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A Year of Slow Cooking

Friday, July 11, 2008

CrockPot Peppercorn Steak

Day 193.

I have been getting so many wonderful emails and comments with recipes! I'm having a ball sorting through them all.

Krystle emailed me and shared one of her family's favorite meals with me--peppercorn steak.

I just so happened to have a package of frozen steaks in the freezer, and gave it a try yesterday. Her original recipe called for using canned tomato soup, but after a trip to the grocery store, I learned that many cans of tomato soup are thickened with wheat starch--not good in our house. So I tweaked a little, and was quite happy with the results!

The Ingredients.

--4 to 6 steaks (use whatever is on sale, it's going to tenderize nicely in the crock; don't buy expensive meat.)
--1 cup tomato sauce
--1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce (Lea Perrins is GF)
--1/4 cup of water
--2 chopped bell peppers (I used one yellow, one green)
--1 chopped yellow onion
--8 oz sliced mushrooms
--1 T Italian seasoning
--1/4 t black pepper

The Directions.

Put the meat in the crockpot; mine was still frozen solid. Cover with the chopped vegetables. Pour in the tomato sauce, Worcestershire, and water. Add the Italian seasoning and black pepper.

No need to stir.

Cover and cook on low for 7-9 hours, or on high for 4-6. I cooked our dinner for 6 hours on high.

The Verdict.

I liked this! I liked how the steak lifted out of the juice without falling apart, and was able to be sliced like a steak cooked in the oven or on the grill. The flavor with the tomato sauce and the Worcestershire was greats---rich and peppery. I've never used that much Worcestershire before; usually I use only a few tablespoons at a time.

This makes a lot of sauce. I bet you could use the remaining sauce as a soup base or to make a fabulous gravy. We ate our meat and veggies separate on the dinner plate, with a spinach salad.

One kid ate 2 whole steaks and proclaimed that it was the best steak she had ever had and asked if she could eat it every day for "dinner, lunch, and breakfast. And maybe sometimes for snack. After I eat my banana. Of course." And then there was a lot of eye rolling---we've had the same banana in the fridge for the last three days. She opened it, took a bite, then said she was full. There's been a lot of banana talk around here lately...

thank you, Krystle, for a great meal, and a keeper recipe!
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Courtney said...

This sounds yummy and easy to make. I will have to try it ASAP. Have a wonderful day. :)

MaryLu said...

Gotta try this today! I wonder how it would do to mask a bit of freezer burn! Not that my freezer would create anything like that! Ha!

Love the banana comment, reminds me of a kid I know. (Um, not mine of course!)

BTW, I am using my crock SO much more thanks to you, even bought a new little dipper, so much fun! Thanks so much!

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

just wondering--how many people in your family are celiacs? thanks for providing such a great recipe source for gluten-free meals!!

Anonymous said...

Now I know what to do with that beef I have! thanks. CR.

Emily said...

I've been "lurking" for a few months and thoroughly enjoy reading your new posts every day! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your recipes and appreciate not only your committment to your blog readers but also your committment to more home-cooked meals for your family. That's something I'm working on myself and I'm getting lots of inspiration from you. Just wanted to let you know...Also, great job on TV!

SaraK said...

Mmmm....sounds really yummy and easy. I will definitely be trying this!

Ginger said...

OK. I have am giving this crock pot cooking a chance. I had all the food items on hand.. so it is cooking right now. I am excited to see how this tastes.

Amiyrah said...

you are blowing my mind with steak in the crockpot! Hubby is a mid-western boy and loves his beef so any recipe where I can make a steak in the crockpot and not screw it up is grand! thanks for posting this and thanks to krystle for sending the recipe to you!

Crockpot Lady said...

it was definitely easy, Courtney--it took all of 8 minutes to prepare.

MaryLu, the Crock-Pot rocks at masking freezer burn. I can't tell you how many pieces of meat have been "saved" by cooking all day in the crock in our house.

QOTUJ, I have on celiac in the house, but we decided as a family it would be easier if we all went GF when at home.

you're welcome, CR!

Emily, that's so nice of you to say! you totally made my day today.

yay, saraK!

Ginger, holy cow, you are fast! I hope it works well for you!

