  58. We had a a Crockpot Christmas at work and I took this tasty dish.....I was a huge hit.....what little I had left over my kids bombarded....YEAH!!! We have a new fan favorite at our home!!!

  59. This is one of our family's favorite fall dishes now. I wrote about it here:

    thank you for this and all the other rockin crock pot recipes!

  60. Anonymous10/14/2009

    I made this over the weekend adding mushrooms as they were in the house and my husband said, "It's like having your vegetables, meat, and dessert all in one bowl!" We loved it. I expect to make it often. It was also great the next day for lunch. Thanks for a great recipe. Holly

  61. IGrowNurses10/18/2009

    So glad to see the comments about craisins vs raisins. I had my list of ingredients at the store tonight, and almost made that switch myself, but i'm usually not brave enough to swap ingredients till i've made it "by the book" once first. Will have to do craisins next time! :)

  62. I made this over the weekend and my husband LOVED it. I thought it was a little bland and I couldn't get past the texture to make myself eat it. I have texture issues though. My husband is very glad to get have it all to himself and said it tasted like a big bowl of fall.

  63. I am making this right now for thanksgiving! My mother always makes close to 10 dishes, so this is my one dish to add and hopefully it will measure up to her other dishes. I substituted black beans for raisins (cause they kinda look alike, and I didn't have any raisins).
    Thanks for all of your recipes. I am definitely now a crock pot lady:)

  64. My modifications: Used uncooked brown rice and chicken broth. Used spicy Italian sausage which I browned with onions in advance. Added one chopped yam. I also made 1 1/2 times amount since I have 6-quart cooker.

    Verdict: Like it. Will be super with a green salad with vinaigrette and some crusty bread. That said, I currently like savory more than sweet and found this dish a bit sweet. Raisins and apple (and, in my case, yam) are probably sweet enough without adding brown sugar. I might also consider adding some sage. I also clearly added too much liquid as what emerged from my cooker was fairly "gloppy."

  65. So after 5 hrs on low, the apples had disintegrated, adding way more liquid than the rice could possibly be expected to absorb and the whole thing had become apple-flavoured gloop.

    Not the best crockpot recipe I've ever tried ;)

  66. I'm thinking that using cooked rice is the secret to no gluey, interesting looking concoctions. With that said, it still tasted really good!! I have 3 servings in the freezer for future "frozen dinners" to take to work. I love your blog. It has been a life saver for me for needing a last minute dinner or lunch. I'm single, so the recipe makes way more than I can eat at once......hence the "frozen dinners". Thanks for allowing us to share in your crock pot addiction!!

  67. This is really tasty. I knew I'd like it but wasn't sure about the familia. It got rave reviews. I love Fall. Thanks for all the GF hints & modifications, very helpful.

  68. I made this for my family last night and it was great! I used extra long grain rice (already cooked) and it did come out a bit stickier/starchier than your picture, but the tastes were great! I also added about half a chopped sweet potato.

  69. Made this for dinner tonight and it was really good! My rice came out sticky, but I think that's because my cooker ran a little hot in the first couple hours, so I added another 1/4 cup of liquid since I had rice burnt to the side of the crock! Overall, SUPER YUMMY! Will be making this again!

  70. I made this recipe this weekend and it turned out so good. I love how all the flavors came together...just wanted to say thank you! :)

  71. Student Athlete9/28/2011

    I am a busy college student athlete and this morning I put this in my crock pot before I left my apartment for weights, I had pre mixed the ingredients and had it in my freezer (thawed it overnight). It was in my crockpot on low for over 7 hours but it didn't get over done. I topped it with walnuts and that was a great touch! This was a great recipe! Thank you!!

  72. my husband and I did not like this. it was too much sweet with nothing savory. I was really surprised to not like it after reading all of the positive reviews. So just wanted to share another opinion on this recipe! :)

  73. I Karen this tonight and it was oh so tasty! My rice got really mushy though. My crock runs pretty hot and it was on for about 5.5 hours and then a bit on warm. Any ideas on how to get better texture?

  74. Jill Brock10/29/2011

    I work evenings so I put this into the Crock Pot and told my husband, face to face, that I made Golden Pumpkin yeast bread to go with the rice casserole in the Crock Pot. Did he listen? Nooooooo. He ignored the bread, which would be a perfect side, and made the kids put the casserole into cold corn tortillas. ??????????? Does any of that make sense? My kids told me it was the worst Mexican food they had ever had. Sigh. I thought it was very yummy. I have enjoyed every recipe of yours I have tried. Thank you so much.

  75. The flavor of this was very good, but I think it needs either less time to cook (I only did 4 hours on low) or the rice to be added in later. Mine was total mush, and the whole household refused to eat it.

    :( Pizza night.

  76. Anonymous11/09/2011

    I was disappointed in this recipe. I followed it to a tee and it’s only been cooking on low for 2 hours and it’s already all gloppy. =( It smells good, but the rice has gone to mush.

  77. I made this today and loved it! I cooked mine on High for 3.5 hours. The only thing I changed was adding a tablespoon of cider vinegar. I'd definitely recommend cooking the rice before hand and coating the chopped sausages in flour before frying them to avoid the mushiness that some people have commented on. Mine wasn't mushy at all. We'll definitely be making this again - thanks for the great recipe!

  78. I've recently found your blog and it is such a great source of simple but tasty slow cooker recipes! So important as I have a baby and a 3 year old. Thank you! This one was particularly popular with my husband and me. It worked wonderfully with precooked rice. I actually cheated and used a packet of cooked rice we had in the cupboard.

  79. reader8/20/2012

    We make this all of the time and even my 2 year old loves it. I even make it when I have to deliver food to those who've just had a baby or are recovering from surgery.

  80. Yum yum! I just found your site, and this is the second recipe I'm trying, and the pre-cooked tastes are great. I was out of apples, so I added 1/2C of my homemade apple utter in place of the apples and pumpkin spices. I also added a can of olives - it's perfect!!

  81. Would it be possible to freeze all of the ingredients prior to cooking? If so, suggestions?

  82. I've made this recipe before from the Taste of Home site. I'm looking forward to saving time with the crock pot! My modifications are to use Trader Joe's brown rice medley and apple cider for liquid. I'm looking forward to adding sweet potato and sage, too.

  83. Sounds good ! I think i would serve it in small hollowed out pumpkins.

  84. Hi Steph, I've tried many of your recipes with success, but this one was SO GOOD that I thought about you with EVERY BITE. I had to write. Thanks for your wonderful blog.