CrockPot Beans and Rice Recipe

How to make One Pot Beans and Rice in the CrockPot Slow Cooker
Day 172.

I had two extra kids yesterday, which is wonderful---it meant my kids were happy and entertained and I could do the things that I've been meaning to do, but haven't gotten to since school has let out.

Like laundry.

Having two extra kids also meant that I couldn't go to the store to shop for elaborate ingredients for dinner, and needed to use what I had on hand in the house. Which was pretty much nothing.

CrockPot cooking rocks for pulling together a meal when you don't have a meal planned. Some of my best soups and meat dishes have come from dumping in a can of this, or adding some herb that I had never used before. 

I feel safer experimenting with the crockpot than I do on the stove or with the oven---the flavors mellow and I have so long to taste and prod the food, that if the dish needs and extra something-or-other, I can throw it in and nothing is wasted.



The Ingredients.--1 can of black beans
--1 can of pinto beans
--1 cup of rice (we were low on brown rice, so I needed to use a bit of arborrio to round out the cup)
--1 can (14.5 oz) of diced tomatoes
--1 tablespoon olive oil
--1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
--1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
--1/2 tablespoon dried onion flakes (or one-half of a small diced onion)

The Directions.

--put the 1 tablespoon of olive oil into the bottom of your crockpot, and add the rice. 

Swirl the rice around in the olive oil, until it is coated nicely.

--drain and rinse the beans, and add them

--drain the tomatoes, but reserve the liquid in a measuring cup. I got a little under a cup of tomato juice. Add the tomatoes.

--add water to the measuring cup with tomato juice. You need 2 cups of liquid.

--add seasonings stir well, and cover.

Cook on low for about 6 hours, or on high for 3-4. 

My beans and rice cooked in an oval 6qt Smart Pot for 3.5 hours. 

It is done when the rice is tender. Brown rice or wild rice will take longer to cook than white rice--- I was surprised at how quickly it cooked. 

Our dinner was ready at 3:30. oops.

The Verdict.

This is a very nice clean-out-the-pantry dish. It's been hot here, and plugging in the crock and then going out in the sprinklers is a great way to spend the afternoon. 

I liked how the meal was "free"--because last year I would have ordered take-out as a "reward" for having extra kids, and because it was warm out.

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at June 20, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. Awesome! I love a meatless dish using everything I have in my pantry. I have a vegetarian mother and sister in law coming for a 2 week visit and planning a menu we ALL like is always tough for me. Especially with the heat of the summer limiting my oven use. This goes on the menu! Thank you so much.

    I bet this would be really good with chicken in it shredded after it cooks!

  2. I love beans and rice, and strangely enough so do my 2 and 4 year olds...This will be on my table tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous6/20/2008

    This is what I mean about you inspiring me! I never would've thought to make something like this in the crockpot! But now I will! Tonight we're having the Dijon A-1 Tri Tip - can't wait, it smells great! The other night we had the creamy chicken thing - totally awesome! You're awesome, too! thanks so much!!!!

  4. Anonymous6/20/2008

    Stephanie, one more you open your crock & stir during the cooking process? I had read once somewhere that each time you do, you lose 20 mins of cooking time. Not sure if this is true or not so I try to limit how many times I lift the lid.

  5. thanks Lucy, april, and laurel! it was surppisingly easy, and tasted like, well, beans and rice. :-)

    Lucy, I do. You aren't "supposed" to--and you're right, the experts say to not open the lid. I like to poke, and I like to taste to make sure that things are seasoned properly. If I'm baking, or cooking something somewhat delicate, I leave it closed, but otherwise, I do peek and stir and taste.

    I'm a rebel! ;-)


  6. Anonymous6/20/2008

    Glad you had the sheer joy of doing laundry today :-)

    A question: I am not familiar with arborrio-- is it something similar to rice? I'm sorry, I could look it up but I'm a lazy sort.

    Also, very nice that you got to run thru the sprinklers. JR

  7. Hi John, Arborrio is a very short grained rice. People usually use it to make risotto--- which you should totally make. It's awesome.

    I actually used arborrio today to make a rice pudding, that came out pretty nicely. I'll post it in the morning.


  8. Can you believe I was a crock pot virgin before I made this? Shocking... I know. I stumbled upon your blog on my message board and I am so happy to see so many veg options!

    I thought this was delicious and incredibly easy to make. I used brown Texmati rice and only had 1 can of beans, so I threw in a can of corn. So yummy! I overcooked the rice, but the flavor was still good! My 2 year old devoured this!

    Thank you!

  9. Those rice and beans look delicious! Do you have to cook the rice first?

  10. Anonymous6/25/2008

    I made this and it turned out awesome! I did spice it up a bit with cumin, hot pepper seeds, and chili powder. Yummy!

