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A Year of Slow Cooking

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Vegetarian Curry CrockPot Recipe

Day 61.

Remember last time I made a curry dish? It did not go well. It actually went quite horribly.

This worked. I was scared, and kept checking the taste hourly, which is totally against the rules of crockpotting--but it came out okay.

Enough so that I decided to run around the house gloating.

Evidently yelling "who's the crockpotting queen?" over and over can wear thin on people.
I've now learned.

The Ingredients.
--2 cans drained and rinsed garbanzo beans (chick peas)
--1 diced red pepper
--4 tiny potatoes, or 1 regular-sized
--1/2 cup diced carrots
--1/2 cup diced celery
--3 cloves smashed and chopped garlic
--2 T (yes, tablespoons!) curry
--1/2 t ground coriander
--1/4 t red (cayenne) pepper--not pictured
--1 lg can tomatoes (and juice)
--2 cups vegetable broth
--3/4 cup plain yogurt
--1 cup frozen peas (to add later)

The Directions.

--add drain and rinsed garbanzo beans to your crockpot
--cover with diced vegetables (if you have other stuff in the house that you want to use, go for it. I don't think the actual kind of vegetables matters)
--add spices
--dump in tomatoes, yogurt and broth
--stir to mix flavors

cook on low for 8-10 hours, or longer.

20 minutes before serving, stir in the frozen peas. Turn to high.

Serve over hot basmati rice and use brown rice tortillas or corn tortillas to scoop up. If you are not gluten-free, you can use naan, pita bread, or whole-wheat tortillas.

The Verdict.

Adam and I loved this. The flavors were pronounced without being overwhelming. It tasted even better the next day. We didn't make the kids eat it, but I have since had it for lunch a few times and my youngest has gobbled and enjoyed every bite.
other good curry-ish recipes:

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Amie said...

wow, this looks really yummy Steph!

loloandpooh said...

You are the crockpot queen! Can't wait to try it. Keep those veggi dishes coming.

Canadian Saver said...

All healthy ingredients... again! I am not a big fan of curries, but this looks good :-)

Lisa Cannon said...

This looks really good, I must try!

patternnuts said...

You have been tagged to name 7 Weird things about yourself. I thought you could tie that into "crock potting" very nicely.

Michelle said...

Steph this is sounding delicious!!!thanks for sharing..we all love curry even my toughest food critic... :)

~M said...

This looks awesome. I love garbanzos. Since you're using the crockpot - and are a crockpot queen :) - you might consider soaking dried garbanzos up to 24 hours before (preferably in the fridge) and then putting them in the crockpot for the entire day to cook. They will pick up even more flavor from the sauce/spices and kind of have a nut-like flavor. (Just make sure the garbanzos are gf and not cross-contaminated).

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

This looks great! I can't wait to try it.
I too am a crockpot lover & have even made bread using the cp.
Your blog is fun. I'm really enjoying seeing what you've created each day.

Tina said...

It looks great, but when do you add the yogurt?

Crockpot Lady said...

Hi, Tina!
Thank you SO much for catching that! I totally forgot to list it--and now have it added. I put in the yogurt at the same time as the tomatoes and broth. It didn't break up while it was cooking.


Tina said...

Great, thanks! I'm making it today. I ran out of carrots, so I added some cauliflower instead.

connie said...

i just got it going---and want it for dinner in 5 hours, so i put it on HIGH rather than LOW. will this totally mess things up? i hope not!!

connie said...

RESULTS: cooking it on high worked out just great! delish! thanks so much!

scotchegg said...

I am so happy to have found this Blog. Have made 4 things so far. All great - this was a huge hit though!
My hubbie is a brit and loves his curry. Always nervous about it, but just loved it. added Green beans and a few mushrooms. will keep this one for sure. what next....have to investigate! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pamela said...

This recipe looks delicious. I am so glad to find some vegetarian slow cooker recipes. Its in the cooker now and I can head off to work. I can't wait to try more of your recipes. Thanks for your blog.

Mallory said...

I made this for the second time over the weekend. The first time I made way too much (I live alone) and it was too runny. So this time I halved the recipe but added more veggies, a little less broth, and a little more curry. It came out perfect! Love your site!

Eclectic Bride-Wife-Mom said...

I made this for dinner tonight and it was yummy! Somehow it was very tomotoey, but I think that's bc I used v8 and diced tomatoes and I really didn't measure...Thanks for the easy to follow directions!

CarolG said...

Made this yesterday when I needed a Lenten meatless meal and couldn't get to the store. It was SO good! I used a bag of dried chick peas so needed more liquid but they cooked so nicely in this stew. Thanks again!

slcooking4health said...

What size slow cooker did you use for this? BTW...I love this site! Especially the light and healthy section. I've made probably half of the things on there and since I do meatless Fridays year round, I am rapidly coming to appreciate the vegetarian section as well.

JenSully said...

Can you freeze this? My husband didn't like it but I did. It's just too much for me to eat leftovers:-)

Stephanie O'Dea said...

@JenSully, it should freeze and reheat just fine.

Cassie said...

I am going to make this. I just had to tell you that I thought to myself, "We don't have any plain yogurt, I could try strawberry." And then I cracked up. At work. Where there are people. Who already think I'm crazy.

Penny said...

Hi, Steph!
My family loves curry, but unfortunately, my toddlers are sensitive to tomatoes :(
You are a more experienced cook then I am, so I wanted to ask you, do you know of anything that I might be able to sub tomatoes with in recipes that commonly call for it (curries, chili, etc)? I was thinking maybe steamed and blended butternut squash?
Thanks so much for your help! I love your blog!

Stephanie ODea said...

Hi Penny, what a great question. I don't know about more experienced --- but thank you for the compliment!

In this case, the tomatoes are providing a lot of moisture to the pot (it's a 28-ounce can).
Yes, I do think that you will like the flavor from a cubed squash or sweet potato, and they'd perform quite well in a curry or stew.
But they are lower in moisture, and you'll need to make up for that with a half-cup or so of chicken or vegetable broth.

I hope this helps a bit! Enjoy your dinner; I'd love to hear back about what you ended up doing!

tbmt said...

Curry powder or curry paste?

Stephanie O'Dea said...

hi there TBMT -- I used curry powder, and used two tablespoons. If you have the paste, start with about half, and then season to taste. enjoy!!

Crraziegirl said...

Made this today, it smelled gorgeous! I added courgette and aubergine as i had them in to use. Only issue is that the yogurt split but that could have been one of two factors. I started it late (11:45 am) so ran the sc on high, and I used liberte 0%fat Greek yogurt. So word of warning for those cooking on high or with low fat yogurt add the yogurt later, lol. Anyway thanks for the lovely recipe.

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