A CrockPot Party

Planning a party either at home or at work? Don't forget your crockpot slow cooker! Planning parties around your crockpot is a wonderful way to get your buffet table up and running with very little hands-on needed. 
Plug them in, mop the floor, and get out of the kitchen so you can enjoy your guests!!

Line your countertops with crockpots during your next party so you can get out of the kitchen and enjoy your guests!
originally posted on May 5, 2008.

Day 126.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! If you are looking for some ideas for Mexican food tonight, you've come to the right place.

Some of my favorites are:

We had a party on Friday, and served crockpot fare along with some barbecued hamburgers and hotdogs. I had four crockpots in use (I borrowed two) and they did a great job at not only cooking the food, but keeping it warm through the four-hour duration.

Our theme was American Food, and I cooked the following:

It was fun to see the crockpots lined up on the countertop, and crockpotting is a terribly easy way to entertain. I was out of the kitchen hours and hours before party time, and was able to focus my attention on other things.

Like work.
and the phone.
and the never-ending pile of laundry.
and the children.

The Verdict.

I will definitely have more crockpot parties. I loved not standing in the kitchen while my guests were mingling or monitoring food from the oven.

Clean up was a snap, too.

PS: planning an office potluck? bring your slow cooker to the office and plug it in! 
Remember, all you need is an outlet!

you can cook ANYWHERE!! ;-)

bring your crockpot slow cooker to work and have an office party in style! What a fun work party idea!

Planning parties around your crockpot is a wonderful way to get your buffet table up and running with very little hands-on needed. This is such a great way to entertain so you can TRULY ENJOY YOUR GUESTS!! :-)

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at May 05, 2015

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What they say about this article

  1. Anonymous5/05/2008

    Your party sounds wonderful. My mom and dad always had a house full of people for meals. They believed food and holidays should be shared.

    They also made sure that we had a weekly potluck with neighbors and fellow shift workers. Can you imagine if they had crockpots?

    My dad couldn't stand knowing that many of the international students at our local university wouldn't be celebrating in an American home. He ALWAYS made sure to invite anyone to share with us.

    I THOUGHT EVERYONE CELEBRATED LIKE THAT. When I went away to college, I was VERY surprised to find out that everyone didn't have 20-30 non-relatives over for dinner. Or, that they didn't have a feast of international foods to choose from!!!

    Hint: Those new crockpot liners are awesome. You can find them with the foil and clear wrap.

  2. I like this idea. We have an annual Christmas nacho party and I use my crockpot to keep the cheese warm, but I should borrow more and use them for my meat and beans too. And I love the idea of being done in the kitchen way before guests arrive.

  3. Well....I have just bought my 3rd CrockPot. I have a 4qt in Storage (I'll get it when we move) so I had to buy a new (bigger) one when I figured out that it was mistakenly stored in another state.

    Last night I got the 1.5 Mini.

    I'm on my way to having enough for a party!

  4. And here I was stressing over what I'm going to serve 35 people at my son's birthday party next month. I married into a large family so everything is big around here :) It's a BBQ so these ideas are fantastic, low maintenance, and tasty.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

  5. What a great idea! The next time we have a cookout, I'm doing everything else in crockpots!

    I love it!

  6. Anonymous5/05/2008

    Just a quick question...are you cooking in your crockpot everynight for a year or just blogging about it? I noticed that Sunday and Monday were blogs about your party Friday night though you did use 4 crockpots! LOL I read here every couple of days and am intriqued at what you will cook next!

  7. I love this blog! I love crockpot cooking! you are awesome!

  8. thanks, guys!

    anon, I used my crockpot on sat and sun, too! the recipes are coming...
    we're headed out of town for a few days this summer and I have been cooking "ahead."


  9. Holy Crockpotter! Four! That's awesome.
    Today I have Fruit & Nut Chili in the crockpot. Hopefully its as yummy as the recipe sounds.


  11. i love this blog! a friend turned me onto it and i'm hooked. you're totally going to get a book deal out of this. if my crock pot weren't in storage i'd be trying out those crazy brownies stat.

    and totally random: you mentioned margie boule back in march, and she's my friend's mom. weird! it's a small world!

  12. Anonymous5/05/2008

    So yea...I can see how great the party was. But wheres todays recipe??? :) should we change the site to 364 days of crockpotting? j/k

  13. mmmmaaahvelous, chili with fruit and nuts? that sounds neat--I'd love the recipe.

    thanks, vintage housewife! I'm having a lot of fun.

    kelly, thank you. Margie sure seems like a pretty cool lady.

    anon, lol! I said I'd *use* it everyday... and I'm trying! This is HARD!


  14. Anonymous5/06/2008

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Have you seen the Crock Pot Liners that one of the foil companies came up with? It makes cleanup a breeze when you cook with cheese or messy stuff like chili. My mom-in-law swears by the things. I would use them for another Crock Pot Party.

    (btw, May 5 is my birthday, and this sounds like an awesome idea for me for next year!) I just saw you today (July 9) on Rachael Ray, and I love your blog so far! Congratulations!!!

  16. I noticed your "clean up" pic. Have you tried the plastic bags for crock pots? My friend turned me onto these. Now all I have to do is scoop out the leftovers and put in "left over bowls". Then take out the bag, throw it away and voila - all done. They are the best!

  17. Anonymous3/21/2009

    This sounds like such fun! Loving your blog.