CrockPot Red Wine & Cranberries Glazed Pot Roast

Day 91.

This is not a boring pot roast recipe. After cooking on low for 10 hours, the tender meat comes out of the crock with a sweet and tangy glaze with a bit of a peppery bite.

The Ingredients.

--1 1/2 lbs top round
--1/4 cup flour
--1 t kosher salt
--1 t pepper
--1 T dried onion flakes
--3 cloves minced garlic
--1/4 cup wine
--1 T gluten free Worcestershire sauce
--2 T gluten free soy sauce
-- 1 1/2 T maple syrup
--1/4 cup dried cranberries

The Directions.

Make a dredge with the flour, salt, pepper, and onion flakes. Rub the dry mixture all over your piece of meat. Then plop the meat into your crockpot. Discard the rest of the dry mixture.

Add the garlic and the wet ingredients into the crockpot. There is no need to stir. Top with a 1/4 cup of dried cranberries.

Cover and cook on low for 8-10 hours. There isn't much liquid in this dish. If you open your crock up a lot to peek, you might want to double or increase the liquid by 50%---even though I didn't peek, the meat got a bit dry and crispy on top (it was fine, I just flipped it over to soak up more juice). If you use a piece of meat with more fat, you won't run that risk.

The Verdict.

I served this with some whipped mashed potatoes with cheese, and we all really enjoyed it a lot. The sauce was a bit peppery for the kids. My eldest said it "was the best steak she's ever had" and my three-year-old dipped her pieces in ketchup.

This was the first meal we've had where we all felt like eating since getting the flu.

A definite success.

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at March 31, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. Yum. Sounds a bit similar to your pomegranate beef. I'll have to give this one a shot.

  2. Dana, you're right! I really liked that tangy-sweet flavor a lot.

  3. I am going to be using TWO of your recipes this week. This one, and the refried bean soup. I can't wait. Things have been a bit crazy at our house as we re-transition to be gluten free. My oldest has been gluten free now for a month, and I joined him two weeks ago when I realized that almost all my health problems could be explained by celiacs. Anyhow, your blog is a god-send for us.

    Quick question: I need some pizza dough. Any advice?

  4. Hi Becka!
    You're going to do great going to full time gluten-free-edness. There are a lot of products out there now, and tons of great web resources.

    pizza dough: It doesn't taste like regular pizza dough. The best mix I've tried is the Whole Foods 365 brand--and it's large enough to feed a family of four, which is good (a lot of the mixes are skimpy). I've tried mixing flours and making dough from scratch and it is just too much work for me.

    GF pizza dough either has the consistency of foccacia, or cardboard. The 365 is the foccacia kind...

    After you have made the dough, brush it with a bit of olive oil and sprinkle some parmesan and a touch of Italian seasoning before adding toppings.

    Amy's makes a great rice-crust frozen pizza that we really like.


  5. wow that looks realllllllly good. And that's 8-L's, so you know I mean business. =)

  6. Anonymous3/31/2008

    Wow, that sound REALLY good. I'll have to try it sometime.

  7. That sounds great - I'll definitely be trying that one!

  8. Anonymous3/31/2008

    Oh, yeah. I'm going to try this one on my next pot roast.

  9. wow that sounds great. I love the combination of sweet and pepper. I have not ventured into that realm yet, but seeing that picture gives me a pretty good idea what I'm going to be making soon. I'm really amazed that you are able to come up with so many new recipes day after day.

    Keep it up!

  10. Quick question for you ... I see the GF reference but flour listed as an ingredient for the dredging. Did I miss something in an earlier post? This is my first visit to your site and love what I see so far.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. This looks fantastic. I'll definitely be adding this to next week's menu. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I'm so sick of boring pot roast (and my normal pot roast is definitely boring). I look forward to trying this one.

  14. Hi Kay!
    I use Pamela's Baking mix as my all-purpose flour. If you have nut allergies, it isn't for you, but I have found it works great for our family as a cup-for-cup tranlation.


