CrockPot Layered Dinner--Steak, Potatoes, Corn on the Cob

Day 232.

I made a complete meal in the crockpot last night, and it wasn't a soup, stew, or casserole. I made rib eye steak, baked potato, and corn on the cob. 

It wasn't soggy, nor was it dried out, and I was able to leave the house for six hours.

The crockpot rocks.

I had been meaning to try a layered dinner in the crock for a few months, now, but kind of forgot. 

I am so glad that Julie emailed me

She made steak and sweet potatoes that way last week, with great success.

The Ingredients.

This is what I used. 

You can use whatever meat or vegetables you have in the house. 

The trick is to not use too much liquid when cooking the meat, so the potatoes and the corn (or whatever you're using) isn't floating in juice.

--1 1/1 lbs rib eye steak

--1 tablespoons of your favorite seasoning rub

--1 tablespoon dried onion flakes (a tiny fresh onion, diced, would be fine. I wasn't in a chopping mood.)
--2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce (Lea and Perrins is GF)
--1/4 cup tequila (or broth, apple juice, etc.)

--2-4 potatoes

--2-4 ears of fresh corn
--aluminum foil

In my 6 quart Smart Pot, I used 2 whole brown potatoes, and 4 ears of corn. 

I could have fit another potato in, probably.

The Directions.

Put meat in the bottom of the crockpot

Rub with seasoning and onion, and flip over to get the other side. 

Add tequila and Worcestershire sauce.

Wash potatoes and cover with foil. 

Add to the pot. 

Shuck the corn, and wrap each ear in foil. 

Add to the crockpot.

It doesn't seem to matter if the potatoes are closer to the meat, or the corn. 

The new crockpots heat from the sides as well as from the bottom, so everything will cook through regardless of location.

Cover and cook on high for 5-7 hours, or on low for about 8. 

I cooked our dinner for 6 hours on high. 

My crockpot was quite full.

The Verdict.

This was a great dinner. 

It's out-of-the-norm for us to have such a complete meal on a Monday night, which made it fun and new. 

I plan on doing more layered crockpot cooking---it's so nice to have everything plopped in and the kitchen clean by noon.

This is how to layer food in your crockpot so you can have a complete meal without it all cooking together in a gloppy mess.

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at August 23, 2022

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What they say about this article

  1. holy cow! I would have never thought of making a whole meal in a crockpot like that. This is wonderful!

    p.s.- I posted that recipe that you asked about yesterday on my blog. thank you for visiting, by the way :o)

  2. Anonymous8/19/2008

    This is the coolest idea! I would've tried it today if I hadn't just finished putting the "Candy Chicken" in the crockpot.
    There's always tomorrow! Thanks

  3. Anonymous8/19/2008

    Incidentally, for the Brown Sugar Chicken, I did not have white wine vinegar or regular white vinegar in the house. Had 3 bottles of balsamic (WHY???) and one bottle of red. Figured the balsamic would be way too tangy, so I used about 1/2 cup of red and finished out the 2/3 cup with water... we'll see what happens!

  4. Anonymous8/19/2008

    I need your advice. I have a large family and I don't think it will all fit in the big crockpot. I have a regular size crockpot as well. I'm having trouble deciding how to divide things up, and I'm curious about a method for doing just baked potatoes by themselves. Thank you in advance for your help. :D

  5. This never even occurred to me!! What a great idea. Thanks....again.

  6. I have one major question... I'm getting some major burnage in my crocks. I have 2 6qt smart pots, and one 4qt reg one(no auto switch to warm).
    i've had all 3 chocked full w/stuff, and all 3 have burned food on multiple occassions. I'm gone all day at work, so I have to start them at 7am, and get back to them around 5pm. I've set the smart pots to cook for 8hs, then auto switch to warm. still came home to burnt carnage. do you think setting to cook for 4-6 hours, then auto switch to warm will help?
    I've had chicken soup(sans noodles) burn, and it was full full full!
    thanks in advance for any ideas you might have. LOVE YOUR SITE!

