CrockPot Sweet and Spicy Salmon Recipe

Day 80.

This is the second salmon dish I have done in the crockpot this year. The first one, I just threw the fish in. While it tasted good, it wasn't as good as this salmon, which I cooked in foil packets inside of my crockpot.

The Ingredients.

--2 largish pieces of salmon
--2 tablespoons brown sugar
--1 teaspoon paprika
--1 teaspoon cumin

--1 teaspoon crushed garlic (2 cloves, smashed and chopped)
--1/2 teaspoon oregano
--1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
--1/2 teaspoon ground red pepper
--aluminum foil

The Directions.

--in a medium-sized dish or small pan ( I used a glass pie plate), combine all of your spices with the brown sugar
--spread out a length of foil on the counter for each piece of fish
--put each piece of fish in the center of it's own foil
--rub the top of the salmon with your spice and sugar mixture (it's okay to mound up the spice a bit, and it is fine to only rub the top)

--fold the foil over and crimp up the sides to make a contained packet

--put the foil packets into a dry crockpot

--cover and cook on high for 2-3 hours. You can cook it on low for about 4 hours, but I really think fish is best at the 2 hour mark on high.

Be super careful opening the foil--- the steam will shoot right on out!

--serve with rice or quinoa and some steamed or roasted vegetables.

The Verdict.

This had a fantastic taste. It was a bit spicy for the kids, but they each ate some after I scraped off some of the topping.

Adam and I were very happy with the flavor combination, and the salmon had a moist, flaky texture.

Have a happy day!!

Here are a whole bunch more fish recipes if you'd like other options! (we like the Parmesan Tilapia an awful lot.....)

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at March 20, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. Anonymous3/20/2008

    We do a lot of salmon - never in the crock. Thnaks for the idea!


  2. Sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Anonymous3/20/2008

    This looks delicious. I have wanted to make more fish dishes and using the crockpot is somethign I love to do so this just sounds great!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. It sounds awesome! I have some salmon in the freezer...

  5. YUM! I will definitely try this!

    Go check out my spring special at

  6. This sounds like a keeper!

  7. Now there's a fish recipe I might use! Looks nice and dry and flaky (the only way I can eat fish) =)

  8. This is really intriguing. I think you're very brave. I can't imagine putting something as expensive as salmon in the crockpot, but now that you've "blazed the trail", maybe I'll try it.

    I think you should write a book when your year is up. It would be interesting. I love having good crockpot recipes, unfortunately, I think a lot of crockpot recipes don't qualify! That's one reason why I enjoy your blog so much--you do some of the trial and error for us!

  9. Hi Steph. I can't wait to try this lovely recipe..thank you..happy easter...

  10. Hubby will love this one!

  11. Oh that looks excellent!

  12. I'm definitely going to get my wife to try this..Oh, that sounds sexist, but the truth is she is the crock pot pro. Thanks for the great site! This might end up as some kind of Ken Burns documentary on the Cooking Channel.

  13. Anonymous4/09/2008

    This was Deee-licious! Thank you! I put some foil-wrapped potatoes in the crock in the morning, then early afternoon, I added brussels sprouts, and the foil-wrapped salmon. It was great! The kids and I ate early, before baseball practice, and dinner was in the crock for Dad when he got home from work. I love your blog!

  14. I did this without the red peppers (I can't handle much spice at all) and it came out great! My husband and I gobbled it up and wanted more. I can finally feel confident cooking salmon! Thank you!!

  15. Ramavich and Brooke, thank you so much for reporting back! yay! I'm glad that you had good dinners.

  16. Anonymous1/15/2009

    Sounds great! Will try this and adapt other salmon recipes. We eat Alaska Wild salmon every week and still have a freezer full. I love any ideas for salmon. Thanks

  17. Anonymous2/04/2009

    Dear Crockpot Lady,

    I love you.

    No, seriously. This was just about the most fantastic bit of crockpot cookery I've made in a long time.

    I was out of paprika so I subbed a bit of chili powder. It still turned out fabulous with a nice hit of heat towards the end.

    Husband who normally has to have his arm twisted to eat salmon actually said "yum" more than once and is actually looking forward to the leftovers. My jaw is still on the floor.

    Cleanup was a breeze. Tinfoil + crockpot = my new best friend.

    I'll be using this method for cooking salmon from now on and am looking forward to trying different types of rubs.

    Much gratitude and fishitude,

    -Hannah :)

  18. This was the best Salmon I have ever had!!! Such a good combo of sweet and spicy. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  19. Omg! That was some of the best salmon I have ever had. My roommate and I almost screamed it was so delicious. We are both law students and dont have time to sit all day cooking in the kitchen but this was fast and amazing. Thanks for the great recipe!

  20. I was just coming to your site to look for a salmon recipe to try this week and voila! Gonna try it this week. (Never would have thought it didn't need to be sitting in sauce or something.)