Amiryah, I was pleasantly surprised at how the steak held up. We still needed a steak knife to cut it, but it was tender enough for the kids to manage, and we didn't need to chew forever... which happens when I make steak on the stovetop because I have NO idea what I'm doing!

steph said...

HI.I saw you on Rachael's show and admire what you are doing. I will be a frequent visitor here as I use one at least three times a week. THANKS SO MUCH for this blog!! : ) Carol

Carrie said...

hey girl!
i got a TON of hits on my blog from your site on Wednesday! I don't know where you mentioned me, but THANKS!!! ;-)

I HAVE to buy a smaller crock put. I never use mine because it's SO huge!!

GFKFC said...

As a substitute for tomato soup, I use tomato puree or sauce and a bit of Vance's Darifree powder. Before I became casein-free, I would add a pinch of sugar and a splash of milk. This works well in my old porcupine meatball recipe.

CraftyT said...

My hubby loves pepper steak. Cant wait to try this one.

I am buying a brand new crockpot when we move and alittle baby crock for small sides. :)

Shelley said...

I just ordered a Little Dipper on Amazon because I've been dying to make that bean & pesto dip recipe! I've been staring at the ingredients in my should be here Monday! :)
That pepper steak looks YUMMY!!

Poppy said...

Yum! I am so happy to find this because my partner has to be gluten-free... I am going to love going through all of these recipes! Thank You!!!!

Ginger said...

It was wonderful.
I served it with buttered egg noodles and steamed carrots and other veggies.
My husband loved it and my kid went back for seconds.
I am a crock pot converter... what is for dinner tomorrow?


Christina said...

I've been lurking for awhile, but I have to say that the photo for this is AMAZING! Thanks for all your effort - your blog rocks!

Brandie said...

My friend Wendy just forwarded me the link to your blog. I'm seriously jumping up and down about it out of pure joy! I cook A LOT and hate to turn on my oven this time of year. I love the format of this blog, the way it is organized, the pictures and verdicts! Everything about it is awesome.

I just added it as a link on my own private blog and forwarded it to ALL of friends as well (one of which has a daughter that is a celiac, I'm sure she'll appreciate it).

Thanks a million,
Brandie from Goodyear AZ!

Nancy the Romancechick said...

I love this blog! I tried your lasagna and wrote about it over at Tonight I tried Rice Krispie treat and I think I'll make this steak, too.

Frugal, Freebies and Deals said...

yumm- I have bookmarked you, keep up the good work!!

Wendy said...

I've popped a link on my blog and am such a fan! You inspired me to buy a crock and now theres no stopping me! I use it most days! Tonight is Salmon in foil packets with diced onion and tomato sprinkled with dried herbs. This has been a family favourite for years, but I have always baked in the oven. Have it in the crock right now! Used your blog for hints on fish cooking! Keep up the good work! You are truly amazing!
..xx.. Wendy.. Liverpool UK.

1BlessedMomma said...

Would you do this with a roast? If you had 5 potatoes and 4 carrots andn a big onion would you increase the liquid?
Thanks so much! I love trying your recipes!

Crockpot Lady said...

Hi Rose,

You could most certainly make this with a roast. Don't change the amount of liquid; it's got plenty for a roast--and a roast will create it's own juice/gravy, too.


grammy said...

all of your recipes look and sound great thanks for your resolution. I need help where can I find a 1 1/2 quart crock pot

Crockpot Lady said...

Hi Grammy,

I found my 1.5 qt Crock-Pot at Walmart during an After-Thanksgiving sale for $5.

I just scoured the 'net for one, and it seems that the only 1.5qts you can buy now don't have a temperature control knob. WEIRD!

I don't know what to tell you---you can get a newer one without the knob from Target, Kmart, or Walmart now, or cross your fingers and hope Crock-Pot comes up with another one in this size with a temperature knob.

I'm sorry that it doesn't seem to exist right now!


Liana said...

I have been wanting to try this steak recipe but I got home too late this afternoon (I should have done it this morning but I was in a rush) so I put all the ingredients in a dutch oven (after quick browning the steaks on the stove) and it's in the oven now.

I did, however, make the Thai curry yesterday in the crock pot and it was delicious. My daughter is eating the leftovers right now!

