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A Year of Slow Cooking

Monday, February 16, 2009

Winner of the Wireless HP Photosmart C6380

We have a winner! Thank you so much to all who entered the contest, there were 1642 of you.

The random number thingamabob chose lucky number:

1337, who is BECKY!

Becky wrote how Living Wirelessly, Printing Wirelessly would help her by:

This is an awesome giveaway that can create fabulous opportunities! My hubby and I are both teachers, and we work from our laptops from dusk to dawn. We are constantly running up and down two flights of stairs to hook up our computers to the printer and print what we need for school and for our grad classes. I am also a big scrapper, both traditional and digi. This printer would make printing my pages and pics so much easier. HP is all about quality, and I know my memories would be preserved in high quality. Though I may gain weight from not running up and down steps to plug in and print, I am willing to take that chance. I would love to say goodbye to the days of leaving my comfy, cozy work couch to go upstairs and print what I need! Thank you again for the opportunity!
~ Becky

Congratulations, Becky. I hope you and your hubby get a lot of great use out of your new printer.

and psst. you could always try The CrockPot Diet if you're worried about gaining weight... ;-)

Happy President's Day!

New recipes (still pork. but I think I may actually be done with the pork thing in about a week...) coming up tomorrow.

Have a fantastic day. xoxo steph
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Joy Howse said...

Congrats Becky on winning. I knew there was a reason I didn't win... it is the weight thing. I NEED the exercise going to the printer and back. :)

nottryingforaboy said...

Congrats Becky!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH! I can not wait to test it out! I will definitely have to start using the diet crock recipes now that I don't have to get up all the time to plug and print!!! Thanks again!
~ Becky

Anonymous said...

Congrats Becky!

You're so l33t!

Heather said...

If I couldn't win I'm glad someone like Becky did. Sounds like it will be put to good use. Congratulations, Becky!

Crystal said...

I found this link by accident and immediately thought of you after I watched it.

It's an "unauthorized commercial" for Trader Joe's. I hope you all enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad two teachers won this wireless printer!! My husband bought one for our household, and it has simplified getting a copy of whatever I want, whether it is a recipe, or an IRA document for out taxes!!
I am a home school teacher, and all the work I put in daily, I just can't imagine doing that for hundreds of childen!! Keep up the good work, and take a break for a real date once in a while!!

Paula said...

Congrats Becky! Enjoy your new printer.

Good Luck Steph with your trip and your spot on the show. I'll set my recorder so that I can hunt you down since you didn't mention a time slot. I missed you on the Rachael Ray Show and hope NOT to miss you on Good Morning America.

Lyneen said...

Congrats!!!!! HOW LUCKY!!!

Lynn said...

Good going Becky...I know you and your Hubs will put the printer to good use !

Frugal_Crockpot_Recipes said...

Congrats Becky -- there were a lot of people in that contest!

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