There are 167,000,457 Chili Recipes. These are the Best Ones.

The very best CrockPot Slow Cooker Chili Recipes -- all tested and family approved!

Howdy slow-cookerers,

It's Saturday and I'm emailing you! That's because I'm making chili to bring over to a friend's house for a potluck and I got to thinking of emailing you my thoughts on chili.

so I am! :-)

Chili is one of the very first things that people usually make in their slow cooker. MANY people think chili is simple -- just add a bit of this & a bit of that and cook it and then it will magically turn into chili.

That's only half-true. Once you understand flavor profiles and seasonings you can totally make up your own family recipe for chili. But if you are a novice cook or haven't had the opportunity to learn the difference between spices, I do suggest following a recipe.

I've made a ton of chili over the years, and these are my favorites.

(PS --> if you want to "cheat" and use canned chili and put it in the crockpot to bring to a potluck, the best canned version is made by Staggs

(this isn't an ad. they aren't paying me. BUT if you work for Staggs and *want* to pay me, you can! ;-)  )  

(another PS --> if you're gluten free, choose the Staggs 2-bean Classic)


Basic CrockPot Chili :  Made with Dry Red Beans 
(please read the safety advice about cooking with dry red beans!)

Enchilada Chili :  Has a twangy twist from the sauce -- this is a fun one if you are tired of the same-old chili flavor

Sweet Potato Vegan Chili :  This consistently gets tons of repins and shares and all that stuff that's supposed to be really impressive. Mostly, it just tastes good.

Pizza Chili  :  Just like it sounds. Has pepperoni. Awesome.

Black Eyed Pea Chili  :  Need good luck? Make this one.

Poor Man's Chili  :  In case the Black Eyed Peas didn't do their job....

Meat Lover's (no beans!)  :  Some people really don't like beans

White Chili  :  No tomatoes in this one!

Clean Out the Pantry Chili  :  You probably already have all the ingredients in the house for this one!!

21 Ingredient Chili  :  In case you reeeeeaaaaallllly want a fancy pants chili

Enjoy!! Let me know which one you make!

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  1. Yum, for the sake of research, I feel like I need to work through all these recipes! Chili is my favorite I'm-broke-and-hungry-and-too-lazy-to-make-anything dish. It freezes beautifully and is easy to haul to work for lunch. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'll have to try these recipes out! Thanks for the share!