Erin Chase, from $5 on Rachael Ray tomorrow, April 21

Good Morning!!

I just wanted to give you a heads up that Erin, from $5 Dinners will be on the Rachael Ray show tomorrow, April 21. I haven't met Erin face-to-face, but she and I have chatted on the phone a few times and through email and instant message.

You can read about her experience with the taping, here.

What I LOVE about reading her RR story, is it started the same way mine did. She emailed the show. I can't even count the number of times I've written in to talk shows-----I do it all the time, and I did it monthly while I was trying to get Totally Together published. It's just something I do. I feel it's better to do something proactive (not the face scrub. although I have tried it----it sort of worked, but then gave me a rash) then wait for stuff to fall in my lap.

But the Rachael Ray show is the only one, ever, who has ever responded.

So! set your dvrs and support Erin. And then go do something that will push you towards whatever goal you're currently working on. (towards whatever goal of which you're currently working?) boy, that sounds pretentious.

In other news,
I completed all my copyedit edits. The book just got FedExed off (which, OH MY is expensive. $68? really? I couldn't believe it.)

and Tiffany, from Eat at Home, interviewed me along with 4 other busy food bloggers about thier go-to family meals.

Have a super wonderful day! I'm spending it doing nothing. :-0

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at April 20, 2009
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  1. thanks for the RR heads up! I always want to watch, but always forget! lol. I have been to Erin's blog a few times (it's been a while though), so it's exciting to know she will be on RR :).

    Isn't it such a great feeling of accomplishment, to know that you have a specific goal, and are pushing toward it? Today is day 110 for me--in a row (lol). Everyday I feel like I have accomplished something huge (although each day is small in itself), because I have not given up on this goal...and it shows!

    I am so excited for your book! I have applied the daily 7 to my new home, and it has been marvelous! All of your cleaning tips have helped me to reinvent myself in our new house (it has even taken my hubby off guard lol). Our house for the most part, is always clean, and it's awesome! No more scrambling if someone decides to pop over unexpectedly :).

    Thanks again for everything Steph :) :).

  2. wow, Melissa!
    I'm thrilled that this year is going so well for you. Congratulations on working out daily, even in the midst of a move---that is true dedication.
    xoxo steph

  3. Saw you on Tiff's blog! What great ideas you had for meals! Loved your interview!

  4. I have awesome news for you! It's COMPLETELY OK to end a sentence with a preposition these days. Even the Chicago Manual of Style says so!

    So go wild!

  5. YAY for getting your editing stuff done and off! Yes...FedEx is expensive!

    I will set my DVR right now...gotta support the bloggy friends!

    I will so be buying your books...your wisdom has made my whole house less stressful! (just don't look at it right now. If you came over, I wouldn't let you in. SORRY!) We have been busy and the weather change/wardrobe change/schedule change has thrown me off yet again.

    Keep it up! It's Monday...time for me to get back on track and in my routine once again! And so many of us couldn't do it without you.


  6. How awesome! Go Steph! Go Steph! woot woot! And good luck to Erin too. =)

  7. I for one am waiting with bated breath for your book (!!!!)

    And yep, FedEx is expensive, but it gets there!

  8. Thanks for the heads up! I am doing a little dance for her!

    Yay for you, getting the edits done! I can't wait till it's published so I can get it in my hands!

  9. Congrats on finishing the copy edits. That's got to be a relief. And so cool that Erin is going to be on RR.

  10. Watching out for this episode:)

  11. My mother has started up a business, designing and selling cards for families of gay people (a niche she had to fill herself). I keep telling her to write to talk shows every week to get on. I just sent her this post so she can see that it works. Twice! :)

  12. That is SO GREAT about RR! I love that show and also submitted an email to be on the show for a wardrobe makeover. Needless to say, the story just spirals out of control after that!! Feel free to visit :

    Good luck with the book :) I will be watching for you!

  13. Thanks for sharing your successful approach, Steph!

    Rats ... the link to Tiffany's site doesn't work.


  14. Hey there! I miss chatting with you. Hysterical that you are still at it even though your challenge is over. Glad it stuck with you. Congratulations on sending in your edits! I can't wait till it comes out. Well Done!

  15. Stephanie, thanks for fixing the link to my blog. In the frenzy of moving it to the new site I didn't think about not breaking that link - sorry! I really enjoyed interviewing you. Thanks again for doing it!

  16. Thanks for fixing the link. I enjoyed the interview. :-)


  17. OMG I do that all the time! How about "toward your current goal"?

    Love your blog!

  18. congrats on the book. good for you !!