Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings CrockPot Recipe

Day 29.
I love buffalo wings. I could eat (and have!) them by the bucketload. Unfortunately, sometimes I overdo it and can't stomach the vinegary flavor for a few months after an indulgence.

And there seems to be a little football game happening rather soon, so I thought I should test out some yummy half-time snacks.

When I saw this recipe from Sandra Lee on the Food Network's website, I was very excited to try it out.
But my grocery store didn't have the chipotle taco seasoning. And if it did, I probably would find modified food starch or other hidden-gluten which would make it off-limits. I did find the apricot-pineapple preserves, but the first ingredient was high fructose corn syrup and I couldn't bring myself to knowingly buy it.
I know. I use marshmallows. I know what they are made of. I am full of contradictions. You'll notice that about me.
But, I did find some cool stuff and when they are put together, the taste is amazing. Way more sophisticated than regular old buffalo wings.

Because, you know me.

I'm all about being sophisticate.

The Ingredients:
--4 pounds of chicken wings and tiny drumsticks
--jar (11 oz) of apricot preserves
--jar (14 oz) chipotle salsa

Note: The chipotle salsa is very popular right now and is available in most grocery stores. If you want to use regular salsa and canned chipotle peppers be aware that not only are they NOT gluten free they are incredibly spicy. Much more spicy than you would believe they ought to be. Don't start with using the whole can--tread lightly.)

The Directions:
--brown chicken wings on a broiler pan

(Sandra Lee says it isn't necessary but provides a better flavor. I did it and my husband believes it was a wasted step. So do whatever you want. I'm just winging it over here.

HA! --winging it-- I didn't even plan that!)

--dump browned (or white, pale, and slimy) chicken wings into crockpot
--in a separate bowl, mix the entire bottles of salsa and preserves together
--pour on top of chicken
--cook on high for 4 hours, or low for 8.

Very tasty. Or, if you prefer, throw the wings in the crock with this stuff:

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Posted by: Stephanie O'Dea | A Year of Slow Cooking at January 29, 2008

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What they say about this article

  1. Anonymous1/29/2008

    hey! I'm all about being sophisticate, too! (snort.)

  2. i think i'm just going to use your blog as a menu planner for my superbowl party. thank you again and again and again!!! :)

  3. Yeah! No more trips to Hooters! (no--we don't really go there--but now we REALLY never have to go :)!)

  4. Stephanie, you have saved Superbowl Sunday in my house! This recipe looks awesome, and you made me laugh out loud. Thanks fo that!

  5. I'm glad that I was some help, Marci!

  6. I have some apricot preserves in my pantry :-) Gonna try this for sure!! Thanks for the idea!

  7. Anonymous1/29/2008

    Hi Crockpotlady,
    Just want to know if the chicken wings taste like guinea pig.
    Just teasing!
    It's Lemonchickenlady here,(aka Lynn).This recipe looks good for my husband as I don't care for wings. Are they better than BW3?

  8. one of our favorite things to eat around here is buffalo wings, all flavors all the time..so these will be a hit...I left something for you at my blog...come see!

  9. Anonymous1/29/2008

    I was wondering if you could cook some super bowl party potato skins?
    Keep on crocking.

  10. I grew up near Buffalo and I'm pretty ix-nay on different wing "flavors". Never thought of doing them in the crock (I swear, I should just auto-comment to every post, since I think I've said "I never thought" each time), will will definitely do it with true-blue wing sauce: regular ole' Franks, butter and a bit o' white vinegar for bite. And the browning? I don't think that was an extra step at all - in addition to extra flavor, no doubt it got rid of at least some of that chewy skin factor.

  11. Anonymous1/29/2008

    Love your blog! Check it out everyday. :)

  12. Anonymous1/30/2008

    Hey CrockPotLady - what did you do for a tablescape?

  13. Hey, John--what's a tablescape?

  14. Anonymous1/30/2008

    Tableskapes are a tremendous waste of time and money. See some here:


  15. I think I'd have to agree with you on that! ;-)
    take care,

  16. Thanks for the supper idea! Go to my blog to see my post on it....and hope you don't mind, I can't ever leave anything untweaked, PLUS it's FINALLY payday tomorrow, so had to do some substituting, but the idea for it is all you!! Thanks!!!!

  17. Yup, mine came out pretty yummy. I dared to post what I actually put in it....and you'll laugh...it's hardly recognizable to this recipe, but it worked, they liked it, what more can I say! Thanks for checking out my blog too! :)

  18. Anonymous2/06/2008

    I can't wait to try this recipe I have everything but the chicken.I might try breasts with the sauce too.

