CrockPot Coconut Cake Recipe

Make a moist, delicious coconut cake in the CrockPot!
Day 175.

I'm excited about this cake. I received a reader request to make a coconut cake in the crockpot, and I had the perfect opportunity this weekend to test it out. 

 We had some family events to attend, and house guests---everybody who had the opportunity to try this cake loved it. 

 Cooking cake (especially a gluten free cake) in the crock ensures a moist cake every time.

 I used a store-bought cake mix to save valuable flour mixing time, but if you have a favorite secret cake recipe, go ahead and use it.

The Ingredients.

STOP! Read ALL THE WAY THROUGH before you start mixing ingredients!! 

--cake mix (gluten free cake mixes make a ONE layer cake, that is what I used, but if you want a thicker, more traditional cake, use two boxes)
If you are not Gluten Free -- go ahead and use you absolute favorite white cake mix. 

--the ingredients the box tells you to use (butter, oil, eggs, etc.)--
use the quantity the box tells you to

--can of coconut milk
--1 teaspoon coconut extract

for use after baking:

--2 tablespoons powdered sugar
--sweetened shredded coconut
--cream cheese frosting (optional)

The Directions.

I used a round 4 quart crockpot for this recipe.

Follow the directions on the box for the amount of eggs and oil used. 

But instead of using milk or water for the liquid, use coconut milk. 

Make sure to shake the can really well, to mix the cream.

Add 1 teaspoon of coconut extract to the batter.

Save the rest of the can of coconut milk, we're going to use it later.

Spray your crockpot with cooking spray, and pour in batter. 

 Cover and cook on high for 2-4 hours, or until a toothpick comes out clean. 

I did NOT vent the lid with a chopstick this time, because I was interested in seeing if it would cook without being vented. 

 Our cake cooked perfectly in 2.5 hours on high. If you see a bunch of condensation on the lid, or if you'd prefer to vent, go for it. 
But I think it will take longer to cook, because a lot of the heat will escape through the lid-gap.

When the cake is finished, mix 1/2 cup of the reserved coconut milk with 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar. 

 Poke holes in the hot cake with a skewer and pour the sweetened coconut milk over the top of the cake. 

 If you are not going to frost, sprinkle on shredded coconut. If you are going to frost, save the coconut for later.

Let cool to room temperature, then refrigerate for about an hour, or for as long as you can stand it.

If frosting, now is the time to do it. I thought I was going to frost the cake, but I completely forgot. 

 It was sweet enough without the frosting, but I am one who thinks cakes need frosting. It's your choice.

Serve the chilled cake right out of the crockpot.

The Verdict.

We have a new favorite cake! I loved this, and so did the rest of the family. I'm so so happy I tried this!


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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at June 23, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. Anonymous6/23/2008

    Hi, love the idea of crockpotting for a year. Question...could you use a regular cake mix for the coconut cake?


  2. Absolutely, Coleen. We happen to use gluten free everything, but a good ol' Duncan Hines or Pillsbury will work (and taste!) wonderful.


  3. I'm going to try this tonight or tomorrow. I just happen to have a can of coconut milk waiting for something tasty, this sounds delish!
    Thanks for posting it and all the other recipes, you rock!


  4. Thanks for making the cake I suggested, it looks so good! Now, MY suggestion is to mix rum with the coconut milk and pour over the hot cake. That way you have a coconut rum cake! oops! did I say RUM?

  5. I know this is hard for you, but I love how you've done this! I especially like your honest opinion in the verdict!
    Anyway, I've tried putting this on my blogroll but it never shows me when you add new posts. Anyone else have this probblem?

  6. Anonymous6/23/2008

    YUM! Now, is this with coconut milk, or the coconut milk/cream you use for making pina coladas? I'm sure either one would taste like a million bucks!

  7. YUMMY!! In my 4 quart oval crockpot with the lid closed it took 2 1/2 hours on high. I topped it with the leftover coconut milk + icing sugar. We let it cool but couldn't wait for it to chill - we ate it warm ;) The leftovers were packed for the guys lunches for tomorrow.

