Seasoned Potato Wedges CrockPot Recipe

Day 105.

This was our contribution to a family barbecue yesterday. I think this will be the closest I will get to making french fries in the crockpot. They weren't overly moist, and the wedges on the side even got a bit of a crust on skin--an unexpected happy bonus.

The Ingredients.

--bag of brown baking potatoes (there were 13 lucky little guys in our bag)
--1 T seasoned salt
--1 t dried basil
--1/4 t chipotle chili powder
--cooking spray

The Directions.

--Have your kids wash the potatoes with the vegetable scrub-brush thing. Take your cup of coffee into the backyard while they "work" so you don't 1) micromanage or 2) get involved in the arguing over sink sides.

--slice potatoes into long wedges
--in a large bowl, toss the potatoes with the seasoned salt, basil, and chili powder
--spray the inside of your crock stoneware insert with cooking spray
--dump the seasoned potato wedges inside

--cook on high for 4-6 hours.

--after 2 hours, carefully dump the collected liquid. I had Adam help me with this. I dumped while he held the lid close to the potatoes and let the liquid drain out (a collinder would have worked, but I realized after the fact).

--the potatoes are done when they reach desired softness

if your crock has collected more liquid, drain one more time.

The Verdict.

These were a nice accompaniment to our hotdogs and hamburgers. We did add a bit more salt, and next time I'd like a bit more spice.

It was nice to not heat up the oven today (we're having a bit of a warm streak), and I was able to make more in the crock than I could have on baking sheets.

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at April 14, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. Anonymous4/14/2008

    Good morning - I just discovered your blog and already have crockpot risotto cooking away.

    I'm planning to make quite a few of your recipes. I always seem to have lots more energy in the morning, and that plays well into using a crockpot - I have 3 - all different sizes.

    I make a lot of soup, and most of my recipes are done in the crockpot.

    Thanks for your ideas!

    Walnuts are next

  2. Anonymous4/14/2008

    Oooh, DH might eat that one. I was thinking he wouldn't, but then I remembered he doesn't like his taters cooked with meat (or anything or the sort), and these don't break that rule.

    I think I'll do mine on a baking sheet though since it's just the two of us!


  3. Anonymous4/14/2008

    The potato recipe sounds good. Would you think about freezing the chunks not used to keep for use in a stew or something?? I always add more salt to sliced or slivered spuds, and then haul out the catsup for dipping. Yum. Keep blogging, Crockpotlady!!!

  4. Hey Crock Pot Lady- What an awesome blog you got goin here! A service to mankind, and entertaining to boot. I just went to the store and got the ingredients to made the teriaki wings tonight and the au gratin potatoes tomorrow night. And at my local market they have artichokes 10 for 10$, so I got 10. I don't know if I am brave enough to try the crock pot version though! Thanks for your blog!

  5. --Have your kids wash the potatoes with the vegetable scrub-brush thing. Take your cup of coffee into the backyard while they "work" so you don't 1) micromanage or 2) get involved in the arguing over sink sides.

    I know exactly what you are talking about here, and this is so much my M.O. If it's too cold to sit in the backyard, go to a neighbor's house!

    The recipe sounds delish, too : )

  6. I check out your blog everyday and I'm finally making one of your wonderful creations....the Korean Ribs...they smell great so far!

  7. yum. great idea. and nice to not have to heat up the oven for some potatoes!

  8. Mmm, I love potatoes. I can eat three big ones all by myself with a bowl of fry sauce to dip them in.

  9. I know you are a site that has great crockpot recipes but I thought I would let you know that I saw if you buy a Crockpot that is $24.50 or more there is a rebate for $5.00 at

  10. Anonymous3/30/2011

    I love this website. I am hooked. Thanks so much!