Happy Crocktober!

There was some disagreement in the last post as to whether or not Fall has officially begun. I think we can all agree that since today marks the beginning of

we're definitely in the clear.


psst, steph: did you put a plaster skull inside of a Little Dipper?
why yes, yes I did. I take my job very seriously...

In honor of this special occasion, I have some announcements.

1)  I will resume posting daily for the entire month, and maybe even longer. (don't tell Adam).
2)  My friend Ruth is hosting a virtual silent auction on her Lemonade & Kidneys blog. Ruth  became active in the PKD Foundation three years ago, after her oldest son became the third generation of her family to be diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease.

The hand-picked items are fantastic (I'm bidding on a super-cute necklace), and she will be auctioning off a signed unreleased advanced review copy (complete with typos!) of my More Make it Fast, Cook it Slow cookbook along with the first Make it Fast, Cook it Slow cookbook today and tomorrow (Oct 1 & 2). Please help Ruth meet her goal of raising research money for the Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation.

3)  If you're coming to San Francisco for the BlogHer Food conference, look for me, and let me know so then I can look for you! Diane has done a fantastic job of putting together a Gluten Free dining guide to SF--great to bookmark for future visits.

4)  I have launched a message board, and I'd love for you to join me. I did this for a few reasons. Mainly, I would like there to be a place where you can help each other with some of the most common slow cooker and recipe questions. I feel like SUCH A HORRIBLE PERSON when I can't get to all of the mail in my inbox, and thought throwing questions out onto a group forum would be helpful instead of allowing them to become buried in the comment sections.

The message board also provides a place to chat about things that aren't really on topic. Like the DC Housewives. Seriously, what is up with the Sahalis? Tareq truly thinks an invitation to the White House is only "something to be framed?"

My hope is that this community becomes a meeting place for you to socialize and have fun. I love corresponding with you all through email and the comments, and while I don't plan on stopping, I think you'd all really like each other. You've got a lot in common!

5)  It's date night tonight, and we're going to see The Social Network. I think the last time Adam and I saw a movie on the day it was released was when we saw The Firm.

a hundred million years ago.

I'm excited!

6)  We haven't had a giveaway forever, so we should have one! Click on over to Totally Together Reviews for an opportunity to win one of five brand new PROGRAMMABLE 4-QUART slow cookers from Cuisinart.

this contest will run until Sunday, October 10 at 9pm pacific.

woooo hooooo!!!


now go make a pumpkin spice latte.
or witch's brew.


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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at October 01, 2010

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What they say about this article

  1. Ahhhh!! I am so excited about the forum! Thanks for taking up the creation and organization.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That's a lotta stuff to be excited about! Excited to see your October blogs!

  4. I am seriously jealous of your crock pot collection! Thank you so much for your blog- it has saved my self-employed, pregnant, mommy/wife life many times since I found it a few weeks ago. I love it!

  5. Hooray! I'm looking forward to reading your October posts!

  6. And a happy crocktober to you. My crockpot is in use today. And will be many times this winter!

  7. so excited to see your recipes this month! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thanks, first of all, for participating in Ruth's auction! She & her family are awesome.
    Second, thanks for the fun ideas. Seriously, you need to try my pork roast, I've done it twice this fall already. And the pork carnitas were awesome, again--thanks so much!

  9. Koool! A month of blogs, a give-away, a forum, a chance to help a worthy cause. Thanks Stephanie!

  10. Kristine10/01/2010

    I also have PKD so I will definitely stop by and check out Ruth's site and silent auction. Thanks for keeping us updated on all sorts of things. Happy Crocktober!!!

  11. Yay so looking forward to a whole month of postings from you!

  12. Mmm, this is a great time of year to ramp up the slow-cooking. Soups and root vegetables and warm goo in my belly!

  13. I have only one thing to say: WOOHOO!

  14. Love the Crocktober .... looking forward to giving your forum a go. thanks.

  15. Happy Crocktober to you too. I got a new crock pot after my old one actually fell apart before I could throw it away.
    Funny though, now that I have a new one I've hardly used it and yes, it's Fall and more importantly it's cooking season.

  16. Wow, Steph, that's a lot of great news! Posting again every day? ... oh, you will make your readers very happy! Yippeeee for Crocktober--what fun! Love the skull. Need to get out my October stuff now and find baking pumpkins. ;-)

    Now off to check on giveaway ...


  17. Yay! I so miss your daily posts so I am STOKED for Crocktober :-)

  18. Anonymous10/01/2010

    Enjoy the movie. Will you post a review? From what I heard, it's supposed to be great. I plan on seeing it during the week.


  19. I'm working backwards... I got the book from the library and then came to the blog. Can't wait to check the forums.

    Looking forward to the new posts!

  20. Hooray for Crockober!! This is a perfect way to kick off what's sure to be months of slow cooking.

    Don't worry, I won't tell Adam. Just don't tell Joe that I ordered more baking supplies on-line...

    I'm so excited to see what you're going to whip up...I made a pumpkin pie pudding in my Crock recently and just loved it.

  21. The orange beef recipe looks good. I love crockpot cooking too. My family's appetite is so demanding and I am constantly on the lookout for more ideas. Thanks for your blog! I'll come back often!

  22. Your recipes sound so good, the pictures are to drool over, and the ones I've tried have been big hits! What a great blog!

  23. So I have been SOOO behind on reading things in my reader, and I was like whoa nelly! 20 unread posts in a year of slowcooking? how did that happen? now I finally see. :) haha I am LOVING the daily posts! Thanks girl!