  7. Amiyrah, I'm so excited to try out your applesauce chicken!

    Beverly, ooh, let me know how it turns out!

    Hi, Stephanie C.!

    Mother Hen,
    okay. I did do baked potatoes earlier in the year, and they were simple and turned out great. I did the corn on the cob the same way.

    I think it would work well to put the corn and the potatoes in the large crockpot (dry) and the meat in the smaller one. The potatoes will take longer to cook then the corn, but the corn didn't get soggy when cooked too long---which was a nice discovery.


  8. spartangogreengal,
    wow. that's not right---especially the chicken soup burning makes me uncomfortable. Have you contacted Crock-Pot? I'm concerned that something may be off---and I don't have a clue as to why all of the crocks are behaving that way. totally weird. I'm hesitant to suggest cooking at a lower temperature or shorter time without you having your model numbers run. Contact Crock-Pot.

  9. This is such a great idea. I am making your French Dip again this week, my family LOVES it.

    Thanks Steph!

  10. i've emailed them. they suggested i fill them up more! I don't get it either. I"m baffled, po'd, etc etc!
    the chicken soup was in the small pot. I have your teriyaki chicken going right now, i used a semi thawed cut up whole chicken.. set it for 6 hours(which on the pot says 'high') then it should switch to warm. I'm hopin' it comes out ok! the last time i tried that recipe in the small pot w/4 boneless breasts, it burned. I'd rather have too much food(and freeze/redesign the leftovers) then burnt food.
    Thanks again!

  11. Anonymous8/19/2008

    spartangogreengal- Crock Pot brand pots had a recall a couple of years back, due to the crocks overheating, and the handles coming off. Might you pot have been in the recall? I had a pot do that, and it was in the recall, so I got a coupon for a new pot, after I mailed in the cord. Check with Rival...PLEASE. Also, I switched brands of pot. West bend doesn't seem to get quite as warm, and the food doesn't fry out. Not trying to sell anything, and I don't work for a manufacturer.

  12. Anonymous8/19/2008

    This is a great recipe! I can't wait to see more layered recipes (see how lazy I am? I want an all-in-one dinner as much as possible!)

  13. WOW! This is amazing! This could be a whole chapter (wink!)

  14. Anonymous8/19/2008

    This would have been awesome to do this summer, when we had 23 90+ days in a row. I'll definitely try this the next chance I get; right now I'm cp-ing the candy chicken from yesterday. It smells so good I'm about to chew my arm off. LOL!

  15. This sounds so cool!

  16. What a great idea! Hadn't even thought of that. During the school year I start work around 3 and often don't get home until 8. This will be a great way to make sure my hubby gets a good meal a couple of times a week. Thanks!

  17. I never thought about doing a dinner like this. I usually try to stick to soups, etc when I cook in the crockpot. you always have such great ideas!

  18. Great idea! I'm soooo using this one!!!


  19. Anonymous8/19/2008

    BRILLIANT!!!!! I can't wait to try it. I have just discovered your blog and am working my way through the year. You will be a lifesaver. A LIFESAVER I tell you!

  20. Very cool. Have you done rottessiere style chicken in the crockpot yet? You do the opposite. Wrap the potatoes in foil, place on bottom and place a whole chicken on top of those.

  21. Anonymous8/19/2008

    Don't know if this thread is the right place for it, but I'm searching for a post (I think) you did on picking a slow cooker. I'm promised one for my upcoming birthday and wanted to get the benefit of your experience. I'm using one from the 80s, I think. Was I hallucinating that you discussed this? If you could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it!

  22. I love this idea!!!!! Thanks we will be doing this!!!!

  23. My question is: What temperature did the steak end up ?

  24. Hi Beth,

    I haven't really written anything formally about picking out a Crock-Pot. I have only used the name brand Crock-Pots--formally under the Rival label.

    For a family of 4, I'd use a 4qt for everyday cooking and a 6qt or larger if you're wanting to cook a lot to freeze or for leftovers. I use my 6qt crock the most because I'm the most comfortable with it, but if I had a 4qt Smart Pot, I'd use that size for the majority of my cooking. I like the Smart Pots because they click over to warm after the cooking time (4, 6, 8, or 10 hrs) has completed.

