Cajun Roasted Turkey Breast CrockPot Recipe

Cajun Spiced Turkey breast -- cayenne pepper, onion powder, paprika, thyme -- this is such a great spice rub!

Day 166.

This is a moist, flavorful way to make turkey breast. I like turkey, but don't like the dryness and blandness that sometimes comes along for the ride when making turkey. Cooking turkey in the crock really helps with keeping the meat from becoming overly-dry.

You can rub whatever spices you like on turkey pieces, but I was in a Cajun mood, and was pleased with this spice combination.

The Ingredients.
Ingredients for Cajun Spiced Turkey Breast recipe. This spice rub is delicious! Make the turkey in your crockpot to keep it moist and tender.Turkey breast (about 3 to 4 pounds)
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon red pepper (cayenne)
1 tablespoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1/2 teaspoon ground thyme
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
3 to 4 spigs of fresh rosemary
1 cup chicken broth

The Directions.

I used my 6qt Smart Pot Crock-Pot for this dish.

I took the skin off the turkey breast. I know, I'm a weirdo.

In a bowl, combine all of your spices together. Rub the turkey with the spice mixture, getting it in all the nooks and crannies. Put the bird piece into the crock, meaty breast side down. If you have extra spice mix left, go ahead and pour it on top.

Add the 1 cup of chicken broth.

Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours. There isn't much moisture in turkey, so try not to peek too often.

Serve warm with your favorite sides, and save the leftovers for sandwiches.

The Verdict.

This turned out the way that I expected. It was not dripping in moisture the way that a whole chicken is after being crocked, but it was only the white meat of the turkey represented ---where as in the whole chicken you get a nice mix of brown meat, which has tons of juice.

The kids ate it dipped in barbecue sauce, and we've been having leftovers for sandwiches the whole week.

I liked the spice combo--it gave a bit of kick on the outer edge, with out being over-powering.

Not in a cajun mood? No problem! Here are other totally awesome ways to make turkey in the CrockPot Slow Cooker. #booyah!

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at June 14, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. I do a whole bone-in turkey breast straight from the freezer in a crock with an herb butter smothered all under the skin and it makes for a super moist bird. I don't even add any liquid! I'm definitely trying it with Cajun butter next time. Thanks for the idea. :o)

  2. Anonymous6/14/2008

    OMG I thought it was just me who was obsessed with my crockpot. Love your blog, don't feel inspired to try the tuna noodle thing but... I too have seen cabbage roll recipes everywhere and never tried them, so in your honour we will eat cabbage rolls for dinner tomorrow night,
    Good luck with reaching the 366, I will be watching with great interest!

  3. Anonymous6/15/2008

    This sounds so good! I am putting it on my list to make over the next couple of weeks. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous6/15/2008

    Another super easy way to do turkey is to dump a container of salsa on it and let it cook. When done, I shred it for tacos, enchiladas, nachos, or just plain old eatin. The salsa keeps it moist with a little sauciness (liquid AND flavor sauciness) to it. The kids love it.

  5. I absolutely LOVE your blog!! As a mom to 5 kids 8 and under, I use my crockpot ALL.THE.TIME. unless we are eating out. Thanks for all the kid-friendly recipes!!! I am making the Apricot chicken for Father's Day tonight!!! Looking forward to every day to see what yummy meals you come up with next!

  6. Anonymous6/19/2008

    Browning bags make all the difference in the world when cooking a turkey in a traditional oven (for those times when the crock pot is unavailable).

  7. I ended up adding potatoes and mixed veggies to it with more chicken broth and the turkey was quite juicy. Yum Yum... my DH loved the cayanne rub on it..and so did the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I made this yesterday and loved it. I used salt, pepper and poultry seasoning. I didn't have broth so I used chicken and herb bouillon. In about 6.5 hours, the meat fell off the bone. The only missing item was the crispy skin! I think I have finally learned how to make Thanksgiving turkey!

  9. I'm lucky. I have an oven with a slow cooker setting. I do a whole turkey like I do a chicken in the crockpot. I use the roaster, and fill it with broth and water after I put the turkey in, and it takes maybe 5 hours, starting on high uncovered because the roaster is shiny. Much safer than doing poultry for so long in a crockpot. That works well for chicken, too. I love the recipes, and am going to try the cabbage rolls some time.

  10. SparkBunny4/08/2012

    I made this using just a turkey roast, and layered it with baked potatoes on top. Very successful meal, though my 3 yr old didn't like the spice. I have to admit it was very cajun. The potatoes balanced that out nicely. My husband demanded that i make it more often. So i guess that's a compliment?

  11. Made this again today (3rd time since you first posted it), got it started before church, came home, took the bone in turkey breast out of crockpot and let it rest for about 20 minutes before cutting it for sandwiches....THE BEST turkey sandwiches EVER!!!!! LOVE this recipe!