    I pronounce this recipe a TOTAL success - easy to make (we just used a regular white Duncan Hines cake mix) and quite delicious - thank you!

  8. Yummmmmy! I will have to make this SOON, sounds heavenly.

  9. wowsers, Sandra, you're fast! I'm so glad that you liked it!

    laughing at chaos, I used the coconut milk in a can found in the ethnic aisle at the grocery store.

    mmm. pina coladas...


  10. Anonymous6/23/2008

    Wow, another delicious sounding recipe. Today I went shopping and bought strawberries and pectin to make your strawberry jam recipe. It's only been cooking for 4 hours and after a couple of peeks and taste tests I already know that I'll never buy another jar of jam from the store. That recipe rocks! Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. Anonymous6/23/2008

    I have a similar recipe that uses a can of pina colada mix poured over the hot cake. I refrigerate it and "frost" it with Cool Whip!

    I think I know what I'm making tomorrow... yummy!

  12. This is my first time ever on your blog and I love that this is the first recipe I see! I have always been curious as to how you can make dessert in the crock pot and you make it seem so easy. I even looked at some of the other recipes and I saw that you accomplished pioneer woman's apple dumplings in the crock pot. You now have a fan for life! That recipe has become our new family favorite but I hated turning the oven on. Now I know that I can do it in the crockpot! You are fabulous!

  13. Anonymous6/24/2008

    OMG I am going to make this tonight :) I don't even know if my fiance likes coconut but it just sounds so good and moist and delish. I think it would be really good served warm.

  14. Yesterday when I asked my 19 year old if he liked the cake, he picked up the (still warm!) crockpot and walked away with it - I think that's a good sign, LOL.

    Next time around I think I'm going to try a chocolate cake mix ... chocolate and coconut should go together nicely!

  15. Wow, Stephanie, glad I found your blog. I've never used my crockpot. Now I have lots of inspiration. Thanks!

  16. adding this too!!!

  17. we used a standard cake recipe and foudn that without frosting the cake falls somewhat flat in flavor. Next time, I'll try a lemon flavor, add lemon juice, and plan on frosting. Great way to make a cake without worrying about the toddler around the hot oven.

  18. I tried this. I too decided it was sweet enough without frosting. What a great concept and it made my house smell wonderful when I removed the lid to check for done-ness.

  19. Anonymous2/17/2009

    I just made this recipe yesterday. I cooked it for 2hrs and when I checked the middle was not done but the edges were burned. I had to cook it for a bit longer for the middle. When it was finally done it tasted great except for the edge. I also didn't frost it tasted fine without.

  20. Stephanie, This cake is delicious! I made it with a few variations (no coconut extract, tossed in some coconut instead) and a thin drizzly frosting - really good - thanks for another great recipe. And I just noticed the rum suggestions - great idea, especially since July is national rum month.

  21. Yum! Great recipe. I had the same problem as Jackie though... The edge burned before the center cooked. Weirder still it was only burned on the left edge. Wondering if that is where the heating element for my CrockPot brand slow cooker is located.

    Good stuff though. Mine "baked" in just a few minutes over 2 hours.

  22. I LOOOVE this cake! My husband loves coconut so I made it for his birthday HUGE hit , I served it with fresh pineapple on the side as we did a birthday brunch. For girls night I add pina colada mix and some rum to the cake, then a splash of rum and mix to the powdered sugar and milk for icing, HUGE HIT! For kids, I use funfetti cake, and toast the coconut then add sprinkles and drizzle with heated chocolate frosting they LOVE it!
    Can even bake this then chill and top with icecream or cool whip and keep in freezer untill serving, soo good

  23. Laurie5/27/2012

    THIS WAS AWESOME!! I used a Pillsbury white cake mix and it took just over 2 1/2 hours to cook. The WHOLE family loved it. I did not frost it, it was sweet enough without it (& we really love our sweets)! Will DEFINITELY make again.