    I do have a 1.5 qt that I use for desserts and appetizers and a Little Dipper that is great for warming sauces or for some small dips.

    if you have any other questions, feel free to email me at crockpotlady AT gmail DOT com.


    wineguy--huh? it was cooked. that's about all I know. :-)


  25. I love you! Seriously! This blog has saved my butt I cant tell you how many times! I have yet to have some from here (that got props from you) not turn out. I am going to try this! Do you think if I added a tinfoil packet of onions and mushrooms as another layer that would work too?

  26. Cherie, yes! I do, and what an awesome idea!

  27. This looks perfect for my family of 6! Thank you Stephanie! I have used so many of your recipes. They have made summertime dining a breeze.

  28. Anonymous8/19/2008

    so the meat wasnt wrapped? how much onion would u use if it was fresh chopped? would it turn out the same with the sweet potatoes or would the times be different? would u say the meat was med well or well...? i dont like any pink in mine. thanks steph, and sorry i had so many questions.

  29. I'm a fairly new reader but must come out of lurkdom to tell you how much I am loving your blog.

    You have so many great ideas and recipes and I am enjoying your blog every day.

  30. I am so glad i found you! At first I thought it was a hoot that you would try to do a recipe a day but then I kept reading and my mouth started watering!
    I love it!!!!

  31. Brilliant. Where have you been all my life? LOL! :)

    Thanks for sharing!!


  32. This sounds great. Looks like an awesome meal.

  33. I LOVE your blog! It is very inspiring!

    Do you think the steak has to be thawed? Or can I put it in frozen?


  34. I LOVE your blog! It is very inspiring!

    Do you think the steak has to be thawed? Or can I put it in frozen?


  35. spartangogreengal, will you please email me at crockpotlady AT gmail DOT com? I can't figure out how to contact you directly.

    heather, nope, the meat wasn't wrapped. I'd use a whole yellow onion, and cut it in large chunks. Sweet potatoes would cook the same way; the density is practically the same. And, YUP, that meat was very cooked through, not a bit of pink left. :-0


  36. Hm, I'm assuming the steak was well-done but still tender from the slow-cooking?

    My Crock-Pot (7 years old, round, white, maybe 3 or 4 quarts?) is too hot as well. My dulce de leche in a can came out dark brown. So I think I'll hold off on this recipe until I get a new one. Which I don't really want to do until it actually breaks, you know?

  37. With all the bad press that aluminum is getting these days (i.e alzheimers), does anyone know if cooking with it is bad??

  38. While this is a good idea, I could never serve this to my husband. He likes his steak rare. I would consider doing just the corn and potatoes though and then grilling the steak.

  39. Awesome idea...I can't wait to try this one either...I have fresh corn on the cob in the fridge as we speak...Hmmmmm...Dinner is planned for tomorrow....

  40. Awesome idea...I can't wait to try this one either...I have fresh corn on the cob in the fridge as we speak...Hmmmmm...Dinner is planned for tomorrow....

  41. Anonymous8/20/2008

    Hi Crock pot Lady!
    I'm also a lurker who has a question. Back to the aluminum foil, could this be done without foil? I'm not a big fan of foil on my baked potatoes.
    I have had more fun reading your blog, will we be able to access it after the end of the year?? Otherwise, I'm going to have to figure something out.
    You MADE me have 3 crockpots going the other day, one with brown rice, one with navy beans and one with the "candy" chicken. I loved it, DH didn't~~~OH WELL. I don't think he likes soy sauce. Bummer.
    Three years ago I didn't have one crockpot, now I have FOUR!
    Keep up the good work.
    p.s. I am thrilled with the Gluten Free aspect for both DH & myself.

  42. Anonymous8/21/2008

    this is a great idea. gonna try it. never done layer cooking in the crock. smart.

