CrockPot Fish Chowder Recipe

Day 46.

Friday fresh fish, all you hungry bloggers come and eat it up...

although the fish I used wasn't fresh, it was frozen.

The kids went through a phase where they ate a can of Progresso Clam Chowder every day for lunch. It was a very easy time for me.

This tastes remarkably similar without chemicals, a tin-can taste, or boatloads of sodium.

And it was easy.

The Ingredients:
--1 lb of white fish (I used frozen Orange Roughy from Trader Joe's)
--3 cups of chicken broth (I'm now officially out of my homemade stuff. I'm kind of bummed.)
--9 baby potatoes (or 10. but not 11.)
--1 cup frozen roasted corn
--1/2 white onion
--handful baby carrots
--heart of celery
--3-4 cloves of garlic
--1/2 t black pepper
--salt (to taste, especially if using homemade broth)

--2 cups frozen shrimp (to add later)
--1 cup heavy whipping cream (to add later)

The Directions:

--chop up all the vegetables. I used my handy-dandy Pampered Chef chopper because I like it and it reminds me of when I used to be invited to those kinds of parties. How come people don't have those any more?

--cube the fish, it's okay if it's still frozen.

--dump everything except the cream and the shrimp into your stoneware insert

cook on low for 8-10 hours, or until the potatoes are tender. If your veggies are too big for your taste, use an immersion blender to smooth it out.

30 minutes before serving, stir in your cup of cream and the frozen shrimp. Turn your crockpot to high for the last 30 minutes.

Serve with a bit of fresh parmesan cheese.

The Verdict:

Instant hit. We all loved it.

I'm scared to jinx it, but this figuring out what-tastes-good-together-thing is getting easier.

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at February 15, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. Anonymous2/15/2008

    yum! this looks really good. Do you have to use the cream? Can you use whole milk instead? Half and half?

  2. Hi Ginny,
    It was good! We're having the leftovers for lunch. I separated half of it and gave it to my grandparents without any cream. They liked it.
    The cream added a soft silky texture to the soup, that felt really nice on my tongue.

    that sounds weird.

    I would think whole milk or half and half would do the same thing, but you might need to add more than a cup.


  3. I'm so trying this. It looks delicious!!!

  4. This recipe scares me. LOL!

  5. Anonymous2/15/2008

    As Steph mentioned, we did all enjoy this chowder. I ate two bowls before I could stop to tell her how great it was. I highly recommend this one and no, I'm not just saying all of this to keep my wife happy. If the kids will eat it, it has to be something special.

  6. I love my PC Food chopper..especially for onions...this looks yummy!

  7. Stephanie,

    Just to let you know I love your blog! I'm glad to see that it's getting so popular. I can't wait to see every day WHAT you've put into the crock pot. I've actually started crockpotting myself and have saved several of your recipes that I haven't tried yet.

    Thanks and best wishes, keep 'em coming,


  8. damsel, if you do, let me know!

    amie, I promise fish doesn't have to be scary. totally try the tilapia recipe.

    adam, you are too cute. I love you.

    amy, I love it too. Totally worth whatever it cost.

    olivia, thank you! so very sweet...


  9. Anonymous2/15/2008

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You have a great sense of humor! I was so thrilled to find your blog because I have been trying to acquire recipes for the crockpot to make my life easier (I have three kids, ages 5,3 and almost six months.) Your writing style and snappy photos are going to make it fun. You are certainly ambitious..ONE WHOLE YEAR?? You go girl!

    New fan of crockpotting...

  10. I can't wait to try this recipe.. It is on the menu for next week.. I plan on using the talipia, thanks for sharing the recipe..

  11. OMG!! I love your site. All yoru food looks so good. I was thinking of doing a fish crockpot recipe but couldn't find a good one. THANK YOU! This looks really really good.

  12. Anonymous4/12/2008


    just wanted to let you know that the link from your alphabetical list of recipes to this recipe isn't correct - you've got an extra http in the url. I'm glad I was able to locate this recipe via the Sweet potato one.

    They all look so good - I think I'll have to try them all soon. I hope you're able to get a book deal out of this, because I'd buy it!

  13. thanks, Florabora. I fixed the link. I appreciate your eagle eyes!

  14. Boo hoo my crockpot finally died, so will have to have to buy another one just to try this looks excellent.
    We always buy frozen fish filets and our fave fish is whiting so we`ll be using that.
    I`m also another one who makes home made chicken broth. I use the ends of onions and their skins as well as whole garlic cloves. Whenever I make fried chicken I buy the leg quarters and cut off the boney parts on the thighs to save for my broth.
    I have a freezer full of Ziploack bags filled with onion ends, chicken carcasses and skins from onions lol

  15. I made this chowder the other day and just popped in to let you know that we LOVED it. I added a tablespoon of crab boil seasoning and used scrod, shrimp, and clams for my fish. Definitely a keeper.

  16. A great recipe. Don't be scared to try it. Its simple. I cut all my veggies and fish by hand, we like chunky chowder.
    I used frozen catfish nuggets, thawed and cut into spoon sized pieces.
    I added Dill, Sea Salt, Fresh Ground Pepper and 2 Bay leaves.
    I added 1 small can corn, drained.
    Added 2 cans chicken broth (not 3)
    I added 1 cup frozen shrimp, thawed and tails taken off.
    This chowder was yummy, even a friend dropped by and had a bowl of chowder, she gave me compliments. Nice.

