How to Make Chicken Pot Pie in the CrockPot

Day 249.

Chicken pot pies are a staple in a lot of homes---it started as a way to use up all the leftovers from the fridge, but now has changed into a meal made all on it's own.

I haven't had very many pot pies. I've never ordered one at a restaurant, and am only really familiar with the frozen ones put out by Marie Callender's. I figured that since the tamale pie and the bbq chicken topped with cornbread transferred so nicely to crockpot cooking, a chicken pot pie would too.

Adam thought it tasted like stuffing. It kind of did. My taste buds are all out-of-whack from a funky cold. Everything kind of tastes like metal.

The Ingredients.

--2 chopped up skinless chicken thighs or breast halves (raw, but chopped up)
--1/2 cup chopped carrots (these were fresh, but frozen would work)
--1/2 cup frozen corn
--1/2 cup frozen peas
--1/2 t marjoram
--1/2 t thyme
--1/2 t celery seed
--1 t onion powder
--canned cream-of-something soup (or see homemade alternative down below)
--2 T low fat milk

Homemade Soup Alternative:
make a roux on the stove top with the butter and flour, then whisk in the other ingredients.

--1 T butter
--3 T flour (Pamela's or other GF baking flour)
--1/2 cup low fat milk (I used soy)
--1/2 cup chicken broth
--1/4 t salt
--1/4 t black pepper

Biscuit Topping:

--2 cups biscuit mix (I used Bob's Red Mill biscuit mix. I much prefer Pamela's but my favorite store has been out of it for a few weeks)
--1/2 T white sugar
--1/2 cup melted butter (that's a whole stick)
--3/4 cup low fat milk (stick with 2% or lower; I used soy)

The Directions.

I'm already tired of typing. This is a long one. Sorry.

I used a 4 quart crockpot for this recipe. There really wasn't too awful much filling---I used what I had on hand, but if you have a large family or would like leftovers, I'd double the filling.

Spray crockpot with cooking spray. Chop up the chicken and put it into the crockpot. Dump in the vegetables. Add all of the spices. Stir in the cream-of-something soup and add 2T of milk to the can, squish it around to get all the good stuff out of the can, and pour in the rest. Stir well.

In a mixing bowl, make up the biscuit topping. The dough will be pretty playdoughy, and I pretty much mixed it with my hands. Spread the dough on top of the chicken and veggie mixture.

Cover and cook on high for 3-5 hours, or on low for 6-7. This is done when the biscuit topping is golden brown, and is hard to the touch in the middle. I cooked ours on high for 4 1/2 hours, and it got a bit too crunchy on the very edges.

If you find that your crockpot seals really well and you have a bunch of condensation building up, you can prop open the lid with a wooden spoon or chopstick. I tried the paper towel trick with this dish, and wasn't impressed. I laid a double-layer of paper towels over the top of the crock, then put the lid back on. The condensation made the paper towels really wet, and they drooped into the food. Also, when I took off the lid and then removed the towels (they were very wet and very hot) I got a blast of steam on my hand that hurt. I'm going to stick with venting with a chopstick.

The Verdict.

This was neat to try, and I'm glad that I did, but I don't see making it again unless someone specifically requests it. We're just not huge chicken pot pie people. My brother really likes chicken pot pie though. I should make it for him. I love it that with stuff like this you can play around and use whatever meat and veggies you have in the house.

The filling was good. Adam's right, it tastes like stuffing. Is that the marjoram?

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at September 05, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. I am thinking that you need some white wine in this instead of the topping that you used why not the GF crescent roll dough that has been posted (re-posted) on the delphi site (celiac group)
    julie(NE Iowa)

  2. actually met to add white wine to the dish not drink it but that would be good too.
    julie(NE Iowa)

  3. Anonymous9/05/2008

    Two suggestions:

    1- They do make a GF pie crust. Im at work so I dont have the brand name, and Ive never made it, but I do have a box of mix at home. If the biscut mix cooked ok, I wonder how the pie crust would do.

    2- How about toping it with mashed potatos kind of like a chicken stew/shepards pie? I would mash potatos, mix with a little cheese, sprinkle with a little paprika and see what happens.

