Turkey Cutlets in Mango Salsa CrockPot Recipe

Day 102.

I got this recipe from Karin. Sort of. She uses porkchops. I found turkey breast cutlets on sale the other day at the grocery store and decided to bring them home. I was excited to read Karin's email, because I had no idea what I was going to do to keep this turkey from being dry and boring.

The mango salsa did a great job at tenderizing the turkey and kept it from drying out. This is definitely a low-to-no fat recipe. I didn't use a drop of oil.

The Ingredients.
--1 lb of turkey breast cutlets. Or pork.
--1 can tomatoes and chiles
--2 mangoes
--2 peaches
--1 T dried minced onion
--1/4 cup water

The Directions.

--peel and chop up the fruit. Mother Nature most certainly had a sense of humor when she developed mangoes. Those things are ridiculously hard to cut.
--in a small bowl, combine the can of tomatoes and chiles with the chopped fruit, water, and dried onion flakes.

--lay the pieces of meat into the bottom of the crock--slightly stagger the pieces so they don't stick together.

--cover with your newly-made salsa

According to the salsa experts you are supposed to use cilantro in salsa to make it "real"---I didn't have any--yet! I'm working on it...

cook on low for 5-8 hours, or on high for 3-4. If you use turkey, it will be a bit tough if you cook it on high.

The Verdict.

We ate this with some leftover brown rice and green beans. It was a good meal, and the kids ate it after they realized that I gave them mostly mango. They adore mango.

Thank you so much, Karin!!!

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at April 11, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. Ohhh that looks so good!!! I love mango too!

  2. I adore mango and meat together. I seriously need to get to a store and buy some meat.

  3. Hi! I'm very new to my crockpot and I was just wondering how big yours is. I made your beef and broccoli last night and it was great, thanks! But my crockpot is HUGE and I think I should have used more fluid than you did because it dried out partway through, even on low. I've been terrified of my crockpot for years now so I'm just happy to be trying things out and tweaking them!

  4. Irishmen--hey! I married an IrishMan!

    I have an oval 6qt Rival. It is 2 years old. Rivalrecommends that you fill your crock 1/2- 2/3 of the way full. I don't really follow that advice every time, and have good results if I'm home and watch the meat. The more fat your meat has, the less it will dry out.

    I've gotten a few emails from people concerned that their crock is heating too hot. If you think that is the case, call the 800 number on the website and talk to somebody about checking your heating element. Everytime I've called or emailed Rival, they are super duper nice and helpful.

    I've also (just in the last few days...I'm a bit dense about this stuff) learned from emails that different elevations cook at different temperatures. We're at sea level, and I have no experience cooking in other altitudes.

    One other thing to mention, is that the cooking times are all ranges---3-5 hours on low, etc.--use your best judgement as to how long things will take in your particular cooker, altitude, cut of meat, etc.

    I hope this helps a bit!


  5. Anonymous4/11/2008

    This sound delicious! And I'll bet you'll make it more often after you learn the simple trick to cutting a mango. You can find a video demonstration at: http://www.nationalmangoboard.com/
    From the navigation bar you mouse over the "About Mango" tab and click on "How to Cut a Mango" from the drop down menu.

  6. Anonymous4/11/2008

    Instead of cutting up a fresh mango - how about frozen cubes from TJ's?
    Love your blog - look at it every morning. :)

  7. Just found your blog and LOVE IT! I try to use my crock pot as much as possible. My favorite thing to do is to cook more than I need in the crockpot and freeze half.

    I look forward to reading more and trying some of these great recipes.

  8. Agreed about the cutting-mangoes problem--I love mangoes but hate cutting them! For things like milkshakes we are now using frozen mango pieces--open the bag and pour. Don't know if that would work with a meat recipe though.

  9. How do you think this recipe would taste with chicken breasts? I have those on hand, but would still rather run out to the grocery store to get the turkey/pork cutlets if it would make a huge difference in the taste.

  10. Hi The Riggals,

    I tend to never want to go to the store... so my vote would be to use the chicken breasts. :-)

  11. Thanks for responding so quickly! Wow! ~Mary

  12. I made this with chicken breasts and I doubled the recipe. It was delicious! The salsa was a little watery, even though I drained the tomatoes. I might add less water next time. Thank you, Stef!

  13. trader joes sells frozen cilantro. :) its fantastic

  14. I used lean pork loin cutlets, frozen mango, canned light peaches (drained), a little garlic and some fresh cilantro added in the last hour. Simply delicious.