  43. What a cool idea!! I can't wait to try that one!! Thanks Stephanie!!

  44. Just wondered on your site through someone else's blog which was through someone else's! lol Soooooooooo bookmarking it! I LOVE it! A gal after my own heart! This recipe is oh-so-fabulous...I love an entire meal in the Crock Pot. OK, you just made my week or decade!


  45. Anonymous8/21/2008

    Just tried this recipe tonight and it turned out awesome. I put it on before work and when i got home, it was done. This is the first of your recipes i've actually tried but i can guarantee it won't be the last.

  46. Hi there

    I tried this recipe last night, substituting lamb cutlets for the steak and sweet potatoes. My 'im indoors proclaimed it a hit, although the sweet potatoes were a little overdone.

    Thanks for the daily inspiration.


  47. I never knew you could do that. Super awesome! Gonna try it this week.

  48. I have a Crockpot that has been sitting in its original box on a shelf for the last 3 years, finally I see a recipe worthy to unwrap it. Thanks for a great sounding meal for my entire family to enjoy

  49. I love your blog! I tried this tonight and it was great. DH loved it. The steak turned out more like a roast (maybe that's normal), but it was still good.

    I did two potatoes, four corn on the cobs, and one sweet potato for my 10 month old DD. She wasn't in the mood for sweet potato, but it tasted great. I'll give her the rest on another day. :)

  50. Anonymous8/27/2008

    This one was a hit with my husband. I fed him steak, potato and corn after he spent hours working on our yard. I called it his "hungry man dinner". Steak was tender and flavorful and both potato and corn were done just right. Thank you!

  51. I made this yesterday! I didn't use corn, as I've already seen that in my daughter's diaper TWICE this week!


    I learned a few important things about this meal. I will make it again and I'm sure it will be perfect, given what I know now!

    THANKS! The potaotes were my absolute favorite part! They were perfect!

    Now, I need to go buy more crockpots! This could be dangerous...

  52. Anonymous8/28/2008

    Fabulous recipe! Was a big hit at our home tonight.

  53. Anonymous8/29/2008

    I'm trying this tonight. I used red wine as my cooking liquid and rubbed the steak with chopped garlic, salt, pepper and onion powder (since my hubby is an onion hater). My house smells fantastic already.

    Thanks for inspiring me to unearth my crockpot and try some new stuff! Tomorrow we might do candy chicken (mmm....), and now you have me wanting a smaller pot to make that banana pudding. :)

    Viva la crock pot!

  54. Loved this!I didn't have steak on hand so I used lean pork chops instead.

    Was able to get 4 Large chops, 4 full corn ears and 7 medium potatoes into my with plenty of room. All five of us ate well.

    The kids fought over who got the leftover potatoes and corn for breakfast!

  55. Oh, my! I didn't know that you could do this! I'm gonna have to try this! Yummy!

  56. I made this last night (yeah I am pretty new to your blog so I am just looking through the vast recipes and picking out several each week and trying them). This was amazing. I think it was the best steak I have ever cooked (I admit i am not that great at cooking steak, but that shouldn't take away from the compliment).
    I did however vary the recipe a bit, because I realized we didn't have all of the ingredients after I had already started.
    Well I used frozen steak that was partially thawed.
    I didn't have any steak seasoning, so I thought what the heck chicken seasoning might work LOL. Well, I went to sprinkle it and the dang lid fell off and I got chicken, garlic and herb seasoning all over the steak. I tried to brush most of it off, but a ton of it was left on there, so I was thinking this was going to be terrible.
    Also, I am away from the home all day at work and my crock only has 4 settings, so I ended up cooking it on low for 8 hours and then it went to warm until I got home about 3 hours or so. I was certain it would be burnt (as most everything I had tried in the crockpot before I ran into your site was), but it wasn't. It just fell apart, I had to use a slotted spoon to get the steak out it was so tender. The potatoes were perfection as well as the veggies (I didn't have any corn, so I used frozen mixed veggies in foil).
    Anyway even though I messed up the recipe and everything so bad, it turned out great and I am so happy. I will definately have to try this recipe the right way.
    Did you ever make more layered dinners like this?

