CrockPot Tomato Curried Potatoes

This is a fun side dish recipe when you're bored of plain old potatoes: toss them with olive oil, paprika, curry, and chili powder and throw into the crockpot!

Take Out Fake Out recipes are my favorite and this naturally gluten free side dish is a great way to spice up a boring white potato!

(Originally written in 2008, during my Year of Slow Cooking)

curried potatoes recipe made in the crockpot slow cooker

Day 179.

I found a new-to-me blog yesterday when I was following link after link after link. 

I immediately wrote down all the ingredients for Julie's Tomato Curried Potatoes, and shut down the blog. 

When the potatoes were done I spent forty-five minutes finding the blog in order to give proper credit.

I live an exciting life.

Jan 09: I have re-made and edited this post. The ingredients listed reflect my changes.

The Ingredients. 

serves 6
Adapted from Dinner with Julie

these are the ingredients needed to make curried potatoes Indian food side dish in the crockpot slow cooker

7 red potatoes, washed and cut into largeish chunks
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 (14.5-ounce) can diced tomatoes, drained

2 teaspoons paprika
2 teaspoons curry powder

2 teaspoons chili powder
2 teaspoons white sugar

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

The Directions.

Use a  4 quart crockpot. The night before cooking, wash and chop the potatoes in 1-inch chunks and put into a zippered freezer bag. 

Add olive oil, paprika, curry, chili powder, sugar, and salt. Shake well. Add drained tomatoes, and toss again. 

Refrigerate overnight.

In the morning, pour bag into crockpot, and turn on. 

Cover and cook on low for 6-7 hours, or on high for about 4. The potatoes are done when they are fork-tender.

Make Indian food easily at home by using your crockpot slow cooker! This vegetarian and vegan potato side dish is easily made by using pantry staples and is a fun and delicious side dish your whole family will enjoy!

The Verdict.

These smelled delicious while they were cooking, and transferred nicely to the crock. The potatoes were tender and had a nice browning of the skin. 

The first time I made these, I didn't add enough spices. 

This is the right combination, and if you have time to do so, marinating overnight in the refrigerator is really the way to go.

Thank you so much to Julie!

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at June 27, 2017

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What they say about this article

  1. Anonymous6/27/2008

    One of the issues that comes up especially with other people's recipes is that a great deal can depend on the brand, age, etc. of the spices used.

    I believe this is even more problematic with things like chili powder, curry powder etc.


  2. That's a really good point, Dee. Other than the paprika (which I've had for 4 yrs, oops) the spices were new to this year. I always use McCormick because I can trust that they are gluten free, or will state clearly that there is wheat starch in it or something gluten-y.

    sigh. I so wanted this to be amazing. I'm looking forward to trying again.


  3. How do you think this would do without the sugar? Not sure if there is a chemistry type reason for it being added or if its just to make it sweet. What do you think?

  4. Love, love, love your blog! I discovered it last week and have been devouring it ever since -- because I love it so much! I'm planning to link from my blog to several of the recipes. Thanks for all your hard work! (Did I mention I love your blog?)

  5. Anonymous6/27/2008

    I just found you and glad I did. Great job you're doing here. Very entertaining and informative.
    The pic looks so good! I will use your suggestions to make the appropriate adjustments when I try this recipe.

    I also wanted to share a technique I found and tried that worked well. I baked a chicken using my Crock Pot! Instructions were to make 3 foil balls to suspend the chicken 1 inch above the bottom of the pot. Placed the seasoned chicken on the balls and left it for the day. I think it would work on a rack to fit inside the pot also, just haven't found ont the right size yet to try it.

    Thought you might be interested if you didn'y already know about this trick.

    Keep up the good work. Everyone needs all the smiles and laughs they can get.


  6. autumnesf, I liked the sugar. I thought it gave a neat sweetish flavor without being over the top. I think I would like more heat, personally, but I wouldn't cut the sweet out completely.

    andrea, thank you! I'm having a lot of fun with this endeavor, and am meeting such nice people.

    sonya, I actually JUST did the foil ball thing with some chicken thighs the other day, and haven't posted the recipe yet. It was an interesting experiment---
    thanks for sharing your experience.


  7. I too found your website after following several links. What amazing things and ppl you will find. I cook a potatoe dish similar to this one but I use onion soup mix and olive oil. The potaotes and cooking methods are the same. I bet you play around with it and find all sorts of good combos.

  8. Curry and tomato together? Sounds like heaven!

  9. I noticed your edit, and I'm wondering whether the spices might be more (initially) pronounced if you were to add them closer to serving - either 1 hour before done or even right before serving. I know that some spices can get dull after long cooking (ie, crockpot cooking). Good luck and keep us posted!

  10. I never find that spices hold up to the prolonged cooking of a crock pot very well. I have two crock pot cookbooks that I love, but I always have to double the spice amounts before it tastes right to me.

    And of course dee makes a great point. a lot can depend on the brand and freshness of your spices.

    I made my very own BBQ sauce for the first time this week, and in a crock pot no less. It definitely made me think of what an amazing undertaking it is to commit to crocking it you are amazing lady.

  11. Anonymous6/28/2008

    Hey, I stumbled upon your blog awhile ago and love it too! I need to get in the habit of leaving comments. Great idea!!

    I used curry paste, which is likely more potent.. checking it in the fridge now, it looks like it's the hot variety. I agree with dee.. spices are so dependant on personal taste, brand etc. I hate putting measurements for spices in recipes, I usually just add whatever I want, but I know people like having some guidelines!

    Re: the sugar - I suspect it's there to counteract the acidity of the tomatoes, but it's definitely not necessary... I just used it because Tahera did! and it's only a teaspoon.

  12. Hi Julie, I'm going to keep my eyes open for curry paste--I haven't seen if before. yum.


  13. Anonymous6/29/2008

    I'd do a full Tablespoon of the curry powder. But then again, I like a pronounced spice flavor. You can also try toasting the spices in a dry non-stick skillet for a minute or two...that helps flavors too.

    Try adding chopped onions and chopped cauliflower (frozen works well)...then you get to call it Aloo Gobi and its also my kids favorite side dish.

    FYI Penzeys Spices are also Gluten free (or marked if not) and are MUCH better than anything you can buy at the local grocery store.

  14. The secret to cooking with curry is to actually brown/cook the spice in oil before you add the other food. My husband is from Jamaica and made a curry chicken that smelled great but was a disappointment to eat. His Uncle is the one who showed me the secret and my Curry Chicken tastes really good. Next time try browning the curry and you will be surprised at how much better it will taste.

    I hope this helps.


  15. I just wanted to follow up and let you know I tried this recipe. I put a full 2 tsp of each spice. I also put in onion, a frozen tri-tip steak and sliced carrots to make it more of a complete meal for the family. I think lamb something would have been better. All in all, it was a great dish and all three of my boys truly enjoyed which was a shocker!