Bananas Foster CrockPot Recipe

Next time you have less than desirable or "old" bananas that are a bit brown, a bit squishy, and just a tiny bit past their prime -- don't throw them out or make another boring banana bread.

Make Bananas Foster!! It's an exciting dessert that is new, different, and will make your family super excited to come home for dessert!

[originally posted during my A Year of Slow Cooking]

Day 67.

I had bananas foster for the first time about a month ago at a catered event for my husband's work. 

It was amazing, and I knew as soon as I tasted it that it would transfer nicely to the crockpot.

After some googling, and speaking to friends, I learned that a lot of times this dish is set on fire before it is served. 

I did not do this. 

I have no interest in testing out our insurance policy and we don't live on a cruise ship.

This is what I did instead:

The Ingredients.
serves 6 or so

3 nasty squishy bananas (why oh why can we not ever seem to eat them quickly enough?)
1/2 stick (1/4 cup) butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup brandy (gluten free)

The Directions.

I used my mini crockpot for this. A 1 to 2-quart size is ideal.

(this is a 1.5 quart -- and you can find them easily on Amazon for not a lot of money.

--smash up your bananas in a ziplock
--squeeze into crockpot
--add butter and the rest of the stuff

cook on low for 3-4 hours or high for 1-2.

Stir and enjoy over your favorite vanilla ice cream.

The Verdict.

I did not give this to the kids. 

It tasted alcohol-y, but not overbearing in the slightest. 

I adored it and stirred it into my oatmeal the next morning. Adam had seconds.

This is a good one!

Bananas Foster is a great way to make a fun and easy dessert using old bananas. Plop them into your crockpot slow cooker with a bit of butter, brandy, vanilla, and brown sugar. Not something I'd feed kids -- the alcohol doesn't really burn away!! :-)

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at March 07, 2017

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What they say about this article

  1. Oh yummy!! I bet the adults really appreciated this :-)

  2. ohhhhh that sounds delish!!!

    and made the ribs. excellent! thanks for the tips!

  3. Just surfin' around Blogger and stopped by your Blog for a visit.

    Very nice!

    Stop by my Blog to see the Pot Roast my Hubby made last night!


  4. Funny that I JUST posted about how much I love banans foster! Thanks so much for the recipe :)!

  5. cs, we did! it felt decadent.

    kay, I'm glad the ribs came out well--thanks for reporting back.

    barber bunch, your bread looks amazing!

    jennifer, I just read your "favorites" post! bwwbwhhahha that cracks me up. great minds I tell you, great minds.


  6. Anonymous3/30/2008

    We have the same problem with the bananas at our house. My hubby doesn't eat them, in the hopes that they will magically morph into banana bread. :)

  7. Is there an substitute for the brandy? Looks yummy!

  8. Hi there,

    I think any sweet juice would work fine as a substitute. I would probably use 1/4 cu apple juice, and another teaspoon of vanilla extract.


  9. Just learned of your site and there's some awesome recipes here but this one makes me shudder. :-( My husband makes a mean bananas foster - it's his favorite impressive thing when we have company over. I thought it was always made with dark rum, never had it with brandy. The fire is essential - it gives you the wonderful rum flavor without the alcohol taste. I'd think if you want to omit the fire, maybe you'd be better off stirring in a little rum extract at the end? Don't know if that is gf, is that why you used brandy?

    Related - you live near me. For a while, sunny select ice cream had a bananas foster flavor (nob hill, savemart) - don't know if they are still making it but if you can find it it is soooooooooooooooo good.

    This is an awesome site - we're trying the tofu with peanut sauce tonight. :-) Hope it works with lime juice - may add a little sugar to compensate.

  10. Oooo, i made this tonight with rum (because i didn't have any brandy) and it was sooooooo good. I ate it with vanilla wafers, wishing i had ice cream. But it was delicious nonetheless, and i'm thrilled to have something to do with my old bananas! Thanks for the recipe.

  11. Anonymous9/19/2008

    we made this the other night but without the booze and used corn syrup. Hubby said this was a keeper! Kids loved it! my house smelled so yummy! we said it would be good over pancakes/waffles too! A good camping recipe too! Assemble all ingredients (except bananas) in a bag or container, when ready, pour into mini crock, chop bananas and in an hour or so voila!

  12. You can make this alcohol-free AND have the right taste if you boil the rum/brandy for a couple of minutes before using it. The alcohol burns off at about 125-130F, leaving kid-friendly (ok, they may not like the taste of it :D )liquid.

  13. Take your bananas off each other when you get them home and they'll ripen slower!

  14. OH MY GOSH, THIS IS SOOOO GOOD!!!! I used Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum (heated to remove alcohol) and 4 bananas and couldn't have been more pleased with the ending result! This is going to be a staple in this household! :D

  15. I've had Banana's Foster several times. I've even made it stove top with a flame and everything. I probably should have warned hubby first because he came running at me with a towel. I really like Banana's Foster, and it seems we are always running into over ripe bananas. I didn't see the point of mushing up the bananas. I left them in pretty big pieces, because that is how I'm used to eating them. I was fresh out of brandy and in no mood to pick up some so I threw in a splash of white wine. I came across macadamia nuts while searching for the brown sugar, and thought ... hmmm ... why not!? I chopped them up and threw them on top. This was a to die for dessert! And yeah... I'm very certain this does not go with my low carb diet. I'm going straight to H E double tooth pick.

  16. Just found this site! Can I put this in a 6 qt slow cooker (the only one I have) or does it have to be a mini one? -Reena

  17. Hi Reena, I'm happy you found me! You can increase the quantities by 3, or you can place an oven-safe dish into your large crock to create a smaller cooking vessel (pyrex, corningware, etc.).

  18. Really looking forward to getting this! My mini doesn't have a high/low setting. Do you have a recommended cooking time?

  19. Hi Unknown, it seems like the one I have that doesn't have a switch runs closer to the High than the Low setting -- I'd check after 90 minutes or so to see if it's hot and bubbly and starting to caramelize on the edges.