  17. thanks, Dianna, for reporting back!

  18. Anonymous9/30/2008

    Hi all - The recipe looks really yummy - especially for those cold fall days. Talk about comfort food...

    By the way, Pampered Chef parties are still going strong. I should know since I'm a consultant and have been showing off the Food Chopper for two years now! If you're interested in seeing a catalog or something, let me know, okay? I'd be happy to help you out.

    Happy eating!

  19. I made this today and it turned out delicious. I used frozen tilapia and homemade chicken stock, and left out the shrimp. It wasn't exactly a pretty color (probably in part because my stock was quite cloudy, and perhaps because I left the skin on my potatoes?), but the taste was just great. Thanks for the recipe!

  20. This was really yummy.... but I'm the only one who ate it. After smelling fish cooking all day, my husband and daughter couldn't stand to eat it, and our house still smelled like fish the next day. I'd recommend putting it outside/in the basement next time.
    I used the Little Dipper to deodorize the house, though, so the crockpot redeemed itself!

  21. OMG, that was SO good, Stephanie. I have to admit I added scallops & used a whole pint instead of 1/2. Obv more fattening, but it made it more souplike & less stew like. Even my fiance's picky 88 year old grandmother liked it.

  22. I just tried this recipe because my husband said he loves fish chowder, and I wanted to see if I would like fish in this way. However, our house reeked of fish all day, and it was so unpleasant neither of us could eat the soup. Plus, my husband put in milk, not cream or half-in-half. I couldn't even sleep because of the fish smell. So, I recommend to anyone who tries this that you must love fish and the fish smell.

  23. Anonymous3/02/2009

    I made this yesterday for my husband for his lunches this week and he LOVED it. Thanks for the great recipes!!!!! The Buffalo Chicken Lasagna Rocks!!!

  24. I recently discovered your blog, and this was the first recipe I decided to try! It was wonderful- thanks! I did notice that there are green onions in the photo of the ingredients, but they're not listed in the recipe. Happen to remember how many you used?

    I'm looking forward to trying more recipes from your site!

  25. huh! I wonder if I ever used them? I looked through my notebook I used when I jotted down the recipes and I don't see it listed. I can't imagine it would hurt to add them, and if I did in fact, it would have been 2.

    I do know that I've made this a few times since (it's my 7 yr old's fav!) without the green onion.

    oh what a dork I am.

    xxo steph

  26. This was SOOO good. Thank you so much! You've given me the confidence to cook fish! :)

  27. Canadian Kate12/02/2009

    We just finished devouring big bowls of this chowder. Yummy! I added two leeks, some mushrooms and some crushed tomatoes just to clean out the fridge. We didn't have the corn or shrimp on hand. I used 35% cream :-)

  28. Anonymous1/12/2010

    I love this recipe!! I use a lot more broth (8 cups!) and increase all the rest of the ingredients as well to accomodate my appetite, serve three others AND have leftovers. I have added quite a bit of spices to the mix - 2 tsp each of paprika and coriander powder, 1.5 tsp each of tarragon, thyme, curry, celery powder and rosemary leaf powder. I do the 10 hour cook then remove as much of the fish chunks and various veggie chunks before I smooth it out with the immersion blender. Add 2 cups of the cream and lots of shrimp.... mmmmm goood!!! --- Scot

  29. Loved the fish chowder. Using what we had on hand,I made some slight modifications/substitutions: 4 large potatoes, 3 long skinny carrots, turkey broth, half-n-half, Phillips Seafood Seasoning, and no shrimp. It was still amazingly wonderful, and just the thing to come home to after a busy day on a cold winter night! Next time I think I'll try adding clams.

    Thanks for this!

  30. I fixed this last night and everyone loved it. My son suggested adding sausage and old bay seasoning next time. It would taste more like low country boil.

  31. WOW! I am trying this for company the day before Thanksgiving. (Hubby requested it for his grandparents.) I am Alaskan and ONLY use AK seafood (none of that farm-fish for me!) I usually make my chowder on stovetop (and have for years) and this looks so similar, including the cream at the end and putting it on high! Yay, I get to visit while it crocks!
    Side-note to those who had a "fish smell" in their home...PLEASE don't buy fish that smells like "fish." That is just gross. I have fished commercially for 31 years of my life (salmon, shrimp, halibut, crab) and I have to say when you purchase FRESH fish or even fresh-frozen fish it shouldn't really have a smell, just like fresh ice! lol. Go back and ask your seafood guy for Alaskan seafood. They should make it available and it is SO good for you!

  32. ladolcezza11/22/2011

    I made this the other day. I used frozen Alaskan cod pieces from TJ's and a bag of their "seafood mix" (shrimp, calamari, scallops) that I added towards the end. I used homemade seafood stock that I made with shells from a crab feed, so there was some flavor in the broth. I also used milk instead of cream, which worked fine (although next time I'd go with cream or 1/2 & 1/2). Very yummy, and the whole crock pot full cost about $10!

  33. Made this today, was delicious, thank you. Will definitely make again. Have just discovered your blog! Just thought you'd like to know you're still being read and appreciated 5 years on!

  34. Going to make this, but I'm a pescetarian! No other meat for me. So, I'm hoping I can use veggie broth instead... ????

  35. Made this today with tilapia. I had no shrimp, but added extra fish. I added in bacon and thyme as well as a bay leaf. Delicious!