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A Year of Slow Cooking

Sunday, February 3, 2008

CrockPot Jambalaya Recipe

Day 34.

This upcoming Tuesday is a momentous occasion---for the first time ever, Super Tuesday and Fat Tuesday will collide, forming Super Duper Tuesday. Celebrate properly in front of the TV, watching votes roll in while eating the best jambalya ever--made conveniently in your crockpot.

The Ingredients:

--5 fully cooked sausages; 2 spicy and 3 not-so-spicy. I chose 3 garlic-artichoke turkey and 2 turkey Louisiana hotlinks. They were left over from when I made this.

--2 cups chicken broth
--1/2 cup white wine
--1 cup raw brown rice
--1 can (and juice) Itallian stewed tomatoes
--1/2 can drained and rinsed black beans
--1/2 chopped onion
--1/2 head chopped garlic
--3 chopped celery spears
--1 green pepper
--1 red pepper
--1 cup frozen white corn kernals
--2 cups cooked frozen shrimp

The Directions:

--pour the broth, wine and the uncooked brown rice into the bottom of your stoneware. Stir the rice in the liquid.
--cover with chopped vegetables, frozen corn and garlic
--put in the black beans
--add sausage

I promise it's enough liquid.

--cook on low for 8-10 hours, high for 6.
--an hour before eating, stir in frozen shrimp and turn to high.

Eat while running around the house topless wearing purple and green beads yelling at pundits.

If you are still looking for Super Bowl Sunday CrockPot Recipes--here you go!
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kelly said...

you crack me up!! looks good, as always!

Ginny said...

this looks *amazing*---I adore jambalaya!
thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hi! I'm Michelle said...

"Eat while running around the house topless wearing purple and green beads yelling at pundits."

You about made me wet my pants. :) We will be missing Mardi Gras this year. Caught the spirit on your blog though. That was funny!

Kristen said...

This stuff tates awesome, but I accidentally used white rice, and it got a little mushy and stuck to the sides of the crockpot. Delicious!

Jenn said...

I just bought the book and this was the first recipe I tried. It tasted yummy, but my rice was mushy...didn't look like yours in the picture. :-( Can't wait to try more though!

Donna G said...

Had this for supper this evening. Better than I expected, we really enjoyed. I added a little Cayenne pepper.

gmetteta said...

I just got your book (I am recently gluten-free). Tried this recipe first, and it was great! Very easy, too! We had enough for dinner, some leftovers, and a little to freeze. Can't wait to try another one!

nata.alexander said...

I made this for a big Sunday dinner, doubling the recipie. There were 6 adults and five kids under the age of 5...everyone and I mean everyone (even the 14 month old) ate it! I used qunoia instead of rice. I was amazing...

theelfqueen said...

Made this tonight - with a few changes... it was awesome.

Erika said...

What size can of tomatoes did you use? 14.5 oz can or the next size up?? I made it tonight, on the stove, cause I was too lazy last night to get it ready. It tastes GREAT! I just curious on the tomatoes. Thanks!

Stephanie O'Dea said...

Hi Erika, I did use a 14.5 oz can.
I'm glad you enjoyed it!

peachmahoney said...

Steph, I don't do the wine or alcohol thing-- is there a good substitute for this?

Stephanie O'Dea said...

Hi @peachmahoney--I think you can safely omit the wine and just add a bit more broth, or you can use apple or white grape juice if you'd like.

Holly said...

In the name of my late granny, born and raised in New Orleans, I must interject that true jambalaya never uses tomato. That said, this dish, which I will absolutely try and call by some other name, looks really yummy!

Erin said...

This was really good! I actually put everything from the tomatoes to the corn in a freezer bag and froze for the future. When I was ready to cook it, I put the liquids and rice in the bottom of the crockpot, dumped the contents of the freezer bag on top, cooked on high for 4 hours, then added the shrimp for last half hour. I added some seasonings, cayenne pepper, pepper, and some garlic towards the end too. It was quick and easy and delicious! I'm going to freeze some today for after my baby is born in a few weeks. :) Thanks for the recipe!

Leah said...

This actually isn't anything like true jambalaya! If you want the traditional recipe, I'll be happy to share! :)
Leah from Baton Rouge, LA

Talia said...

Can't wait to try this next week! If one was to omit the tomatoes to make it a bit more authentic. What could be used instead do you think?

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