  19. Hi, I am having a great time checking out your blog. Since we don't have a lot of American stuff available here that you do, I want to know if chipolte en adobo is okay (I have a jar in the frig to make honey chilpolte dressing with)or do you use chipoltes in vinegar or can I use just plain old dried chilpoltes ?I have several types of dried chiles and chipolte is one of them,, I use the chilpoltes when I need a smokey taste like in split pea soup. I assume you mean a red salsa like Del Monte makes (no Pace or taco bell brands where I live).The idea of having Buffalo wings is making my mouth water.

  20. Hi Theresa,

    I would make a small batch of chipotle salsa by using some prepared red salsa ---the Del Monte is fine-- and putting in 1 chopped chipotle in adobo from the can. If you find that isn't spicy enough, add another. The chipotles in the can here are awfully spicy.

    This recipe doesn't have vinegar in it; so these will not taste like traditional buffalo wings. If you are looking for more of a traditional buffalo wing flavor, you can add some white vinegar to the mix, or use tabasco sauce instead of the salsa mixture.


  21. Thanks, I will be making this soon,this will be fun!

  22. Anonymous10/20/2008

    I made this for a party with the exact ingredients listed and it was a huge hit! The sweet and spicy flavors were delicious. The only thing I did wrong was probably trying to broil frozen wings...Didn't turn out too well but no one else could tell and enjoyed them soft!

  23. Anonymous12/16/2008

    Will this work with chicken thigh frozen and boneless?

  24. Hi Alison, yes. this is a great sauce---it'll make shoe leather taste good.

  25. I made this for my Super Bowl party last weekend (but used a Buffalo Hot Sauce... I'm from Buffalo, had to go with the right stuff). I broiled the wings first to achieve crispy skin. Achieved, but my house got smokey... it was like grilling inside. The broiling cooked wings through. Then I dumped them and sauce in crockpot, put on low until company arrived. All my broiling effort was for nothing. The 3-4hrs on low had made the skin soggy. I should've skipped the broiling step. Everyone loved them and would've eaten way more.

  26. I made some wings in the crockpot last week, and was very pleased with how tender they are. I broiled them AFTER they had cooked. I just used tongs, lined them up on on a cookie sheet, and let them cook for 10-15 minutes in a 450F oven. They crisp up nicely, and then you can add your sauce. I hope that that tip will helps others who are looking for a crisper skin! Thanks for all these great recipes.

  27. I found your blog via moneysavingmom.com and wanted to let you know that I love my crock pot and I'm very excited to try some(MANY!) of your recipes. I've been inspired by your Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wing Crock Pot recipe and I've adapted with ingredients I had on hand. It's currently cooking in Crock Pot and I will report back this evening after dinner.

  28. Ok..so. I cooked my wings in my crockpot last night and they were not anything to write home about. The 1st problem - I didn't brown them off first. Do NOT skip this step. They never crisped up and the sauce didn't stick to them like it could have.
    2nd problem - I used wing portions and they were wayyyy too greasy. I drained off about 1 1/2 cups of greasy sauce 30 min. before serving.
    Other than those 2 mistakes I feel like this would have been successful. My sauce tasted delicious!
    8oz. sugar-free apricot preserves
    8ox. med. heat salsa
    1 T. soy sauce
    3 T. finely diced chipotles in adobo
    1 T. honey
    Next time I will cook my wings in the traditional way. Brown them off and then bake them in a single layer, brushing them with sauce every 30 min. or so.
    I will keep this sauce recipe though. Grilled chicken, pork chops, veggies and crockpot boneless skinless chicken for sure!
    Thanks for the great inspiration!
    (sorry this was so long)

  29. Stephanie, I just made these wings for my sweetie while we watch the Super Bowl...and I posted it on my blog!
    Check it out if you get a chance. I got your cookbook 2 weeks ago and have used it at least half a dozen times already, plus bought 2 new crockpots! They need to give you a comission!

  30. Kathryn8/18/2010

    I found this entry under "chowder" - seems to be a mislabel - probably should be "chicken"

  31. Hello! I was wondering if I could make this with chicken breast and if it would come out just as good? Would I still need to broil them?

  32. Hi Vanessa, you can use chicken breast pieces --- the sauce will cook with them just fine; no need for additional liquid. No, the broiling isn't necessary.

    if you'd like, when the meat is done you can shred it and eat in sandwiches.