CrockPot Slow Cooker Last Minute Holiday Wrap Up

alternative subject line: I really didn't want to work today. Or this week.


Hello there, Slow-Cookerers!!

There are 5 days until Christmas, and 4 1/2 until Hanukkah.

Thank you for being on my email list and for your support and kindness. It really means so much to know that there are "real" people out there in cyberspace!!

I told myself I wasn't going to work this week, and that I would take the time to check lists, wrap stuff, watch sappy Hallmark movies, and simply enjoy all the teeny tiny moments.

So. This is the only email you are going to get from me this week.


I'm emailing because I've gotten a few requests for things and I don't want to leave anybody hanging. It's not my style.

HEY STEPH!! I'm trying to make leg of lamb for the very first time.  I already bought one that's 5 pounds and I'm not sure what to do. (PS, it's frozen).

Okay. First off, THAW IT. :-)
then make this: Dry Rub Leg of Lamb

 HEY STEPH, I am hosting New Year's Eve and want the best dip known to man!

HAM! I bought a ham and I'm supposed to cook it and bring it to my mom's but I'm not sure how!

here is our favorite Christmas Ham recipe.

HELP! I'm supposed to go to a gift-basket making party and need to bring something homemade and chocolatey!

okay! how about Fudge or Peanut Clusters?

Alcohol! Didn't you have hot adult drinks you could make in the slow cooker somewhere?

yes! how about Hot Buttered Rum or Mulled Wine?

But I Don't Drink!! No problem! I've got Holiday Punch and Wassail for you!

FONDUE! I want to have a fondue party and not have it stink. What should I make?

Resolutions! I've never stuck to a NY Resolution in my entire life. What's your trick? 

that's it!! consider yourself hugged, high-fived, and patted on the back.

xoxo steph

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at December 20, 2016

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  1. hi steph! the real me here, sending you a real warm hug and best wishes for a splendid holiday and 2017, hope the coming year is extra good to you! xo

  2. Thanks for your sharing, Stephanie ! Please share more helpful information for us in 2017