Carli said...

This was *fantastic* I would never have thought to put tomato sauce and italian seasoning in pepper steak.

When everything was done, I took out the meat and veggies. In a saucepan I made a roux of flour and butter and stirred it into the broth. It thickened nicely in the crock. I then added back the veggies and sliced steak.

This is a great freezer meal btw. I have all my feezer bags full of pepper steak and sauce for those busy evenings, just add rice!

Liana said...

My dinner came out D E L I C I O U S ! Despite the fact that I had to cook it in a dutch oven and not a crock pot (ran out of enough hours) it was so good, my family ooh-d and aah-d during the whole mealtime! THANK YOU!

Jeanne said...

This looks yummy and with just a few ingredients very easy to make. Printing it up for one of our Sunday dinners. Thanks for sharing.

Windy said...

I think this will become a family fav in this house of 3 steak lovin lil boys ok 4 if ya count the hubs!!! testing it tomorrow!!!!

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I just discovered your site. You're the MAN!! You must be very creative to do this for a whole year, I only have a few crock pot recipes I use. I'm thinking that's going to change now! I especially like that you have recipes for people with gluten problems. I have a few friends with that allergy, and I always stress over what to make for dinner. Not any more! Thank you so much for sharing these yummy recipes!!!

Kathy D.

Anonymous said...

Made this tonight. Skipped the onion and mushrooms (my husband won't eat either), eyeballed all amounts, and cooked for only about 4 hours on high. Used a good quality (thawed) steak, so it didn't need to cook forever to tenderize -- and I got started late!

The steak was tender. The peppers tasted simply outstanding -- my husband, who hates veggies, had a second helping. We weren't so crazy about the sauce on the steak, though; we each covered it in steak sauce to mask the flavor, and I didn't keep the leftover sauce.

This was my first try making steak in a crockpot. The meat was so moist and tender that I am sure to try it again -- but probably with a different sauce. The worcester flavor was a bit strong for us.



Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now and this is the first recipe I've tried. I was looking for an easy dinner for tonight and tried this. I didn't have any steaks on hand, but did have some pork chops in the freezer. I didn't have the peppers so I left those out, my son, who is a picky eater, looked at his plate and said "yum". He cleaned his plate and had seconds.

I served this over egg noodles and slightly thickened the sauce with cornstarch. (I didn't care for the texture from the corn starch though, so I won't do that again.)

I'll try this again with the steaks and peppers.

I've think I'll also make the tapioca - I like tapioca but don't make it often enough -- too much stirring.

Thanks for all the recipes!

phyllis said...

Made this over the weekend knowing that I'd use it on Monday. Hubbie thinks flavors "meld" better when a dish has time to sit. I was surprised that even after 5 hours on high the steak really held together so it could be sliced. The flavor of the Worchestershire was a bit strong so I thickened it with some beef stock & served over noodles. Very tasty.

phyllis said...

Made this over the weekend knowing that I'd heat & serve on Monday. Hubbie thinks some dishes are better after sitting so the flavors can "meld". I was surprised that even after cooking 5 hours on high (my meat was not frozen) the steak was OK to slice. The Worchestershirs flavor was a little too strong for me so I thickened the sauce with beef stock.Very good

Martha Cox said...

bummer... this didn't work for me as a steak. I wonder if my crockpot is hotter on the low setting or if I let it go too long. My T-bones fell off the bone and are now some really yummy steak fajitas.

I had cooked a back up sausage pasta bake. So, we are going to have Steak Fajitas for dinner tomorrow night. I must admit that the flavor was really good. I just drained everything and was left with the onions, bell peppers, steak and mushrooms. It will be a perfect fajita filling.

I'm not giving up on this idea! I think that I just need to cook it for a much shorter period of time.

holly said...

I made this tonight, like always I tend to overcook whe using my crock pot. However, it was still wonderful. My steaks fell apart so they were served over rice...YUMMY

Anonymous said...





Jules said...

Didn't like the flavor of this recipe sorry, maybe too much Worshtoshire sauce? Although the meat was tender.

Dallimomma said...