  57. I have been looking for more creative crock pot recipes so I came to your site. I am so impressed with this layered crock pot steak potato and corn recipe that I have to give it a try! What a creative mind you have! Thank you so much! I'm an intern for and do weekly 'link love' posts. This is DEFINITELY going to be in my post this week! Thank you again!

  58. "Your meal was a triumph!" - exact quote from my husband after we ate this outside on a beautiful summer night! I used frozen sweet white corn in foil instead of corn on the cob, and it came it out with a nice roasted flavor. Thank you!

  59. I was inspired by this and tried some fresh green beans in a foil packet with a pat of butter and some salt & pepper. HUGE hit!

  60. Made this last week and was wonderful. I just used some nice thick top sirloin, white sweet corn, and sweet potatoes. I actually skinned the potatoes, cut them in large chunks and put a little cinnamon and brown sugar in before wrapping in a couple packets with foil. Everything was delicious!!!! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  61. Just made this tonight, with 4 baking potatoes and no corn. It was great! My husband was skeptical, but he really liked it. I would never have thought of doing this. Thanks!

  62. This is a nice thing to make in the crock pot when you don't have time for the grill! We loved it!!! The ribeye was so tender and juicy! The corn was delicious! I baked sweet and regular potatoes and loved them! The sweet potato got done an hour before anything else though!

  63. I have never thought about laying stuff in the crock pot, but I want to try this! However, I have a question...don't call me stupid for asking this!! Do you place foil over the steak before placing the potatoes in the crock pot? In your picture I don't see the meat, but I don't read where you said to place foil over the meat! Want to use this soon so please let me know!!

    PS...I just found your sight and I'm LOVING it!

  64. Hi Trish, I'm glad you found me! It's not a silly question at all. I don't think I did add foil on top of the steak, although you most certainly can to keep the foil that the potatoes are in a bit cleaner.

    Your food will cook just fine either way.

    xoxo steph

  65. This was our first crock pot recipe to try and it was FABULOUS!!!! I do mean GREAT!! My crock cooks a little fast so it so about 1.5 hrs on low and about 3 on high. We will do this again!

  66. I'm super late on that one, but I thought it was worth mentionning that Lea&Perrin is not GF in Canada.

    Weird, I know, but apparently their recipe vary a little from place to place and Canadian Lea&Perrin is made of malt vinegar, which is supposed to be a no-no according to the Celiac Canadian Association...

  67. Why is this so much fun to make? I made it tonight and I feel like a magician!

  68. In response to brand question from 2008-9... and for those finding it while browsing as I was... I treated myself to a Hamilton Beach with the three pots and one base last March. When it arrived I was overwhelmed... tiny kitchen... too big and bulky, but my family was piling in for a reunion/wedding and so used it and then used and used it and am still using it at least 3 times a week ... love the choice of sizes and settings for cooking in each size of pot. I set the size pot I am using and then low, high or warm. I also have an old, no longer available, true 1 quart for overnighting steel cut oats and a rarely used little dipper. Love this blog!

  69. I know I am years late on this, but we finally tried it last night. I was amazed! But, the potatoes were not quite done. I had it on low for 10 hours - anyone have thoughts on how to get those potatoes more done? Thanks!

  70. I just discovered crock pot liners! No more stunning the gunk off! Wonderful!

  71. What size is the steak?

  72. Cool! Would it work with a fish fillet do you think?

  73. Hi BTaylor -- use a half-pound of meat or so per packet, but you can put in as many packets as fit.

    Tiger Mama, yes, fish steams perfectly in foil packets in the slow cooker but they are ONLY cooked on HIGH for 2 hours--- so for this layered approach, I'd not use potatoes but packets of sliced zuchinni, broccoli, etc.

  74. Anonymous8/24/2022

    Reminds me of the New England Clam or Lobster bake. In the south, a Crawfish boil or seafood boil, All in the pot and let it go. Nice take on Crockpot cooking. Thanks Tom.