    Ok 3- I really like quarted mushrooms in any sort of dish like this. I think it brings a lot to it.

  4. Julie and Carli, those are both excellent ideas.

    Julie, the GF crescent roll dough is a great idea. I wonder how it would taste with Bob's vs. Pamela's? I need to go to Whole Foods and get some more Pamela's---I think the using Bob's thing threw me way off. ;-)

    Carli, I love the idea of using mashed potatoes---I wouldn't have thought of that---I like it. I need to test that out. I've never made a shepard's pie---I need to look into that.

    I actually HAVE a box of GF pie crust mix in the garage put out by GF Pantry. I haven't used that product before, and was planning on testing it out this weekend. But in the oven... in an apple pie. shhh, don't tell. :-)


  5. Oh I am SO excited to make the last 2 recipes you posted!

    I am a sucker for sweets and Chicken pot pie is my fav comfort food next to shepherds pie...ooh i wonder if you've done one of those! *runs off to look at your recipe index*

    Thanks again!

  6. thanks, Melissa, for the proper spelling of "shepherd!"
    I knew it looked wrong...

  7. Marjoram might be the spice conjuring up stuffing memories.. but to me, stuffing is all about sage.

    anyways- I think this is a great 'inspiration' recipe- and really like the idea of using mashed potatoes... I'll have to give that a try.. but i would think you wouldn't want the potatoes in there the whole time.. would you?

    crockpot lady- have you thought of doing a cream of chicken soup? like your crm of mush? I would LOVE to have homemade crm of chicken soup on hand to use instead of canned!!!

  8. I think this is a great start to a pot pie. I think it could be tweaked to not have the stuffing flavor and trying different toppings and see which work best might also be in the cards. I am actually anxious to play with this one.

  9. My husband LOVES Chicken Pot Pie, I might have to try it.

  10. That looks so good for sure going to try this.

  11. Good gracious, girl. Are you runnin' outta steam yet?

  12. Actually what I've done before is to cook in the crock pot the chicken, cream of soup, veggies, etc. Then when I get home I transfer that to a pot on the stove...bring it up to a rolling boil.

    Make biscuits while it's heating up:

    2c self rise flour
    2/3 milk

    Mix....but instead of making biscuits...I roll it out....doesn't take too long....and cut/drop dumplings into the pot on the stove.

    Cooking everything besides the dumplings speeds up the time....and even then you can buy/use frozen get the actual work time down to 20min.

    So that's what I'd do....cook the main stuff in the crockpot....but use homemade...or frozen dumplings and do that part on the stove.

  13. I do a version of chicken pot pie/with dumplings/and biscuits in my crockpot regularly. it's my hubby's favorite dish. i use bisquick or other biscuit mix as a topping. here's a link to the recipe plus instructions:

    i don't know if it's a "true" crock recipe since the cooking of the topping happens in the oven--i've only been following your blog for a couple weeks so i have yet to grok how you define a slow cooked meal--but it's darn good. i also have another version of this involving mushroom broth that i will be posting soon. very worthwhile.

  14. Hi Shawna, thank you so much for sharing this! I appreciate it.
    I don't have a definition of slow-cooking----it's all good.

  15. Stephanie,
    Your website has changed my life. I am a homeschooling mother of 6 and your recipes have allowed me to serve fresh home cooked HOT food to my family. This recipe however sent me over the edge of good cookin' Huge applause from my family. We will be eating this on a regular bases. Many thanks!!!!

  16. Anonymous11/05/2008

    My oven went out and I have been relying on my crockpot this week. I found your pot pie recipe and tried it with fresh potatoes, carrots, celery, frozen peas, and de-thawed chicken from the freezer. I used Bisquick as the topping.

    After 7 hours on low, the top was golden brown, crispy on the outside, more crumbly in the middle like cornbread, perfect for those who like it either way, and it tasted just like a yummy fresh-baked pot pie should. I'm adding it to my favorites! Thanks for this great recipe and fabulous blog.

  17. I'm re-reading this post to see if I have the stuff to make this. Both my son and husband LOVE Marie Callendar's pot pie's. What would happen if I topped it with a pre-made/rolled pie crust? Would it bake and get brown? I hate 'testing' things because I don't like throwing out mistakes...what do you think?