  21. Kathryn6/19/2010

    I just made this with some frozen salmon, and served it over Israeli couscous with sauteed squash and onions. Hubby liked it, and the kids even gobbled it without complaining (well, not much complaining, anyway). I was shocked that after just 2 hours on high, the fish was a bit overdone even for me (and I love a dry, flaky salmon). Next time I will cook a bit less time, use less brown sugar and maybe add some chili powder like someone else mentioned. I LOVE doing fish in the crock since it does not leave a fish-y smell in the house! Thanks!

  22. I love your blog and I love the idea of this recipe. Just two quick questions...
    1. Do you spray the foil with cooking spray so that the salmon doesn't stick?
    2. Can you stack the salmon packets on top of one another or do they have to be laid flat in a single row? (I have a deep crock pot rather than a wide one that would work better with stacked packets).

  23. Hi BMK--
    I don't usually spray the foil, but you most certainly can. I haven't had an issue with sticking.

    You can absolutely stack the fish packets! They'll cook just fine.


  24. I was a little iffy about fish in the crock pot, but I tried this with a fillet of stealhead trout. It turned out great, moist and flaky but not mushy. The spices stood up well to a stronger piece of fish. The only problem was that the house smelled extra "fishy" compared to with other cooking methods.

  25. Anonymous1/25/2011

    We LOVED this for dinner tonight! I work 7pm-7am, so I love Crockpot recipes. So glad I found your site! Thanks!

  26. Anonymous1/25/2011

    I followed this recipe to a T and it was delicious! Cooked on high for approx 2 1/2 hours and was perfect. Wouldn't leave in longer. Thank you!

  27. I made this for my dad and grandpa, and they loved it. I think my grandpa went back for thirds and fourths. He even brought by some salmon to my house yesterday (hint, hint). I think I will make it again tonight.

  28. This was SO excellent! I'd have never thought about cooking fish in the crock pot, but we were going to be at the pool in the hours before dinner and frozen salmon filets were the only meat I had in the house. Your site is my go-to for all things slow-cooked, so I was happy to see this recipe. And we were all even happier to eat it! Next time, I'm doubling the number of filets--we all wanted seconds but there wasn't any left! LOL Thanks for sharing--love your site!

  29. HEy! I just wanted to say I am so excited to try this tonight! My husband and I have been trying to incorporate more fish into our diet but we don't do a whole lot of grilling and I needed a fish recipe for a busy day. Perfect! Thanks so much!

  30. It was delicious! I had a good sized piece of salmon and just put it in whole. Worked well. The juices from this poured over the fish was excellent. Had it with baked yam and green beans that I cooked in my microwave. A fabulous dinner with no use of a stove or standard oven!

  31. This will be my 2nd time trying the recipe. The first time I didn't have all the ingredients so I improvised. I'm sure this time will be even better. Thank you. & btw, best idea ever to cook in the foil!

  32. I'll admit it... I was skeptical. But this was FANTASTIC! I can't believe this method of cooking salmon is even possible. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  33. Hi - I really loved the idea and just tried yesterday. Very yummy! Although I had to improvise with the seasonings, still turned out great!!! I just had regular sugar and salt and didn't have cumin - so mine was a mixture of sugar, salt, paprika, cinnamon, garlic, black pepper, crushed red pepper, a sprinkle of nutmeg and Jamaican jerk rub. Sounds crazy... But tasted delicious! :)

  34. I loved the way that the salmon cooks with this method in the crock pot. It was done perfectly. We did not really care for the spices however. I think it was the cumin that made the combination seem odd. I will omit it the next time and see how it turns out =)

  35. I tried to make this. Caveats: If you have individual filets, the cooking time will be much faster. I noticed (too late) the recipe calls for 2 large fillets, I had four individual ones. Bad move - the salmon was completely dried out after 5 hours in the slow cooker (3.5 qt). But the good news is, the husband liked the spice mix. I am trying it tonight in the oven (400 for 5 min each side) on Mahi Mahi filets. Wish me luck. Serving with roasted red potatoes and brussel sprouts. Thank you and love your blog.

  36. We cook a lot of salmon in my household as me and my husband both love it! I have NEVER tried cooking salmon in the crock pot though...sounds good. I think I'm going to try this tomorrow night for dinner. Sounds yummy! Cant wait to try it out.

    Thanks for the recipe!

    Tiffany McGahee

  37. Googled salmon crock pot recipes this morning and this came up. 1st of all my house smells so good and after cooking it on low for 3 hours I just sampled it and OHMYGAWD so yummy!! Thanks a bunch!

  38. Melissa3/22/2016

    I just made this for myself and my boyfriend on top of spaghetti squash and it was AMAZING!! Great recipe thank you so much

  39. This was very delicious, We have salmon very rarely, and I meant to use a different recipe which I couldn't find. I needed a crockpot recipe, b/c my kitchen lacks a stove at the moment. Anyway, I cooked potatoes and beets in the crockpot bottom, and added the salmon foil packets a few hours later. We both loved it, my only regret was that I didn't season the root veggies with the same seasoning. I rectified that with the leftovers, and added a splash or 2 of spiced rum to be sure I didn't dry out the leftovers. I heated them up in my small convection oven at 350 for an hour. We gobbled it up.So very good!