Overnight Egg, Cheese and Sausage CrockPot Casserole

Day 53.

The last time I cooked something overnight it was beyond gross. This was not.

The Ingredients:

I had all of these things in the refrigerator already. I think the trick for doing something like this is to use up what you already have. If you have leftover roasted veggies, toss them in. You like mushrooms and have a whole bunch? Throw them in there, too.

--5 large eggs
--3/4 cup cut up cooked sausage (I had chicken and apple)
--1 1/2 cups shredded cheese
--4 baby potatoes
--1 cup milk

--chop up your potatoes in little cubes. I did not peel them.

--mix egg and milk together inside your crockpot insert

--add other ingredients, mix again

if you are using sausage, you will not need to add salt and pepper. If you are going vegetarian, you will probably want to add a bit of each.

cover and cook on low for 8 hours or so.

I turned this on at

and at

I freaked out for no good reason and switched it to warm.
and went back to bed.

It looked like this:

The Verdict:

This tasted good, and was cooked perfectly, but the eggs lost their color and wigged me out. The kids had no interest whatsoever and had cornflakes (the gluten free kind from the bulk bins at Whole Foods, don't know the name) and after I ate a small bowl started thinking about cholesterol and fed it to the garbage disposal.

I need to go lecture myself on starving children now.

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at February 22, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. I may have to try this.. I have the fish chowder on my menu to try next week.. Thanks for sharing such fantastic recipes.. I can't wait to try them

  2. I am beside myself with glee that I came across your blog! I'm completely inspired, as I have a love affair with my crockpot, but haven't really branched out from the soups, stews, chilis, and other traditional fare. I think I'll try the crème brulée ce soir! Merci!

  3. You have so totally inspired me. I've used my crock pot for the last five days in a row, and have a roast in it for tonight!

    BTW, I made the fish chowder and it was a huge, monstrous hit. I didn't like the way it looked, though, so I took my stick blender to the whole thing before I added the shrimp. It really thickened it up, and it was delish!! Thank you so much!

  4. thank you linda and sherrie!

    damsel, I'm so excited that the fish chowder worked well for you and your family. I really enjoyed it a lot, too.

    I get so nervouse recommending things, because everyone has such different tastebuds.
    thank you for your validation---it means a lot.


  5. Hmm, the overnight thing doesn't seem to be working for you! But, that sounds delicious! My family likes eggs, and loves omelettes, so maybe I should give it a try... As in, leave a note on the fridge that says "let sleeping parents lie. See brekkies in crockpot!"

  6. I agree that it sounds delicious too! Sorry they turned up their noses to it... I would have eaten it!!

  7. my hubby would LOVE this! anything with lots of eggs in it is his thing. not me but sometimes you gotta do something just for them right? right?

    maybe. :)

  8. Anonymous2/22/2008

    I do something like where it soaks into bread overnight and then gets baked the next morning. To deal with the health issues, I usually use low fat ham and at least half egg substitute.

    Thanks for all the great recipes.

  9. This sounds great. My men-children love eggs for breakfast. As a matter of fact, I have wounded them to the core if I serve cereal.

    I will use turkey sausage and half egg substitute. Thanks for the recipes. I have found several to try!

  10. nan, I think you're right! I get nervous having it on all night. I have no idea why--I will leave the house all day without a problem.

    cs, you are invited over, any time.

    kay, you're definitely right.

    leslie, that sounds wonderful.

    julie, thank you!


  11. I tried this a couple of night ago, but it not go over well. It turned out kind of tasteless. We each only had one bite. Not sure what I did wrong. I would love to find more overnight breakfast ideas for the crockpot.

  12. Mine turned out great! I used my mini crockpot for this. I also added diced bell pepper to it.

  13. I love your blog - what a find!
    I have a crockpot fascination, but am afraid to try different recipes because even the published ones are an experiment. Thanks for testing these and giving your honest opinion. I do believe I'll be "crocking" again soon. :)


  14. Anonymous2/04/2009

    I just found your blog and am enjoying it greatly! I love crockpot recipes. I shed a tear for this dish going down the disposal. Just a comment, research shows dietary intake of cholesteral has little to no effect of cholesterol levels in your blood.

  15. Anonymous2/08/2009

    I am about to make this recipe for the second time! I ate it for breakfast 4 mornings last week inside a whole weat pita. It was just as good on the 4th day as the first. YUM!!!!

  16. I made this today and added bell pepper onion and mushroom. I thought it was pretty good the only thing is that the potatoes weren't cooked all the was and there was still water in it so it was a little runny. I started cooking a little before 9:30 and we ate right around 5 was it not enough time? I made it for dinner "breakfast for dinner"

  17. Not sure eggs should becookmed for so long...but a great idea any how.

  18. We make this when we go camping! Great to wake up on those cool mornings and have a hot meal ready to go!