Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Apples in the CrockPot

Day 145.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! If you don't live in the US, and don't celebrate, Happy Weekend! The US uses Memorial Day as an official un-official summer kick-off. The weekend is usually filled with lots of barbecues, pool parties, beer, and eating.

It's raining here today.
and we have to stop by the doctor's office.

But that's okay, because we have fruit covered in chocolate. And that makes everything right with the world.

The Ingredients.

--chocolate chips (I didn't measure. A bunch.)
--crockpot (I used my big one. Any size would work just fine.)

The Directions.

Dump chocolate chips into the crockpot. I didn't spray cooking spray. I didn't add anything. I just put in the chocolate chips.

While the chocolate is melting, wash and prepare the fruit you're going to use, and line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Cook on high for 30 min-1 hr. You will know that the chocolate is ready to stir when it gets really shiny and begins to break down. You can start stirring it when the chip forms are still visible.

Dip fruit pieces into the melted chocolate. I had lots of help with this, and although the chocolate was hot, nobody got burnt, and nobody seemed to mind. And somehow "nobody" got chocolate fingerprints all over the outside of the dishwasher and refrigerator. hmph.

Put the covered fruit onto the parchment-paper lined cookie sheets and place into the refrigerator to harden. This doesn't take long---I think we only waited about 20 minutes.

You can go totally fancy and have one crockpot for semi-sweet chocolate, one for white, and one for milk. You can make little swirls with the different chocolates and double-dip to create culinary masterpieces. I'd really like to do this one day.


The Verdict.

These are awesome. I can not wait to make them again. But I need to get Clorox wipes first.

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at May 24, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. I used to hold crockpot "fondue" study breaks while in college with my friend!! Too much fun! Sometimes we mixed in some peanut butter to the melted chocolate, which is also yummy!

  2. Sounds great Steph. I have made some different dried fruit and nut based candies in my crock, but I really love chocolate covered fruit. I be bananas and oranges would work great too.

  3. The joy of cooking with kids! Sounds fun!

  4. I never thought of using a Crock Pot to melt chocolate for dipping. I'm going to go grab some chocolate chips (we keep bags of the Ghirardelli chocolate chips in the freezer, you know, just in case) and start melting and dipping.

    By the way I had a recent blog posting about how using your Crock Pot in summer can help keep your kitchen cool and "green" your summer cooking as far as energy use goes. You can read it here:

    Great blog. I'll be back!


  5. Also, this would be a great idea for a shower or bachelorette party :)

  6. Anonymous7/08/2008

    My daughter and I made this today. I mushed 2 recipes together. I took one for Mock Girl Guide thin mints = Ritz crackers (do they make a gluten free version of this for you?) dipped in melted chocolate mint chips. Melted the chips in the crock pot. VERY, VERY GOOD AND EASY! I plan on making batches of them for Christmas (if we can every stop eating them ourselves.) Fortunately I had a can of fruit cocktail to dip in the leftover chocolate. Couldn't get enough of the stuff.

  7. You crack me up - I soooo understand where you're at - "No one" does so many things at our house too - they must be related!!!

    I struggle with wanting to let the kids be involved, but wanting things to be "just so". But remember - the kids will remember the time spent with you, even when things don't turn out how you'd want :)