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A Year of Slow Cooking

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Favorites

Good Morning!
We're spending Father's day weekend at the local water park at a Girl Scout event. I expect there to be a LOT of screaming. 

Before we head out the door I wanted to share 5 fantastic meals packed with flavor yet still pretty darn easy to prepare.

Bacon and Cheese chicken. Horrible picture, but big on taste. This is a well-reviewed recipe and makes the rounds on the internet pretty regularly. If you make this and get a better picture, send it on in--obviously I could use some help in this department.
This will keep picky kids and dads happy. (probably because of the bacon. :-) )

Orange Chipotle Ribs. A bit of orange bite mixed with some chipotle heat and a touch of sweetness makes these ribs quite tasty. They are sticky but not soggy--I don't brown my riibs at all. I used beef in the picture but have used babyback when entertaining.

Hirino Psito, slow-roasted pork. If you are up to a bit of a challenge, this is my new favorite pulled pork type dish for entertaining. There are more ingredients than some might prefer but it truly comes together quickly and then slow roasts all day. To PERFECTION. If you serve the meat in hoagie rolls, you can easily feed 10 with this recipe.

Peperoncini Beef Sandwiches. This is the easiest recipe I've got, and readers love it. I keep seeing it linked all over twitter, which is kind of neat. Chances are you've already got everything in the house--- any kind of frozen hunk of meat is A-Okay.

Cedar-Planked Salmon. This is such a neat idea--- put a cedar board directly into your slow cooker and cover it with a bit of foil and then steam your fish on top. Fish always does such a great job cooking in the crock in foil packets--and this is a way to infuse a bit of cedary flavor.

Adam's training for a marathon, which means he's pretty much constantly eating. Thankfully the freezer is stocked and I have all the ingredients in the house for 4/5 of these recipes. (no orange marmalade---yet 3 jars of peperoncinis?) Dinner will simmer away unattended while we're at the waterpark.
Have a wonderful weekend! Any big plans happening in your house to celebrate?
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Jenny said...

The ribs look divine! Do you serve the traditional potato salad and baked beans with them, or do you opt for something a little more "exciting?" Thanks for sharing. I think this will be our Father's Day entre' for tomorrow.

Karen said...

I have to add our "manly" household favorite. Your lasagna recipe is my husband's go-to special occasion request.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Nice roundup, Steph! Hope you're having fun at the water park and will still have your hearing when you get back home. ;-)

We love bacon cheese chicken, but I didn't know you'd made it in the crockpot. Must check that out for sure! Hubby is away this Father's Day, but I'm wondering if I should make some and take it to my dad. He'd probably love me even more than he does now. LOL


joelmoses78 said...

Tomorrow is father's day, I am a Dad, I will miss mine, but my children are going to give me a small present. Happy Father's Day to all

Crystal said...

Great list! Sharing a link to this on FB as I am sure everyone could use some easy and tasty Father's Day dinner ideas. :)

Common Household Mom said...

My SON (age 160 is going to do the Father's Day cooking at our house - "foil cooking" that he learned in Boy Scouts. Woo hoo!

Dmarie said...

oh, my, these sound great! will be hopping to your individual recipes next. thanks for sharing!!

Jane said...

Celebrated father's day at home and we had a steak. If only I saw this, I would cook this.

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