  18. This is so good! I made it for my visiting family and they went crazy for it. Yea! It came out perfectly!

  19. I'm loving the instructions!! LOL!!! Your site has been the biggest blessing to me...not sure I can do 365 days straight, but probably 270! I "heart" you ;)

  20. When I make Chicken Pot Pie, I add enough milk to the biscuit mix to make it "pourable". I also add garlic and cheese to the topping.

  21. thank you SO MUCH for posting the homemade alternative to condensed soup with this recipe. I have been looking all morning for a chicken pot pie recipe that didn't call for condensed soup! I am going to save your homemade alternative for the future.

  22. Christie from Omaha, Ne10/18/2009

    Hi all, So I decided to use 3 chicken boneless skinless breast, chopped fresh carrots and celery, 4-5 chopped garlic cloves, 2-3 Tablespoons of thyme, 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, with 1 can of cream of mushroom soup. I'm going to add frozen peas about 2 hours before serving, and doing bisquick for the topping!!! Smells delicious!!! Thanks for the idea for dinner!!!

  23. Christie from Omaha, NE10/18/2009

    oh ohhh and a 1/2 cup of white wine!!! LOL

  24. Just tried this out, they didn't care for the topping, but loved the filling, I like the ideas w/ the pie crust, will try that next time, or use tater tots...on the other hand, I didn't get to try it because it was gone (except for some of the crust) so that's a good sign!

  25. I have been married 5 months and am trying to avoid 'freezer dinners' (boxed pot pies, hot pockets, etc.). I miss pot pies though and can't wait to try this! Thank you for the idea, even though you weren't wild about the result. :)

  26. Anonymous11/14/2010

    This was absolutely delicious! I made it for my boyfriend and am very glad we have some leftovers! I used a 6 quart slow cooker and just doubled the recipe. It turned out perfect!

  27. I used a 6qt cooker, added mushrooms and sauteed onions and bell peppers, and doubled the amount of soup and milk. I used Jiffy cornbread mix for the top, and it is insanely good. Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. I've made this pie twice now and it's definitely becoming a family favourite! I love slow cooker meals where I can just dump the entire contents into the slow cooker and not have to add anything later on.

    We changed a few things, namely doubling the quantity, but we also added brussell sprouts, 1/2 cup of white wine and substituted oregano for marjoram, but I think those two are fairly similar? I was lazy and used canned soup, but on the recommendation of my mum I opted for two cans of Campbell's Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup, which is a lot nicer than regular canned soup. It tasted wonderful! I've posted it to my blog to recommend to my friends and family, with credit, of course :)

  29. Too much breadiness will make it not seem like CPP (I am famous for mine). :-) Use G-F pie crust mix or shhh pizza crust mix. You need celery! If you hate peas, use green beans instead, or just more celery. If someone hates celery, use chopped celeriac instead. I always use dark-meat chicken and often buy rotisserie chickens on purpose for these "leftovers". To avoid the stuffing flavor, skip thyme, rosemary and sage in favor of garlic, celery seed, caraway seed (if you like it), ground mustard, and onions. You left out onions! :-) In short, there are so many recipes for CPP that there is no right one. BTW, I often make mine without creamy soup; I thicken vegetable broth from pre-cooking my fresh veg with a bit of corn starch. I was going to say this is a great way to make it dairy-free, but then had to stop myself, because I often toast shredded sharp cheddar on top... LOL

  30. We like using the gluten free Bisquick recipe on the box for pot pie. And then scoop it on the top of the food in the crockpot. It's really yumm!

  31. So I didn't actually use this recipe (though I have used and loved many of your other recipes), but I DID use your cream soup replacement in the recipe I made. And this one seems a bit off. Once I stirred in all the flour I was left with dough. I'd used your replacement before in another recipe, so I went to check that recipe, and sure enough - in other places, you have a 2:3 butter to flour ratio, not the 1:3 you have listed here. A typo, maybe? I added more butter and mostly salvaged it, though. And then reused the recipe again to help make chicken gravy for Hawaiian haystacks - rave reviews on that gravy. :)