  15. This recipe is fantastic!!!!! I made it today and it was a big hit. I did end up adding about 2 cups of water to cover the top of the meat (chuck roast). I also added in two cubed potatoes and a few handfuls of baby carrots.

    The flavors were superb!

  16. Anonymous7/18/2008

    This is a really good recipe. I omitted the onion flakes because I ran out but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. Next time I will use only 1/8 cup of flour as I ended up with a lot extra.

    I didn't add any extra liquid, in fact we had plenty of extra after it was done that we used for dipping. We used top round which could have been the difference.

    Very tasy dish.

  17. Anonymous1/24/2009

    Making this right now. SQUEE.

  18. This was fabulous! I took your advice and used a little less pepper for the kids and doubled the liquid. I was serving it to company, so I thickened the broth on the stove with cornstarch to make a gravy and added some more cranberries. I couldn't get enough of it. Thanks so much for this new family favorite. I am really enjoying this site.

  19. Anonymous4/15/2009

    Well, I'm really sad because this is the second day in a row I've ruined dinner. I followed the directions precisely, except that I added about 1/2 cup beef broth. Set it on low, went to work, and 8.5 hours later, the meat is dried out and there's sticky black sludge stuck to the whole bottom of my crockpot (which by the way is only about 4 months old and has worked just fine for me about ten times already). Please help!

  20. Hi Anon,

    oh no. I'm so so sorry.
    ok, first, read the "Help, My CrockPot Cooks Too Fast!" post linked in the sidebar.

    Do you get condensation built up on your lid? Does it have a hole to release steam? It may mean that in order for your crock to work the way you'd like, you should set it for about 6 hours on low, then let it stay on warm for the remaining time. If you find that you are releasing a lot of steam, you can put a layer of foil down first, then put the lid on to trap moisture.
    BE CAREFUL when removing the foil, it will rush out and BE VERY VERY HOT!!!

    if none of this sounds like I'm on the right track, email me at crockpotlady AT gmail DOT com and I'll try my best to help.

    again, I'm so sorry you had icky luck.


  21. Christina11/20/2009

    This sounds absolutely delicious but I didn't see how many servings it makes. I am thinking of making this for Christmas instead of Turkey (by Christmas I'm a little turkeyed out) but wasn't sure how many people I could serve with the recipe as is or if I would need to expand the recipe. Please let me know!

  22. Hi Christina,

    the amount of meat I used was 1.5 pounds, and it serves 6, although I have served 8 people with a hefty 2-pound roast.

    If you use a large piece of meat, double the wine, worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and maple syrup to ensure you have enough moisture.

    xoxo steph

  23. Made this from the cookbook yesterday for my hubby and parents. It was my first attempt at a roast, ever, and was a smashing success. My crock pot is turning out to be a favorite among all our wedding gifts.

  24. I've made this recipe three times in the past year or so with the only change being that I used a large pork tenderloin instead of beef. It turns out so perfect every time! Great dish for family get-togethers! Definitely a crowd pleaser :) My whole family loves it!
    Thanks Stephanie!

  25. I made this for Christmas eve dinner and it was absolutely wonderful. My 2 year old never eats meat and she devoured it :-)

  26. I made this tonight, i am not GF so i didn't go out of the way to make sure to use GF products but that really didnt matter. Having to be up at 6am to get this going for dinner 10 hours later a little sleep deprived i did forget to add the pepper to the crock pot, but in my honest opinion that probably improved the recipe. All the comments on here about how pepper-y the dish is compared to my result was satisfying. the sauce/glaze ended up being very much a fruity bbq sauce instead of a pepper-y glaze. FANTASTIC. my BF loved it and his mother who is super picky and never admits to liking anything i cook, both gobbled it up. Thanks for the dinner idea!

  27. Are using red cooking wine or just plain ole red wine that you would buy to drink?

  28. Hi Tracy, I use an inexpensive drinking wine.

  29. Thank you Stephanie for getting back to me. I happen to have an open bottle of red wine so used that after I saw in your picture of ingredients it looked like regular wine, I am just now seeing this as I just finished getting it into the crockpot, lol.