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A Year of Slow Cooking

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

book club reminder!

good morning!

This is a friendly reminder that we have a Book Club date for this Thursday, July 15.

The book is The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.

It's a quick read---if you don't have all that much to do the next two days, you can most certainly knock it out.

and it's worth it.

this is one. very. good. book.

Hey Steph, what kind of snacks pair well with reading?
oh, I'm so glad you asked!

spinach artichoke dip
brie with apricot topping
apple dumplings
chocolate mousse
chex mix
mulled wine
nuts and bolts
tomatoes and goat cheese with balsamic cranberry syrup
chocolate covered strawberries
chocolate fondue

and last up, always a crowd favorite, even though I admit the ingredients sound terribly odd:
mommy crack, AKA Rotel Dip

See you Thursday!!
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Jess said...

oh darn, i just ordered this book and wont be able to read it in time =(

Ginger said...

We just did The Help over at Sweet Iced Tea...

It was a book with a lot of food in it. Love your suggestions for snacks. I'm gonna star that for great party food ideas.

Cassidy said...

I'm reading it! Loving it so far.

Shelle and Dan said...

I'm almost done. Totally, totally diggin this book.

Dorinda said...

Really you must serve "Deviled Eggs"...Hilly always wanted them! I served them for my Book Club, but couldn't figure out how to do in my crock pot. Loved the book and love your recipes! Dorinda

Barb said...

Ordered it from Amazon and it suppose to be here tomorrow. So I know I won't finish it in time.

Andrea said...

So weird, I have a book club meeting on Thursday and our book is The Help. Looking forward to it!

Amo said...

Another version of Rotel Dip that we eat here in Arkansas is a can of Rotel, a block of Velveeta cheese, and a can of black beans. Mmmm...delicious! And yes, it is crack!

Michelle said...

I recently finished the book, it was really good. My tip: I got both the actual book & the audio version from my library. It happened to be the same week I was cleaning out a dreaded catch-all room. I listened to the audio book while I cleaned; which made it more tolerable. Then at night I read the actual book.


Sara Beth said...

I'm looking forward to the book thingy tomorrow night. Although I don't have any idea how to participate on Twitter. I'm more of a Facebook gal. Anyhow, I'll figure it out.

The book is an ambitious read for me. 444 pages. I'm used to 150-pagers. But I'm enjoying it. Although starting to freak out - I'm on page 197 with less than 24 hours to go! The children may starve tomorrow...

Stephanie O'Dea said...

you can do it, Sara Beth! :-)

Sara Beth said...

So this morning I finally finished the book - only 36 hour behind schedule. The book didn't WOW me but it was good entertainment. I mostly read for pleasure, not literary genius, but she does have a great knack for character development. I think she could have accomplished the same story in about 100 pages less. But that's just me.

What is your next book selection? I'm anxious for the announcement!

On another note, I want to tell you how much I admire your dedication to your blog and am a blogger wanna be myself. I love to write and will write a book sometime before I push up daisies. I'm still waiting for inspiration to hit me square in the head. I just keep looking... no major "hits" yet.

I try to keep a blog of sorts but am sporadic at best. I feel another one coming on soon. You can read it at if you are bored (or desperate)...

Do you have any interest in publishing a novel someday? Your witty writing is very entertaining! I'll keep checking back with you, because I feel like I am getting to know you and your family, and I like your cooking ;o)

You don't have to post this to your site, I just wanted to send you this message and didn't know of any other way...

Sara Beth
West Michigan

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