Loved this recipe. My in-laws loved it too. My father in law even gave it a huge compliment; "I could eat this again." Trust me, that's huge. Thanks for the inspiration.

Crochetheaven said...

Made this over the weekend. HUGE hit with the family! Off to find out what to try next.

phyllis said...

Tonight I heated the frozen portion we had saved from our first meal 4 weeks ago and served it over noodles. Just as delicious as the first time around and really easy clean up!

mmj100179 said...

Tried this today....super easy and super yummy!! A real hit with DH which is hard to come by! So glad I found you and was inspired to break out the crockpot I hardly ever use!! Thanks!!!

Brenda said...

Love your site! I have finally purchased a crock pot and I have this cooking at home as we speak... :)
This is my first time ever cooking using a slow cooker and I am hoping it saves me lots of time cooking while I am at work!
Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Love your ideas and recipes. I used my humongous crock last night and cooked a whole pork loin that was on sale for $1.67 lb. this week. I seasoned it with salt, pepper and garlic powder, added no liquid and put it in fat side up. It rendered the fat nicely (not much on this piece), which made it really juicy. Absolutely wonderful.

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Hi Stephanie. I just finished cleaning up the kitchen and had to come tell you we LOVED this steak! It was so good. I will definitely cook it again and the sauce will be used on other meats around here. I also made corn on the cob in another crock pot (also from the book). I never thought to cook it like I do potatoes in foil! Thanks for such a great cookbook. I am really enjoying it!!

lydia said...

Great recipe! I made this last night and we really enjoyed it. I put the leftover soup and vegetables in the freezer to use as a base for soup or stew later this winter. Thanks for sharing!

Hodgepodgemom said...

A big hit all around. Thanks so much. I'd unearthed some steaks from the deep freeze and this was a perfect answer for them :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I found my receipe online! I am so glad that it was a hit! I lost your email address so I couldnt send you an email to keep up w/ how you were doing!
Thank you so much,

Anonymous said...

I used some venison steaks we had in the freezer in this recipe and omitted the mushrooms since the hubby is not of fan of fungi :) came out great!! Served it over whole grain egg noodles...very flavorful and you couldn't even tell the steaks were freezerburned!! This is definitely a keeper!!

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Made this today --- YUM! I will change a few things next time. The Worcestershire was a skoosh too strong for me, so I'll just add less. I might also use beef bouillon in the water (and more water for Worcestershire). Additionally - I used green peppers against better judgement...they can get way bitter in the crockpot. Next time I'll use all yellow or yellow and red bell peppers. Otherwise it's a keeper! I finish most crockpot meals by spooning out the meat/veg, then de-greasing the sauce/liquid, then dump some liquid in the pot and let it reduce down on the stovetop before thickening with cornstarch. Yummy over rice, and if you thicken up the sauce it'd be good over egg noddles.

SparkBunny said...

When i made this i omitted the mushrooms (cuz fungus and bugs will not be eaten by me until the zombie apocalypse), and decreased the bell peppers down to one yellow cuz my hubby doesn't like them. I diced up the onions and pepper so they'd be smaller and less visible to him. I put in the 1 cup of tomato sauce, then decided i didn't want to refrigerate the rest of it and forget about it, so i just used the whole can. Early that morning, i set up a worcestershire marinade for the steaks and left them in the fridge for several hours until my lunch break when i could come home and throw it all together before going back to work. I also substituted *bacon salt* for the salt. I saw it in the spice aisle, and decided i would get it cuz EVERYTHING should taste like bacon. I'm too scared to read the ingredients cuz i doubt it's gluten free or kosher, and probably has msg in it (everything that tastes good usually does). These were a big hit with me and the hubby (i went back for seconds and thirds. So much for having leftovers). My 3yr old had chicken rings. Oh well. At least he ate some of the beans i made.

Diane Rogers said...

Hi Stephanie,

My husband doesn't like green, red, or yellow peppers. Any idea what to replace it with. He likes greed chilies and sorrono's.

CourtnieMarie said...

This was delicious! We only used half the amount of steak and Worcestershire sauce, all the tomato sauce, 1.5 red peppers and a whole onion (we don't like mushrooms!). It was delicious! Froze the juices for some beef broth later. Thank you for the great recipe!

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