  11. Anonymous6/30/2008

    I made this tonight & I really liked it. My husband & son put it on tortillas with salsa, jalapenos & sour cream :)

  12. Anonymous7/10/2008

    I just had a baby last week and saw you on Rachael Ray. This recipe was perfect - I had everything in the kitchen - including tortillas and cheese to make these into Burritos - and made my husband and 4 year old think I totally had it all together.

    I will be dedicated to this blog from now on with two kids to feed.

  13. Anonymous7/20/2008

    How could I cut this down to just make a 2qt crockpot of it for lunch?

  14. Hi Anon, I made this in a 6qt crockpot and it was a little over half-full. I would probably cut everything in half for a 2qt. I'd use one can of beans, and a half can of tomatoes. I haven't attempted to do this, though, so I'm really just guestimating. I'd love to hear your results!

  15. Anonymous7/28/2008

    Do you use minute rice?

  16. Hi Shannon, nope. I used a mixture of regular brown rice and some arborrio.
    white or long grain rice will work, too.
    keep an eye on it--different rice cooks quicker than others.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I can't remember how I made my way here, but I'm hooked. I made this to go with fish on Sunday and then made your Fajitas and used it with them on Monday. I'm all about repurposing leftovers:D I totally recommend both. Thanks for all you time, work and willingness to share!

  19. Hi! I am so excited about your site. As a full-time grad student with a part-time job I have no time. I was looking for GOOD crockpot recipes - I will be trying the beans and rice tonight.

  20. I just pulled out my crockpot last weekend, after not using it for over 10 years, inspired by your daily recipes. I visited your blog and am AMAZED at the wonderful recipes here. I tried this dish tonight and it was delicious. I changed it a smidge based on what was in my cupboard, using chopped onion instead of onion flakes, and adding garlic and black pepper, because just about every entree tastes better to me with garlic and pepper! It was so good. My Mom came to dinner and she is planning to make this as well. You have two new fans! Thanks for posting this great blog.

  21. I used Minute Rice, so it got poofy. In a 6 qt pot, it was on done in 3 hours and then I left it on warm for another two. I used garlic instead of onion flakes and I think I may use more next time I do this! Otherwise, a nice, light meal for a freakishly humid southern Indiana day.

  22. Made this yesterday.... I added turkey kielbasa for a bit of meat in it. Mmmm. Delic.

  23. Made this tonight. The whole thing fit in a 2 quart slow cooker.

    I was pressed for time, so cooked it on high for about 3.5 hours. A few bits of rice were not soft, but overall it turned out fine. And the rice cruchies may have been the result of mixing a little basmati to regular brown rice to get a full cup.

    The dish was good, but I thought it could use a bit more oomph. I don't know enough about spices to guess, though, so I'll look for ideas in the comments.

  24. Has anyone tried the dry (bagged) beans rather than the canned beans? I bought that by mistake and haven't attempted it yet but am still willing to give it a try. Any thoughts are appreciated!

  25. @ Mylittlespot2009: I'd cook the dry beans first, the usual way (soak overnight, drain, cook until softish; or pressure cook 2-3 minutes, stand one hour, drain, cook until softish) before adding to the rice and spice mix. If you try to cook the soaked beans and rice together without pre-cooking the beans, the rice will be mush while the beans are still hard. Have the beans cooked to the same tenderness you would expect of beans from a can before you add the rice and spice mix. You might also need to think about adding a little extra water or stock because the canned beans come with some liquid in.

  26. I've made this several times and we enjoyed every morsel. I love baked beans, so I added 8 oz of barbeque sauce. I suppose you could make your own sauce if you have a good recipe. My husband requested adding some sliced chicken sausage links to it at the last hour of cooking and that added a nice touch to it too. Men gotta have their meat!

  27. I just made this but I put a Mexican spin on the seasoning. Instead of Italian seasoning and onion flakes, I added 2t chili powder, 2t paprika, 1t crushed red pepper, 1/2t cumin, and 1/4t cayenne pepper. It turned out delicious! It's pretty spicy, which I like, but if you don't like things very spicy you might want to cut back on the cayenne and crushed red pepper (or leave them out altogether). I also replaced about half the water with vegetable broth to try and bring a little extra flavor to the party. Not sure how much difference it actually made, but in theory it sounded good. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  28. I'm making this now. I used all of the same brands, coincidently enough!

  29. How many adults do you think this will feed?

  30. Hi Rachel, I'd only count on 3 adults --- there is a cup of rice for each (the rice doubles in quantity), and then there are 2 cans of beans. You'll have leftovers, but I'd count on feeding 3 adults or 2 adults, 2 kids.

  31. Made this as I was going to bed last night. I substituted garbanzo beans and Indian spices. I woke up to deliciousness! Thanks!

  32. I just tried this and it turned out great! I did add a few things: only black beans, chopped onion, garlic and ground pepper. Will be sure to have this often.

  33. Anonymous3/10/2016

    Awesome! I did not have diced tomatoes, but I used Rotel Mexican Style instead which makes it a little spicy. The kids liked it and I will definitely make it again.